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Troubleshooting Studio for ActiveX Installation Errors

At times, when trying to install Studio for ActiveX,  the installation fails with an error message.

CodeMash 2012 Recap

Day 0: 1/10/2012

ComponentOne is taking on CodeMash

If you’re lucky enough to be in Sandusky, OH this week, you’re probably at CodeMash.  The ComponentOne team will be there as well, and we’d love to chat with you about any geeky thing on your mind.

Transposed FlexGrid (WPF & Silverlight)

There are times when user wants to see data as transposed i.e vertical rows and horizontal columns in grid. The simplest way to do this is use the DataTable object as the ItemsSource and transpose the data itself there.

Runtime Data Operations in Wijmo GridView

C1GridView has in-built features such as sorting, filtering, paging and grouping. These are extremely helpful for developers as it saves a lot time for them without having to implement it through code.

Conditionally Allow Focus in a Cell in C1TrueDbGrid

Many of our customers have asked if C1TrueDbGrid offers conditionally enabling/ disabling a cell focus. This blog explains an approach to do the same. That is to allow or disallow focus when user navigates the grid either with the Arrow keys, the TAB key, or clicking with the mouse.

Change Background for Modified Cells in C1TrueDBGrid

C1TrueDBGrid is known to be the best when it comes to its database interaction capabilities. But it has occasionally lacked to meet the increasing demand for UI customization. Even though C1TrueDBGrid provides methods and events to customize the appearance (like cell Foreground, Background), at times you may find yourself stuck on a specific requirement.

Olap Report : Exporting using C1Report

C1Olap for Winforms has a C1OlapPrintDocument component that is used to create reports based on OLAP views. It extends the PrintDocument class and provides properties that allow you to specify content and formatting for showing OLAP grids, charts, and the raw data used to create the report. The C1OlapPanel toolstrip provides Report option to print and preview the reports and also specify options.

Olap Grid: Customizations using C1FlexGrid Part I

OLAP Controls are made up of best of C1Controls combined together, thus everything that is possible with individual controls, is also to some extent possible with constituent controls within OLAP for Winforms, albeit with some minor tweaking here and there.

Windows 8 Icon Sizes

One important consideration in the UI design of our Metro-style app is the icons used to identify our application.  For Windows 8 applications, there are three possible tiles (not including a Live Tile), a badge icon, and a splash screen we can customize.  Each of these icons takes a particular size file and has a specific use.  Fortunately, the old .ico format files are no more--icons in Windows 8 are either .jpg or .png.  Below are the sizes and usage for each of the logo types:

January 2012 Schedule

We're coming out of the blocks fast here at ComponentOne!  We have a lot of cool products in the pipeline (including the incredible Wijmo v2), and our speaking tours are just as busy.  I'm presenting two talks this month, but as usual, nothing like a little variety:

Retain selection on Sorting or Filtering Wijmo GridView

Many customers face a situation where they want to retain the row selected by the end user after Sorting/Filtering is applied. Normally, when we apply sorting or filtering after selecting any row then selection is lost after the postback . This blog discuss the approach we need to use for having the selected row even after sorting or filtering.

Adding Checkbox to C1TrueDbGrid Column Header

ComponentOne TrueDbGrid provides support for displaying boolean values as checkboxes. This is done by setting the Presentation property to PresentationEnum.CheckBox (for more information refer to C1TrueDbGrid Documentation).

New 'PrintAtBottom' Property of C1Report

A new property 'PrintAtBottom' has been added to C1Report and serves to meet the requirement of many of our customers. It is a Boolean property added for each section of the report that allows the printing of 'bottom bound' text (for e.g. Disclaimers or any other Information) on all or selective pages. This feature was introduced in C1Report, build : x.6.20113.54459 and later.

Hierarchical C1TreeView from Self-referential DataSource

As it appears, this is among one of the most common discussions on web, so thought of writing something related to C1TreeView.

Troubleshooting Error 1720 &1722 in Studio for Winforms Installation

At times, users get Error 1720/1722 during installation, or un-installation, of Studio For Winforms. The error is, more or less, the same; however, the causes may vary.

Creating a Derived Accordion Control with FlexGrid

The FlexGrid for WinForms control is known for its flexibility. The control can be used in more ways than one and you can customize it easily enough to avoid having to write a custom solution from scratch in many cases. In previous posts we demonstrated how you can use the FlexGrid as a Calendar control, a TreeListView and as a ListBox. Some developers have gone as far as using it to make Visio style diagrams just using FlexGrid. In this post I will show how to derive a custom control from FlexGrid to make an Accordion control, just like the one used in the Studio for WinForms Control Explorer.

Saving WebPage Using C1PDF

The C1Pdf control provides support for creating pdf files from HTML pages using 'DrawStringHtml()' method. However, there is no direct method to create a pdf from ASPX webpage.

Major Architectural Changes in C1Report

Many  of our customers have asked us queries in which they face problems while upgrading C1Report from an old version to the new one (especially when it is done from 2008 to the later versions). This is mainly because of the architectural changes in the control that have taken place over the period of time.