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In This Topic
    EffectExtent Property
    In This Topic
    Gets the additional extent that is added to each edge of a shape (top, bottom, left, right) in order to compensate for any drawing effects applied to the shape.

    If the shape is nested inside another shape, this value does not have any effect when displaying the object, but can be maintained and used if the object is subsequently ungrouped.

    Public ReadOnly Property EffectExtent As EdgeExtent
    public EdgeExtent EffectExtent {get;}
    The Height and Width properties specify the size of the actual shape; however, an object can have effects applied that change its overall size, for example a reflection and/or shadow effect. The additional size for each edge of the shape is stored in this property, and used to calculate the appropriate wrapping for wrap types without a wrapping polygon and the appropriate line height for inline objects.
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