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GrapeCity.Documents.Word Assembly / GrapeCity.Documents.Word Namespace / RowFormat Class / HeadingFormat Property

In This Topic
    HeadingFormat Property (RowFormat)
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets whether the current table row shall be repeated at the top of each new page on which part of this table is displayed. This gives this table row the behavior of a 'header' row on each of these pages. This property can be applied to any number of rows at the top of the table structure in order to generate multi-row table headers.
    Public Property HeadingFormat As System.Boolean
    public System.bool HeadingFormat {get; set;}
    If false, this table row shall not be repeated on each new page on which the table is displayed. As well, if this row is not contiguously connected with the first row of the table (that is, if this table row is not either the first row, or all rows between this row and the first row are not marked as header rows) then this property shall be ignored.
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