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DataGrid Filtering in Depth: Silverlight and WPF

The ComponentOne DataGrid for Silverlight and WPF provides advanced data visualization with a lot of bells and whistles when compared to the standard DataGrid control. One of those whistles is easy data filtering. The control has evolved over the past few years and so has its filtering features. The C1DataGrid supports several different filtering techniques and each is easy to implement and advanced in functionality.

DevConnections 2011 Recap

I had the pleasure of accompanying the ComponentOne team to Las Vegas this time for the DevConnections conference at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. This was my second time in Vegas, with the first time being for the MIX conference back in April.

Insert Rows in Excel though code, Just like MSExcel

MSExcel as an application does a lot in the background, which when we start implementing through code would require a lot of efforts. A very simple example would be the ability to add / insert row/rows in between already existing data. Simple as it may seem to the end user this is a task which requires numerous backend tasks to be executed simultaneously or in quick succession, and apparently invisible to the end user.

Desert Code Camp 2011 Recap

Kudos to Joe Guadagno and all the volunteers for putting on a great event, and thanks to all the attendees who gave up a Saturday--you're the reason this all happens!  The best part of my job is getting into the community and meeting and learning from all sorts of cool people.  Not to disparage the hospitality shown to us, but no one mentioned we needed to pack our winter coats this weekend...

Searching Numeric Fields in a LightSwitch Search Screen

LightSwitch makes building data-centric applications crazy easy, but sometimes the way a screen behaves isn't initially intuitive.  One of the things that trips people up is the way searches work--by default, only string fields in the current entity are searched, and the LIKE comparison is used.  Two of the screens you see this behavior on are the Editable Grid Screen and the Search Data Screen.

Copying Column Text Only from SL DataGrid

Normally while working on systems, it is quite habitual for all of us to use keyboard shortcuts rather than moving the hand away, holding the mouse, and click and dragging stuff. But then at times, that seems to be the easier option, especially when we need to be selecting options, rows selectively, i.e. choose on demand.

The WPF does not have a native "PrintPreview" dialog as it is there in Winforms. In this blog we will discuss how we can use DocumentViewer control for print previewing WPF Flexgrid.

November 2011 Schedule

October was a crazy travel month, so I'm slowing down a little this month, and even throwing in a week's vacation!

"We Know Controls" New Magazine Ad

Here is our latest print magazine ad that you'll begin seeing in various print publications. If you are a current C1 user, you can see you are in good hands. If you are evaluating vendors or on the fence about the value third party controls offer, then this is a good report for you to read.

Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo Finalist in 2011 Best of Connections Awards by Penton Media’s Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Magazine, DevProConnections and SharePoint Pro.

Happy Monday. With DevConnections starting this week in Las Vegas, we are  pleased to announce that Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo was named a finalist in the ASP.NET/Silverlight category of the “2011 Best of Connections Awards” by Penton Media’s Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Magazine, DevProConnections and SharePoint Pro.

R.I.P Margaret Peacock 1937-2011

Mrs. Margaret Peacock held a BA in English literature from Concordia College (1958) and an MA from the American Institute of Culinary Arts (1966).  She was assigned to the London office temporarily from July through November 1992 until transferring to Redmond, Wash., where she worked as a sales representative reporting to Andrew Fuller for nearly two decades at Northwind Traders.

Tech Connection Live Recap

Thanks to everyone for attending today!  This is a stub post where we'll have slides and other follow-up information after the end of the event.

XAML Cubed: Developing for the Browser, Desktop & Phone

Despite some compatibility issues, it is possible to share code across all 3 platforms in the XAML realm: WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone. This talk covers 10 tips for multi-targeting which will help prepare you for Windows 8 and WinRT opportunities. I debuted this talk at ComponentOne's Tech Connection Live! Twin Cities.

C1SuperPanel Migration: Palomino to Wijmo

As we continue the evolution of our web stack here at Component One, we find ourselves exploring more and more controls and finding ways to improve them.  The new Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo keeps up with this trend with the new and improved C1SuperPanel control.  The ASP.NET AJAX's successor is not only more powerful, it also has a robust set of theming options with themeroller support.  This post is meant to guide you through the process of migrating your ASP.NET AJAX controls to the new ASP.NET Wijmo controls and also give you an idea of how the control has evolved.

C1Calendar Migration: Palomino to Wijmo

This article is meant to be a guide to assist in the migration of the ASP.NEt AJAX C1Calendar control to the lates WIjmo controls.  One of the staple controls of our ASP.NET web stack is the C1Calendar control that is available in our Studio for ASP.NET AJAX control suite.  This control is a very robust and intuitive control which gives you several customization options such as theming and culture settings.  We have improved upon this control with a brand new C1Calendar control included in the totally redesigned Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo.  The new control is built upon a foundation of AJAX, CSS3, HTML5 and JQuery.  Basically the new C1Calendar control is built for whatever the future of the web holds.  The new control offers CSS support which allows you to use CSS to customize the control to be uniform with your current business standards.  A list of some of the new and exciting features of this control can be found here.

Movable Y-Axis Tooltip In Winforms Chart

Our Winforms Charts provide support for tooltips. In this blog we will discuss way to display movable Y-Axis as chart tooltip.

Wijmo Migration: ToolTip

Wijmo might be something you have been learning more about if you have been using our ASP.Net Ajax controls.  ASP.Net Wijmo is our new webstack for ComponentOne.  In the spotlight now is ComponentOne's ToolTip.  If you have used the older control (ASP.Net Ajax ToolTip) then you will know of some of the cool features that will come packaged.  The Wijmo control features:

Data Access on the Windows Phone

Today at lunch I gave an online presentation that talked about data access techniques on the Windows Phone 7. Data, whether in the cloud, on your company’s server, or locally on the phone, will be a key ingredient in your Windows Phone application. In this session I went over the many ways you can access data including Web services and isolated storage/local database. I also demonstrated some of the unique input sources to the phone: sensors and GPS.

Using CustomFields in WPF Report Applications

When the report definition files using Custom Fields (like Charts) is used in C1WpfReport, the following exception is observed:

The WPF CarouselPanel is a virtualizing panel control that arranges child elements along an arbitrary 3D path. We can use C1CarouselPanel with any items control to turn a flat list of items into a virtualizing carousel with true 3D perspectives and scrolling animation.