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Panning a Windows Phone Chart

One of the biggest pain points of the toolkit chart for Silverlight/WPF is that you can’t [easily] add scrolling functionality. This is one of the main benefits of using C1Chart for all your XAML charting needs. The full-blown WPF and Silverlight versions of C1Chart have support for adding scrollbars to axes fairly easily. On the Windows Phone we don’t want scrollbars, but we still want scrolling functionality, which in this case should be referred to as translating or panning. A common charting scenario is when you have too many data points to visualize all at once. The most natural solution is to show only a portion of the data (maybe half) and allow the user to pan left and right to see the rest. Luckily, this functionality is possible with C1Chart for Windows Phone.

Raising Cane with Hub City .NET UG

Last week I had the priviledge to speak to the Hub City .NET User Group.  The group's spiritual leader Keth Elder was in Detroit on business, and according to local legend this means everything runs smoothly and everyone gets to bed at a decent hour.  Under the skilled leadership of Anson "The Pirate" Smith, that was indeed the case.

Wijmo How To: Build Line Charts with Wijmo

Last week we walked building a BarChart with Wijmo, either by using a <table> template or through pure JavaScript. Before you read this post, I really recommend you go check both those posts out.  Go ahead, I’ll wait here.

Create Engaging Data Visualizations with Charts in Silverlight

MSDN Webcast: Create Engaging Data Visualization with Charts in Silverlight

Wijmo How To: Create a BarChart with JavaScript

The other day I blogged about how easy it was to turn a <table> into a BarChart using Wijmo.  Today, I want to show you how to do the same thing with pure JavaScript calls.

Thank you BugDotNet for The Night of Three Full Moons

Hello Magic City!  I had a great time at last night’s BugDotNet meeting, or as I’ll now refer to it, “The Night of Three Full Moons”:

Wijmo How To: Create a BarChart from a Table

Wijmo Complete comes with a set of charting and visualization widgets you can use to build great user experiences. In this article, we’ll take a look at building a basic bar chart using Wijmo.

The Ultimate UI Tools for MVC

We have always been quick to build UI controls on top of new Microsoft technologies as they emerge. A little over a year ago, we started experimenting in ASP.NET MVC. After a lot of R&D we came to some interesting conclusions. This is the story of Studio for MVC Wijmo and how it came to be...

Displaying Image Column in Bound TrueDbgrid

ComponentOne True DBGrid for WinForms is a set of robust, easy-to-use .NET grid controls that allows you to create complex bound and unbound grid applications quickly. When C1TrueDbGrid is bound to a data source which has an image column, neither the image column is shown in the grid nor does it get displayed in the grid designer. This creates a problem for the users who want to show the image column of the DataSource. This blog will help you in creating a bound C1TrueDbgrid displaying Images.

HTML text and C1Report | It’s there now !!!

We always had the functionality to export the report contents to HTML file format and view them in a web browser. We have patiently anticipated functionality of rendering HTML formatted text within a report.

Merge Multiple Dictionaries using C1DictionaryEditor

The C1SpellChecker provides 21 international dictionaries in addition to the English - US dictionary that is built into the control. However, you may want to merge two dictionaries into one. To do this we will use a C1SpellChecker Dictionary Editor called C1DictionaryEditor.exe that allows us to create and maintain dictionary files (.dct).

I'm Kevin Griffin, and I'm a Technical Evangelist

First, many apologizes to the Rich Dudley for totally ripping off copying his trademarked first blog post title.

Mango-compatible Windows Phone controls make first splash

ComponentOne Studio for Windows Phone is now compatible with the latest Windows Phone update 7.1 (AKA Mango). This update also includes massive performance enhancements for C1PdfViewer. The control now uses bitmap caching to render the PDF pages so user interaction is much more fluid.

9th Annual SD Times 100 Award Marks 9th Year ComponentOne is Recognized

ComponentOne was recognized as an innovator and leader in the components category in the 2011 SD Times 100. The award was published in the June 1, 2011, edition of BZ Media’s SD Times and on http://www.sdtimes.com/link/35592. The SD Times 100 looks for companies, non-commercial organizations, open-source projects, and other influencers that have determined a direction that developers followed.

True DBGrid Pro 8.0 Migration Utility

Projects that use versions of True DBGrid other than True DBGrid Pro 8.0 can easily be converted to use the latter by running the add-in migration utility. When migrating a project from TdbGrid x.0 to TdbGrid8, you should have both versions of TdbGrid installed and registerd in Windows/32.