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ComponentOne Announces Launch of Software Development Kit for Web Parts in SharePoint 2010

During Microsoft TechEd 2011 in Atlanta, GA while the tradeshow floor was bustling, the ComponentOne team in Pittsburgh released an update to the first collection of installable Web Parts built on the Microsoft Silverlight platform. The Web Parts in ComponentOne Studio for SharePoint help administrators, IT workers, developers, and end-users create powerful and impressive data views.

TechEd 2011 ATL - Fun in the Sun

This year's TechEd in Atlanta did not disappoint. We enjoyed meeting and reconnecting with Visual Studio and SharePoint developers from all over the world. The booth activities were a hit and the demos really drew attention. Plus, the onsite team was thrilled to receive so many terrific awards, including Best of TechEd and Code Project Members Choice.

Save Time with ClearStyle

ComponentOne ClearStyle technology is one of the most unique and useful features of Studio for Silverlight and WPF. ClearStyle makes styling controls very easy. It allows developers to customize a control's appearance (ie colors) without having to hassle with XAML templates and Expression Blend. You can fully customize the style of any ComponentOne control right on the Visual Studio 2010 design surface thanks to ClearStyle. And the best thing is that ClearStyle is baked into the C1 controls, so there's nothing new you have to learn. This blog post explains how you can take advantage of ClearStyle and save time styling your applications.

Automating C1Web controls


Add Datapoint Symbols Dynamically to C1Chart

As a general rule, Silverlight/WPF performance degrades with an increase in the number of objects in visual tree. For instance, take the LineSymbol Chart. When a large number of  data points are plotted, the rendering is slow, as the large number of datapoint Symbols makes the visual tree quite large.  In extreme cases, this can even make user interaction quite difficult.

SDTimes Profile: ComponentOne Makes Software Innovation Fast and Easy

Read the ComponentOne profile in the 2011 SDTimes . NET Component Supplement with insight from ComponentOne's CTO Bernardo Castilho.

The 5 Things You Need to Do While at TechEd in Atlanta

The 5 Things You Need to Do While at TechEd in Atlanta

Different Number of Records in C1ReportDesigner

Report Generation is one of the most important parts of an enterprise application. The report definition files can be created using C1ReportDesigner application.

Check/Uncheck All Child Nodes by Checking/Unchecking Root Node in TreeView FlexGrid

The C1FlexGrid can group data hierarchically and display it with a collapsible tree (similar to the one in the Microsoft TreeView control). The GridTree object is used to specify the position and appearance of the outline tree. We can also show CheckBoxes for each treenode. Extending this functionality we can add a feature which enables us to check/uncheck child nodes when the root/parent node is checked/unchecked.

Filtering Data at Server using CustomFilters and LINQ in C1DataGrid

There are times when user wants to see only a limited amount of data in the datagrid. This would obviosuly enhance the performance in case of very large data being that the whole data is not always loaded.

Implementing an Anti-Virus File Scan in C1Upload

This article will discuss one of the ways to implement antivirus file scanning using C1Upload in the ASP.Net applications. Viruses, Trojan Horses, and different malware and spyware pose a real problem for current computer environments, and especially for the Windows operating system. If you are designing any application in .Net that is required to be able to upload external files, you have a potential security risk. It is quite common to have this type of requirement in a web application.

Rocking ASP.NET WebForms with jQuery

It's very possible to use jQuery to enhance the look and feel of ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET Dynamic Data.