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MVC6 TagHelpers Coming Soon to MVC Edition

Along with other great new features across ComponentOne Studio Editions, we will be releasing MVC6 TagHelpers for MVC Edition controls.

Export Anything, Anywhere: Introducing the New Web API

Introducing Web API for MVC Edition, a technical preview that's sure to add a flexible import and export tool to your MVC arsenal.

TDD for ASP.NET MVC Part 4: Unit Testing View Model Validation

How to unit test view model validation, focusing on the controller when the model is bound to a controller action. Welcome to part 4 in the TDD for ASP.NET MVC series. This time, I'll cover how to unit test view models in ASP.NETMVC. I'll focus primarily on how to unit test the model state validation that is performed by ASP.NET MVC in the controller when the model is bound to a controller action. To get started download and open up the solution for part 3.

ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC Edition Update Released

We recently released an update to our ASP.NET MVC Edition controls. This release includes new enhancements to FlexGrid, FlexChart and ListBox controls as well as performance tuning for FlexGrid. Let's go through the various enhancements one by one.

Microsoft BUILD Recap

This time last week the expo hall had recently opened and the remaining attendees were heading to the session, "Developing for Windows 10." This is the third BUILD event I've been to and while most everyone was bummed they didn't get a free HoloLens, the sessions didn't disappoint at all.

ComponentOne at GIDS conference

The ComponentOne team was at the GIDS conference recently, where I gave a talk and demo about features of upcoming ASPNET5 and MVC6. It was a great opportunity to interact with  developer community and hear their ideas and views about technology trends. In general, there was excitement about the path Microsoft has taken by making the ASPNET5 project open source and the improvements that it has done to the platform.

ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC Edition released!

ComponentOne Studio 2015 V1 has been released. We are pleased to introduce a new ASP.NET MVC edition which has a set of modern UI controls built upon the latest cutting edge technologies like HTML5, CSS3, ECMA5 without making compromises to support legacy browsers. Inside ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC you will find fast and lightweight controls ranging from data management to data visualization, project templates, and professionally designed themes. These controls are very easy to use and support various server side actions, you can take advantage of the controls at client side using the rich client side API. Get your copy of ComponentOne Studio and select MVC to install the all new ASP.NET MVC edition.

GrapeCity 2015 Roadmap

This is the time of year in which our clients and many of my co-workers begin inquiring as to what lies ahead here at GrapeCity in 2015. I have tons of new and exciting stuff to share with you about our development efforts in 2015.

GrapeCity 2015 Roadmap

This is the time of year in which our clients and many of my co-workers begin inquiring as to what lies ahead here at GrapeCity in 2015. I have tons of new and exciting stuff to share with you about our development efforts in 2015.

Handling merged cell in C1Excel

C1Excel lets you merge multiple cells, so as to display them as a single cell. Further it even lets you wrap the cell text in case the text is too long. This blog discusses how you can enhance a cell which is a combination of the above two features.

Working with GeoJSON Data and ComponentOne Maps

GeoJSON is an open source format for encoding geographical features into JSON format. The features include points to encode addresses and locations, line strings to depict streets, highways and boundaries, polygons to encode countries, provinces, tracts of land, and multi-part collections of these types. ComponentOne Maps has in-built support to visualize data which is in GeoJSON format, this means that you can have data coming from standard sources which is in GeoJSON format and visualize it using the all new map control without writing tons of code.

Getting Started with TreeMap for Studio ASP.NET Wijmo

Treemaps are an unique way of visualizing hierarchical data, they can be used to represent financial data, space usage or to visualize any hierarchical data. The ComponentOne TreeMap control displays hierarchical data as a set of nested rectangles where the area of each rectangle is proportional to its value.  Let's see how to get started with Treemap for ASP.NET Wijmo.

What's New in Studio ASP.NET Wijmo in 2014 V3

The third subscription of Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo for this year has been released with some very cool controls and features for modern web applications. The emphasis of this release was on advanced data visualization with existing and new controls. Let's see what's new in the studio.

Product Dashboard using Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo & MVC

The Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo suite has a web-form product dashboard sample, this sample typically shows the details about order, revenue and the sales status of different products. It utilizes Charts and Gauges to visualize data for : 1.) Monthly sales per product, 2.) Order Status, 3.) Number of new customer's added, 4.) Product wise Sales ratio, 5. ) Total Revenue & Category-wise Revenue,6.) Units Sold. You can view the sample here.

Best of ASP.NET Development Resources for 2014 v2

Our subscription cycle is structured to deliver new technology three times a year, but we also strive to make sure we are giving you the resources you need to understand these updates and our products in general. We released our 2014 v2 update last July and want to give you the best of these resources in one convenient place. You will find links to blogs and samples below. Feel free to comment and let us know if there is anything else you would like to see.

ASP.NET MVC Reporting with ComponentOne Reports

Reporting is an integral part of any business application and the ability to integrate reporting into your latest and greatest ASP.NET MVC application is very likely a growing need. ComponentOne provides a very mature reporting control and web viewer in the Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo suite. These reporting tools can be used in an MVC application in association with the report service to display reports.