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GrapeCity.Documents.Word Assembly / GrapeCity.Documents.Word Namespace / PageNumbering Class / HeadingLevelForChapter Property

In This Topic
    HeadingLevelForChapter Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the one-based index of the heading style applied to chapter titles in the document, to be used as chapter headings in all page numbers for a section, by locating the nearest heading of that style and extracting the numbering information.

    Can be a number from 0 through 8, corresponding to heading levels 1 through 9.

    Public Property HeadingLevelForChapter As System.Byte
    public System.byte HeadingLevelForChapter {get; set;}
    If the specified heading style does not exist in the current section, or does not have a numbering format, then any previous level heading format shall be used as needed as the specified chapter number. If no heading has numbering information and/or is used in the section, then the chapter and chapter separator shall be omitted from the page numbering data.
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