Complete Set of Data Visualization Controls

With the full power of ActiveReports, the Server Web Designer offers users the functionality to create virtually any report they can think of. Users can create periodic letters, regulatory forms, invoices, financial portfolios, rich cross-tab or pivot table reports, all in the same web designer.




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Container and Shape


Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Design

Familiar User Interface

We built the Server Report Designer to look like familiar word processing web applications with additional data-driven features. This makes the learning curve shallower and provides a welcoming environment where even novice users are happy to design reports.

It's All About the Report

We tuned the user experience to focus on the report design surface. This gives users the maximum space for dragging, dropping, resizing, and laying out the report controls and data regions. Frequently used features are just a click away, while one-time setup configurations take a back seat.

Multi-Use Property Panel

By default, the property panel shows the most commonly modified properties. The "Show More" button reveals the complete set of properties for each control. This means non-technical users aren't overwhelmed, while advanced users have the full range of powerful design capabilities in their hands.

Data Governance that Works for You

Hierarchical Data Models

Semantic Data Models allow admins to model business data in a structure familiar to users so they don’t have to search for data. Users have controlled access to related data tables to use in creating reports.

Shared Datasets

Administrator-defined datasets give the admin complete control of specific data in a flat structure for users. This eliminates the guesswork behind optimized queries and data relations.

Ad Hoc Datasets

Authorized report authors can define one-off report-specific datasets within the designer. This lets them build complex reports aggregating data from multiple sources.

Web-Based Report Designer for Every User

We built the ActiveReports Server Web Designer with all users in mind. It brings ad-hoc reporting to everyone using just a web browser.

The Non-Technical Business User

The intuitive user interface and familiar toolsets are designed to welcome users to do the occasional modification or complete redesign of existing reports to answer their immediate business questions.

The Casual Technical Business Analyst

Shared Datasets or Semantic Data Models and a complete set of data visualization tools provide the casual business analyst with the power to design and maintain beautiful executive dashboards for the whole organization.

The Technical Information Worker

All of the same tools and properties available in the Visual Studio-integrated designer offer power users full control over every detail of the report design to build pixel-perfect output.

Even More Features

Integrated Viewer for Quick Previews

The integrated viewer lets users see how their report design choices look with data. Quickly switch between design and preview with the click of a button. The viewer features page navigation, parameters, drill-down interactivity, and more.

Fully Customizable Report Templates

Give end users a starting point for ad-hoc reports and ensure consistency and branding with custom report templates. Developers can create new report templates, or users can select from a list of provided templates like blank reports, pre-formatted letters, stock sized labels, and certificate templates.

Expressions and Conditional Formatting

Use expressions in any property of any report item. This gives you the power to calculate values ad hoc, concatenate fields, format conditionally, and even control report items programmatically.

Drill-Down and Drill-Through Interactivity

Hide part of a report so that the default view shows only high-level data, then drill down to the hidden data by clicking the expand button on the toggle item. Or link a detail report to a field on the main report, and click the links in the main report to drill through to the details.

Parameters and Prompts

Add parameters, filters and prompts to your reports so your end users can choose the data they want to see in the reports. Configure them to use a selection from a predefined list, free form entry, or from a list from a dataset.

Themes and Styles

Set styles on individual report items, or select a theme and apply it to elements of the report for complementary colors without the need to select each one.

What's New in ActiveReports Web Designer

The new web designer features include:

  • Page Reports
  • Subreports
  • Templates
  • Enhanced themes and styles support
  • Optimizations for reports based on Semantic Data Models

What's New



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