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In This Topic
    Tab Class
    In This Topic
    Represents an absolute position tab element in a body content.
    Object Model
    Tab Class
    Public Class Tab 
       Inherits Text
       Implements GrapeCity.Documents.Word.IBrowsable(Of Text) 
    An absolute position tab is a character that is used to advance the position on the current line of text when displaying content, using the following logic:

    Regardless of any number of custom tab stops defined using the TabStop, the absolute position tab character shall advance to the position specified by its Alignment and RelativeTo properties.

    The resulting end position of the tab character shall not be affected by the addition of any custom tab stops or changes to the value of the StyleCollection.DefaultTabStop.

    If the alignment location specified by the positional tab cannot be found on the current line because the starting location is past that point, then the tab character shall advance to that location on the next available line in the document.

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