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Charting in Windows 8 with Wijmo

Here at Build we are the first to have components working in Windows 8. I was up late the first night of Build to get our JavaScript charts rendering in a Windows 8 Metro app. Check out the results!

Client Side Validation in C1WijWizard

A lot of buzz is there around our Wijmo Products. So I also thought to follow the league, write something related to it and then we had a user coming up with a query like how to validate C1WijWizard. Exact scenario was to validate the controls inside C1WIjWizard while navigating between pages inside C1WijWizard.

FlexGrid Custom Cells

This post describes a key feature in ComponentOne's FlexGrid for Windows Phone, custom cells. Custom cells allow you to display anything you want in a grid cell, and they can be easily created in code or in XAML.

September 2011 Schedule

September is the calm before he crazy community calendar in October.

Ready to live Top Gun in real life?

Do you frequently daydream about flying a F16 fighter jet; do you think you resemble Maverick or IceMan? If you answered yes and you are going to BUILD, then you will want to enter to win an evening with ComponentOne at BUILD in Anaheim, CA. This may be your once in a lifetime opportunity to pilot a F16 fighter jet flight simulator. Dinner and transportation to/from the Convention Center will be provided. Ten lucky BUILD attendees will be chosen.

Handling 'Go' button of Virtual KeyBoard in iTouch Devices

Many a times users come up with placing a submit request on clicking 'go'/'submit'/'search' of virtual keyboard of iTouch device.

Using Studio for Windows Phone in Data Applications

The first release of Studio for Windows Phone comes packed with data visualization controls, making it the ideal toolset for mobile apps built around data. These controls give you more ways to view, analyze and even edit your data. Charts and gauges are great visualization controls that look sharp and scale nicely to any screen. If you have lots of tabular data to browse and edit on the fly, then perhaps a data grid is the best solution.

Windows Phone 7 Controls are Here

The first official release of Studio for Windows Phone is finally here! This version is built on the latest RC version of the 7.1 OS, and we will continue to update it as new updates are released by Microsoft. The purpose of this studio is to expand the set of controls out there on the market. They come packed with a lot of powerful and unique features to help Windows Phone developers build better and more compelling apps.

Slides and Code for Rocking Webforms with jQuery

Thank you to everyone who attended my webcast today, I apologize for the audio issues at the beginning.  Literally three minutes prior to starting, we had to switch from the phone to VOIP, and the last second handoff  did not go as smooth as it could have.  Live presentations are always exciting.

Having just returned from devLink, this post is part reflection, part advice for next year's attendees.  There is plenty more to be said, so please chime in with a comment if you can share something that shouldn't "stay in Chattanooga".

Slides for PSSUG Aug 2011: Is Azure Right For My Application?

Thanks to everyone who came to the PSSUG meeting yesterday!  I have no idea why parking was such a mess, but kudos to all who endured.

Postback using controls placed in C1Dialog

A customer came to us with requirement of firing a 'PostBack' on clicking button present inside C1Dialog. This sounds really easy. However on trying the same one will be really amazed to see that 'PostBack' just not happen while clicking the button.

Multi-Tap Zooming in C1ViewPort

Many of our customers have asked us whether it is possible to handle multitap to zoom in/out the C1ViewPort content. The ComponentOne WebIPhone library does not contain any event to handle multitap on the control/device.

Metro is Retro

When I first learned about the “Metro” design theme, it made me laugh. I thought man, we’re going full circle back to the days of simple, monochromatic designs, aren’t we? I’m not too young to remember applications that looked like these (many still do):

Your Vote Counts - 2011 DevProConnections Community Choice Awards

You know autumn is approaching when voting for the Community Choice Awards opens up. It's always fun here at the office to see which products the community has chosen to receive acclaim and recognition.