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GrapeCity.Documents.Word Assembly / GrapeCity.Documents.Word Namespace / Shape Class / ApplyThemedStyle Method / ApplyThemedStyle(ThemedShapeStyle) Method
The style to apply.

In This Topic
    ApplyThemedStyle(ThemedShapeStyle) Method
    In This Topic
    Applies a predefined ThemedShapeStyle to this shape.

    Note that ThemedShapeStyles cannot be applied to line geometries (see Extensions.IsLineGeometry). If GeometryType of this shape is a line geometry, this method will do nothing and return false. For line geometries use ApplyThemedStyle(ThemedLineStyle) instead.

    Public Overloads Function ApplyThemedStyle( _
       ByVal themedStyle As ThemedShapeStyle _
    ) As System.Boolean
    public System.bool ApplyThemedStyle( 
       ThemedShapeStyle themedStyle


    The style to apply.

    Return Value

    True if the style was applied, false otherwise (if this shape is a line geometry).
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