Documents for Word, .NET Edition
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    Key Features
    In This Topic

    GcWord provides many different features that enable the developers to build intuitive and professional-looking Word documents. The main features for GcWord library are as follows:

    For additional information about the supported features in GcWord, see Features topic.

    Note that the following MS Word objects are not yet supported by GcWord object model. These objects are preserved in a load, modify or save scenario but are not accessible via GcWord object model and are not parsed by GcWord except for removal.

    • Drawing objects including charts, diagrams (excluding real pictures)
    • Math objects, such as formulas
    • VML objects
    • Embedded Objects, such as controls and OLE objects
    • Custom XML
    • Structured Document Tags. However, children of these tags can be parsed and if the child type is known then appropriate content object can be created.
    • Form fields, such as check boxes, dropdowns, text boxes
    • Revisions
    • Permissions. As they are used to protect content from editing, so this is not a limitation for PDF export.
    • Ruby Phonetic Guide
    • Sub Document References
    • Formatting, such as Font and Picture effects