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In a previous post I demonstrated how you can display photos from the server inside Silverlight and using C1CoverFlow to create an interactive photo gallery. Using C1CoverFlow gives you a familiar iTunes UI, but the one limitation is that the photos can’t be expanded (without some significant more work). In this post I’ll demonstrate how you can use the new C1TileView control to create a photo gallery with minimize/maximize functionality. In this post I’m leaving out the code which loads images from the server using an XML file, but you can take that from the previous post and apply it to this one yourself if you are interested enough.

Export WPF C1FlexGrid to Excel

C1Flexgrid does not expose any direct method for exporting to excel, but you can easily achieve the functionality using helper classes provides with the 'ExcelGrid' (Silverlight) sample.

Introducing Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo

Our release of two Wijmo-powered ASP.NET studios represents a new day in ASP.NET development, and I’m particularly excited about our Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo.  Server controls have been a staple of ASP.NET WebForms development since its inception, and we’ve rewritten our ASP.NET WebForms components to use our Wijmo jQuery UI widgets.  Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo contains over 45 controls, including interactive SVG charts(bar, line and pie),  a supercharged GridView, and an SSRS-compatible report viewer.  To truly experience these components, visit the live demo at http://demo.componentone.com/ASPNET/ControlExplorer/.  Try it on any browser, even an iPad.  You can build cross-browser, cross-platform applications using the ASP.NET WebForms skills you have.

Localization, Localización, Lokalisering

With Studio for WPF and Silverlight 2011 v2, you can now broaden your global audience with built-in localization support for 20+ international languages. This means that all UI strings baked into ComponentOne WPF and Silverlight controls can be automatically translated into these languages (aside from English):

Pivot C1GridView

The C1GridView displays the grid as a table. When a user wants to display grid in a horizontal manner (vertical rows), there is no property in the grid to flip the grid.

Export C1PrintDocument to PDF with Digital Signature

ComponentOne Pdf supports the creation digital signatures. However, there is no direct method to directly add digital signatures to the pdf generated from C1PrintDocument.

Talent Audition and Open Blog Call- Studio Enterprise v2 Launch

With the v2 release of Studio Enterprise we are calling all .NET bloggers to watch the “What’s New in Studio Enterprise 2011 v2,” video. Think you have a better voice or want to share with us how you would use any one of the controls in your own dev work? Send us your short video clip or a link to your blog post. We’ll post them to our Community site  and maybe even Facebook. G-rated only, please. Questions, email evet@componentone.com

Export C1Gauge to Image

Many users have asked us whether it is possible to export C1Gauge as an image. Currently we don't have a direct method available for exporting gauges to images. However since this is a .NET based control, we can use standard methods to capture the image of this control and then save it. Using this method we can save C1Gauge as an image.

A New Dawn of Web Development for ComponentOne

I could not be happier to announce our latest release of Studio Enterprise. I am proud to say it includes a completely new Web Stack for any flavor of Web development. As you know we have recently created a whole new framework for pure client-side development called Wijmo. We wrote it to be a core technology for ComponentOne based on the latest standards like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

Implementing Master and Detail grids in Wijmo

We recently pushed an update to our WijMarket sample, implementing an example of implementing Master and Detail grids in Wijmo.  You can check out the sample here. Also, I recommend doing a View Source on the page to see what’s going on overall.  This demo comes apart of the Studio for MVC Wijmo download.

Import Images in C1FlexGrid from Excel Sheet/Workbook

ClFlexgrid can show images in a column, Bound or UnBound. We can also export the same grid to an excel file, with the images intact.

Improved C1GridView Scrolling in IE Compatibility view

Many of our customers have faced a problem in C1GridView that the data rows are displayed on top of the headers when the grid is scrolled vertically. The issue is observed when few columns of the grid are fixed and the Paging is enabled in such a way that the Pager is shown above the column headers. The problem only occurs when compatibility mode is enabled in IE8/IE9, or in the old versions of Internet Explorers (IE6/IE7).

C1Sizer - Ahead of its Time

C1Sizer, as it's currently known is very similar to the WPF Grid control. The Visual Basic version of C1Sizer (back then called Elastic) was actually the very first ComponentOne (back then known as VideoSoft) control ever written in 1987. I was 3 years old!

Using the ADO.NET Entity Framework in WinForms Applications

The ADO.NET Entity Framework is Microsoft's latest data technology. It allows you to create conceptual data models that are easy to program against. It also includes a layer that bridges the conceptual models to the actual data store, so you can easily transfer data between the conceptual model and a backing database.

Introducing C1DataSource for Entity Framework

We just released a CTP of our newest dev tool: Studio for Entity Framework. This set of data binding components is built on top of the powerful ADO.NET Entity Framework to make things simpler and even more powerful. Studio for Entity Framework includes 1 key design-time component, C1DataSource, which can be used with your already existing entity data models. You don't have to change the way you're handling your data; you simply plug C1DataSource into the view layer.

Building Easy jQuery Grids with Wijmo

Grids are one of the most commonly sought after plugins for web sites.  There are a huge variety of them out there, and they all work a little bit differently.  Grids and visualizations have been something ComponentOne has been doing for a long time, and we pride ourselves in our ability to give you easy solutions that will impress.

Speaker Bureau Profile: Craig Berntson

About the ComponentOne Speaker Bureau

How to fix toolbox issues in VS2010

Sometimes the Visual Studio 2010 toolbox cache can get a bit corrupted. Controls that you once were able to drag onto a form no longer seem alive, or you may start seeing double, triple and quadruple entries for the same controls. Unfortunately, the toolbox logic is a bit buggy in VS2010 and corrupted caches can frequently occur. Especially for WPF and Silverlight as these platforms require new and different methods for adding items to the toolbox than sturdy WinForms or ASP.NET. These newer frameworks are limited to allowing 3rd party control vendors to just set specific registry entries and then we rely on Visual Studio to add items to the toolbox from there.