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Postback using controls placed in C1Dialog

A customer came to us with requirement of firing a 'PostBack' on clicking button present inside C1Dialog. This sounds really easy. However on trying the same one will be really amazed to see that 'PostBack' just not happen while clicking the button.

Multi-Tap Zooming in C1ViewPort

Many of our customers have asked us whether it is possible to handle multitap to zoom in/out the C1ViewPort content. The ComponentOne WebIPhone library does not contain any event to handle multitap on the control/device.

Metro is Retro

When I first learned about the “Metro” design theme, it made me laugh. I thought man, we’re going full circle back to the days of simple, monochromatic designs, aren’t we? I’m not too young to remember applications that looked like these (many still do):

Your Vote Counts - 2011 DevProConnections Community Choice Awards

You know autumn is approaching when voting for the Community Choice Awards opens up. It's always fun here at the office to see which products the community has chosen to receive acclaim and recognition.

Three LightSwitch Database Design Tips

In a previous job, when we'd build LOB applications, we'd start with an understanding of the data, and build out the database, then the application.  In LightSwitch, you again start by building a model of your database and work up to your application.  In the little amount of time I've worked with LightSwitch, I've found three things to keep in mind when designing your databases.  There will no doubt be more tips, but here are my first three:

Wijmo Migration: Menu & Tabs


Understanding Our ASP.NET WebStack

Recently we released Studio Enterprise 2011 v2. This release was monumental for how many new and improved Web dev tools we included. It was the launch of our new ASP.NET Web Stack.

LightSwitch Keynote Notes From St. Louis Day of .NET

St. Louis Day of .NET was the debutante ball for Microsoft's LightSwitch--LightSwitch was released just the prior week, and Jay Schmelzer was on hand to deliver the keynote address.

Tips for Choosing a Primary Key

We had a great lunch the other day with a long time customer, talking about technologies past, present and future, as well as what the customer is currently doing. The main LOB application needs a serious upgrade, and it looks like a total rewrite to take the desktop app to the web. This was a good time to rearchitect the database, and our customer was stuck with some technical decisions on what to use for primary keys. Having been down this road several times before, I shared some of my experiences, and here's a summary of my thoughts.  I'm not dogmatic, these suggestions aren't set in stone, and people will disagree with me here.

Update your controls in one click using the C1Live utility

If you're updating to 2011 v2, which we just released a couple weeks ago, you will probably download and install the latest setup from our website. But did you know there's a faster and easier way to update your ComponentOne controls? ComponentOne Studio Live (C1Live) is an update utility that searches and installs the latest version of ComponentOne assemblies. C1Live gets just the control assemblies (.dll) from a special server and the associated XML documentation files which contain property descriptions for Visual Studio.

Update Wijmo Charts in Real Time

Wijmo 1.3.0 introduced a very cool feature called Series Transitions.  What this feature allow you to do is define a chart (pie/line/bar), and have it fluently update based on new data.  Before this feature, the chart would have to redraw itself every time.

August 2011 Schedule

This is my 100th blog post for ComponentOne, and tomorrow is my one year anniversary here.  Three of my coworkers also have their C1 anniversaries in August, and we're celebrating on Thursday with a nice lunch.  Kind of fitting I'll be on the road for my anniversary lunch, but oh well.  We're getting back into conference season with this month's schedule!

In a previous post I demonstrated how you can display photos from the server inside Silverlight and using C1CoverFlow to create an interactive photo gallery. Using C1CoverFlow gives you a familiar iTunes UI, but the one limitation is that the photos can’t be expanded (without some significant more work). In this post I’ll demonstrate how you can use the new C1TileView control to create a photo gallery with minimize/maximize functionality. In this post I’m leaving out the code which loads images from the server using an XML file, but you can take that from the previous post and apply it to this one yourself if you are interested enough.

Export WPF C1FlexGrid to Excel

C1Flexgrid does not expose any direct method for exporting to excel, but you can easily achieve the functionality using helper classes provides with the 'ExcelGrid' (Silverlight) sample.

Introducing Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo

Our release of two Wijmo-powered ASP.NET studios represents a new day in ASP.NET development, and I’m particularly excited about our Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo.  Server controls have been a staple of ASP.NET WebForms development since its inception, and we’ve rewritten our ASP.NET WebForms components to use our Wijmo jQuery UI widgets.  Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo contains over 45 controls, including interactive SVG charts(bar, line and pie),  a supercharged GridView, and an SSRS-compatible report viewer.  To truly experience these components, visit the live demo at http://demo.componentone.com/ASPNET/ControlExplorer/.  Try it on any browser, even an iPad.  You can build cross-browser, cross-platform applications using the ASP.NET WebForms skills you have.