Develop and design accounting, analytical, budget, risk analysis, scientific, calendar, scorecard, insurance, healthcare, clinical, stock analysis, and other business reports for your enterprise apps

Complete set of controls and extensive API

Use tablix, charts, barcodes, data bars, spark lines, and maps to visualize data. Script your own behavior with the API using C# or Visual Basic

Customizable viewers for every platform

Embed royalty-free customizable viewers in your HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, and WinForm applications to provide interactive reports with tables of contents, thumbnails, drill downs, parameters, annotations, and more

Integrated, standalone, and web report designers

Use the Visual Studio integrated or stand-alone report designers. Embed reports to your product or publish them directly to the server. Additionally provide your end users with a customizable designer and web designer for ad-hoc reporting

Use mixed data sources

Create reusable connections and use multiple sources in a single report, or share one source across reports

Enterprise-ready report server

Host and run reports with ActiveReports Server Core. It supports multi-tenancy, load balancing, scheduling, batch printing, server based print management, browser-based administration, versioning and includes an HTML5 Report Portal so your users can access reports on any desktop or mobile device

Royalty-free distribution

Distribute reports anywhere with no additional licensing. You can also freely embed and distribute the End User Designer in your application

Award-Winning .NET Reporting Solutions

ActiveReports Developer

A complete reporting solution with extensive .NET API, data visualization controls, report designers, and viewers for embedded and enterprise reporting

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ActiveReports Server

A scalable report server that includes load balancing, multi-tenancy, scheduling, server-based batch printing, RESTful API, and HTML5 portal for enterprise and self-service reporting

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Flexible and extensible platform for every industry vertical

ActiveReports helps .NET developers design accounting, analytical, budget, risk analysis, scientific, calendar, scorecard, insurance, healthcare, clinical, stock analysis, and other business reports for their applications.

Layout-driven page reports

Layout-driven page reports

Create reports with fixed layouts for structured reports like invoices, statements, prospectus reports, and tax forms

Data-driven RDL reports

Data-driven RDL reports

Create reports with flexible layouts that flow across pages using tablix, charts, and other data regions

Banded section reports

Banded section reports

Use code-behind or script to respond to events during report generation for customization that is difficult with other products

Visual Studio integration

Visual Studio integration

Design reports right in your Visual Studio 2010+ projects. ActiveReports is integrated into the Visual Studio menus, Property window, toolbars, and even IntelliSense and context-sensitive help

Customizable designer

Customizable designer

Customize the End User Designer control to embed report design capabilities into your product. Make it wizard-like or free-form, all in your controlled environment

Mixed data sources

Mixed data sources

Use wizards to create reusable connections to ODBC, OLEDB, .NET, CSV, JSON, XML, Web Services, Data Objects, and runtime data sources. Use multiple sources in a single report or share one source across reports.

Report server

Report server

Quickly deploy reporting for multiple customers with built-in support for multi-tenant deployments, scheduling, batch printing and extensible role-based security

Web-based report designer

Web-based report designer

Design new reports or modify existing ones using any browser with the new ActiveReports Server Report Designer.

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Why ActiveReports?

.NET Devs

  • Visual Studio integration for ease and familiarity
  • Fast reporting engine
  • Extensive API
  • Charts, maps, tablix, and more
  • Advanced printing and export control
  • RESTful API to host reports and provide server-side scheduling
  • Built-in Single Sign-on support

Report Authors

  • Embeddable End User Report Designer control
  • Web-based report designer
  • Stand-alone report designer application
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop user experience
  • Visual Query Designer for optimized queries without SQL expertise
  • Report design and publishing on ActiveReports Server

End Users

  • Printable and interactive reports
  • Multi-format exports
  • Consistent user experience
  • Responsive report viewers
  • Secure Report Portal


  • Royalty-free distribution
  • Easy licensing terms
  • Perpetual licensing
  • No user CALs ever

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Users can submit a ticket to raise issues with our expert staff

Affordable maintenance plans include unlimited phone support