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Watch my Technology and Friends Interview!

A couple months ago at DevLink, I did an interview with David Giard for his show “Technology and Friends”. Since I was there talking about jQuery Mobile for the conference, I thought it was appropriate that I talk about jQuery Mobile with David.  I think I was even the first show to have a demo (David will have to correct me)!

Defining Tooltips for DataBound Wijmo Charts

Our customers have asked us how to show multiple columns of the bound data source in the single tooltip for bound Wijmo Charts. So this blog post is for all those customers.

Build Windows with ComponentOne

It's been an exciting month of Windows 8 announcements from Microsoft. Check out the tools we have to help you build Metro applications and beyond.

I’m speaking at the Northern Virginia Code Camp THIS WEEKEND!

If you’re in the Northern Virginia area this weekend (Oct 1st), you should come out to NoVA Code Camp!  I’m going to be giving two presentations:

Wijmo Migration: TreeView

ComponentOne has recently released its latest and greatest in ASP.Net controls, ASP.Net Wijmo.   In the spotlight now is ComponentOne's TreeView.  If you have used the older control (ASP.Net Ajax) then you will know of some of the cool features that will come packaged.  The Wijmo control features:

A Guide to Wijmo Theming

One of the major features of Wijmo is that it’s built on top of the jQuery plugin model.  The benefit of this is that the Wijmo team took great care into making sure that you got the benefits of working with jQueryUI widgets.  The major benefit being ThemeRoller support.

How to Create a Custom 2D Barcode Field for C1Reports

With ComponentOne Reports™ you can create your own custom fields and add them to the Report Designer application. This article walks through creating a custom report field using the new C1QRCode control to display 2D barcodes. C1QRCode supports the Quick Response code, one of the most popular 2D barcode formats out there. They are useful because they can be scanned and read by various devices and phones.

BUILD Top Gun Event

While Kenny Loggins couldn't make it for a cameo performance of "Highway to the Dangerzone," the event went on and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

BUILD Thoughts

Unless you were living under a rock (and pardon me if you do), you heard that last week was the BUILD conference in Anaheim, CA.  Microsoft unleashed the new awesomeness that is called Windows 8.  In fact, all the attendees at the conference got a new Samsung tablet running the OS.

Binding to Subproperties

I while ago I was asked about binding to objects that contain other objects as properties, and whether there was a way to expose those sub-properties as columns on the grid. At the time, I suggested using OwnerDraw to display the value of the sub-properties in the grid cells, using the column's UserData property to identify which sub-property to bind to. The solution worked but was far from perfect, since it did not support editing or sorting.

Wijmo Migration: Accordion

ComponentOne has recently released its latest and greatest in ASP.Net controls, ASP.Net Wijmo.   In the spotlight now is ComponentOne's Accordion.  If you have used the older control (ASP.Net AJAX) then you will know of some of the cool features that will come packaged.  The Wijmo control features:

Export Grouped data to files while Report is being generated

It's an idea that is seldom used. Most of the Reporting implementations deal with export when the complete report has been generated, and while data is something that is played around with to get which ever type of reports are required.

Web Stack Story Video

Check out this fun video that tells the story of our new Web Stack. We have one technology -Wijmo- that is extended in WebForms, MVC and jQuery. Use the programming-style of your choice to build web apps. We even make it easy for you to move from one to the other and use the same knowledge. You can also learn more about our Web Stack.

C1Editor Localization

All end user visible strings in ComponentOne Editor for WinForms can now be localized (translated). Editor for WinForms localization is based on the same approach as the standard localization of .NET Windows forms employed by the Localizable property. As with Windows Forms, you can create a set of resource files with extension .resx for different cultures for the Editor. When the application runs you can switch between those resources and between languages. All parts of your application using components from Editor for WinForms DLL must use the same localization resource.

Charting in Windows 8 with Wijmo

Here at Build we are the first to have components working in Windows 8. I was up late the first night of Build to get our JavaScript charts rendering in a Windows 8 Metro app. Check out the results!

Client Side Validation in C1WijWizard

A lot of buzz is there around our Wijmo Products. So I also thought to follow the league, write something related to it and then we had a user coming up with a query like how to validate C1WijWizard. Exact scenario was to validate the controls inside C1WIjWizard while navigating between pages inside C1WijWizard.

FlexGrid Custom Cells

This post describes a key feature in ComponentOne's FlexGrid for Windows Phone, custom cells. Custom cells allow you to display anything you want in a grid cell, and they can be easily created in code or in XAML.

September 2011 Schedule

September is the calm before he crazy community calendar in October.

Ready to live Top Gun in real life?

Do you frequently daydream about flying a F16 fighter jet; do you think you resemble Maverick or IceMan? If you answered yes and you are going to BUILD, then you will want to enter to win an evening with ComponentOne at BUILD in Anaheim, CA. This may be your once in a lifetime opportunity to pilot a F16 fighter jet flight simulator. Dinner and transportation to/from the Convention Center will be provided. Ten lucky BUILD attendees will be chosen.

Handling 'Go' button of Virtual KeyBoard in iTouch Devices

Many a times users come up with placing a submit request on clicking 'go'/'submit'/'search' of virtual keyboard of iTouch device.