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In This Topic
    NumberStyle Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the number style for lists, footnotes, endnotes and page numbers.
    Public Enum NumberStyle 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum NumberStyle : System.Enum 
    Aiueo AIUEO order Hiragana.
    AiueoFullWidth Full-width AIUEO order Hiragana.
    ArabicAbjad Arabic Abjad numerals.
    ArabicAlpha Arabic alphabet.
    BahtText Baht text.
    Bullet Bullet.
    CardinalText Cardinal text.
    Chicago Chicago manual of style.
    ChineseCounting Chinese counting system.
    ChineseCountingThousand Chinese counting thousand system.
    ChineseLegalSimplified Chinese legal simplified format.
    Chosung Korean Chosung numbering.
    Custom Custom.
    Decimal Decimal numbers.
    DecimalEnclosedCircle Decimal numbers enclosed in a circle.
    DecimalEnclosedCircleChinese Decimal numbers enclosed in a circle.
    DecimalEnclosedFullstop Decimal numbers followed by a period.
    DecimalEnclosedParen Decimal numbers enclosed in parenthesis.
    DecimalFullWidth Double byte Arabic numerals.
    DecimalFullWidth2 Double byte Arabic numerals alternate.
    DecimalHalfWidth Single byte Arabic numerals.
    DecimalZero Initial zero Arabic numerals.
    DollarText Dollar text.
    Ganada Korean Ganada numbering.
    Hebrew1 Hebrew numerals.
    Hebrew2 Hebrew alphabet.
    Hex Hexadecimal numbering.
    HindiConsonants Hindi consonants.
    HindiCounting Hindi counting system.
    HindiNumbers Hindi numbers.
    HindiVowels Hindi vowels.
    IdeographDigital Ideographs.
    IdeographEnclosedCircle Ideographs enclosed in a circle.
    IdeographLegalTraditional Traditional legal ideograph format.
    IdeographTraditional Traditional ideograph format.
    IdeographZodiac Zodiac ideograph format.
    IdeographZodiacTraditional Traditional Zodiac ideograph format.
    Iroha Iroha ordered Katakana.
    IrohaFullWidth Full-width Iroha ordered Katakana.
    JapaneseCounting Japanese counting system.
    JapaneseDigitalTenThousand Japanese digital ten thousand counting system.
    JapaneseLegal Japanese legal numbering.
    KoreanCounting Korean counting system.
    KoreanDigital Korean digital counting system.
    KoreanDigital2 Korean digital counting system alternate.
    KoreanLegal Korean legal numbering.
    LowerLetter Lowercase Latin alphabet.
    LowerRoman Lowercase Roman numerals.
    None No numbering.
    NumberInDash Number with dashes.
    Ordinal Ordinal.
    OrdinalText Ordinal text.
    RussianLower Lowercase Russian alphabet.
    RussianUpper Uppercase Russian alphabet.
    TaiwaneseCounting Taiwanese counting system.
    TaiwaneseCountingThousand Taiwanese counting thousand system.
    TaiwaneseDigital Taiwanese digital counting system.
    ThaiCounting Thai counting system.
    ThaiLetters Thai letters.
    ThaiNumbers Thai numerals.
    UpperLetter Uppercase Latin alphabet.
    UpperRoman Uppercase Roman numerals.
    VietnameseCounting Vietnamese numerals.
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