• Create Complex Data-bound Reports

    Design a Microsoft Word report template based on business requirements using mustache syntax for data placeholders. Process the template programmatically and generate bound Word Reports in seconds.

  • Logic-less Template Syntax

    Easily define Word Templates with a simple mustache syntax in Microsoft Word to bind the data fields with the database.

  • Reporting Features Supported

    Supports lists, tables, and repeating multi-table rows. Define loops and nested data, conditionally hide data blocks, use formatters to display data, and many more reporting features.

  • Advanced Document Processing .NET API

    Changed data is updated automatically in a generated document. By calling the GcWordDocument.DataTemplate.Process() method, you can seamlessly refresh your reports. Changes in the database will reflect on your reports–keeping them updated at all times.

  • Design Templates in Microsoft Word

    Easily design Microsoft Word documents by utilizing Microsoft Word features and programmatically generate professional-looking Word (.docx), PDF, or image Reports.

  • Batch Process Multiple Data Records

    GcWord .NET Word API supports batch processing to generate a separate document for each data record. Implement this feature by invoking the BatchProcess method over the report template.

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