"Congratulations to the Angular Team on officially releasing Angular 2!"

With love (and a huge sigh of relief),
Team Wijmo

angular 2 released

We couldn't be happier to see Angular 2 officially release! It's been a great challenge to keep pace with the NG2 team, and our efforts have paid off: Wijmo has offered deep integration for Angular 2 since the early alpha versions.

Just hours after Angular 2's release, Wijmo provided a nightly build that supports Angular 2's official version! Our Angular support offers rich declarative markup for all of our components, including our famous FlexGrid. Read more about what we think makes the best Angular 2 Data Grid.

Get Started

We have an official build of wijmo that includes support for Angular 2 Release version.

Download Evaluation version: http://wijmo.com/download/

Licensed versions are available to current customers here: https://wijmo.com/my-account/

Angular 2 is ready for production and Wijmo components are too! We already have customers building production applications with both, and we look forward to seeing what you build with them too.

What Sets Wijmo Apart?

  • Complete, mature, commercial-grade control set that includes FlexGrid, FlexChart, Gauges, Input, and OLAP

  • FlexGrid features: several selection modes, built-in editing with drop-down lists, sorting, filtering, grouping, paging, row/col freezing, subtotals, and cell templates.

  • Robust multi-platform support. Wijmo can be used on its own or with any framework. Wijmo also has official support for Angular 1 & 2, ReactJS, VueJS 1 & 2, and Knockout. Use the same components in your framework of choice.

Read more about the official Angular 2 release and Wijmo's Angular 2 support.