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In This Topic
    TextWrapFormat Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the preset text shape geometries that can be used for a text frame.
    Public Enum TextWrapFormat 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum TextWrapFormat : System.Enum 
    TextArchDown Text arch down.
    TextArchDownPour Text arch down pour.
    TextArchUp Text arch up.
    TextArchUpPour Text arch up pour.
    TextButton Text button.
    TextButtonPour Text button pour.
    TextCanDown Text can down.
    TextCanUp Text can up.
    TextCascadeDown Text cascade down.
    TextCascadeUp Text cascade up.
    TextChevron Text chevron.
    TextChevronInverted Text chevron inverted.
    TextCircle Text circle.
    TextCirclePour Text circle pour.
    TextCurveDown Text curve down.
    TextCurveUp Text curve up.
    TextDeflate Text deflate.
    TextDeflateBottom Text deflate bottom.
    TextDeflateInflate Text deflate inflate.
    TextDeflateInflateDeflate Text deflate inflate deflate.
    TextDeflateTop Text deflate top.
    TextDoubleWave1 Text double wave 1.
    TextFadeDown Text fade down.
    TextFadeLeft Text fade left.
    TextFadeRight Text fade right.
    TextFadeUp Text fade up.
    TextInflate Text inflate.
    TextInflateBottom Text inflate bottom.
    TextInflateTop Text inflate top.
    TextNoShape Text no shape.
    TextPlain Text plain.
    TextRingInside Text ring inside.
    TextRingOutside Text ring outside.
    TextSlantDown Text slant down.
    TextSlantUp Text slant up.
    TextStop Text stop.
    TextTriangle Text triangle.
    TextTriangleInverted Text triangle inverted.
    TextWave1 Text wave 1.
    TextWave2 Text wave 2.
    TextWave4 Text wave 4.
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