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Custom ToolStrips in C1Editor

The C1Editor is a WinForms rich text editor. It is shipped with four specialized ToolStrip controls that allow you to build complete user interfaces without writing any code. Add the toolstrip to the form, connect it to a C1Editor by setting the toolstrip's Editor property, and you have a professional quality XHTML editor.

Creating Custom Styles for FlexGrid

This post was reposted on October 23, 2015.

OLAP Chart Scaling Tip

When working with ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms, it's very typical to have a view that has too many dimensions to plot nicely on the chart. Unless you define all views for the end-users, there's nothing stopping someone from creating a view which looks like this:

Group Selection in DataGrid

A common requirement is to Group data based on particular column or cell data. Silverlight DataGrid control has an edge over the other grid controls by means of setting a property to do the same.

XapOptimizer 2011 v1 Released

In one click you can reduce the size of your Silverlight apps up to 70% and secure your code with obfuscation. Add ComponentOne XapOptimizer to your dev cycle with build automation, backups, and limitless options.

Putting the V in MVC

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting a session at MVCConf. The session I gave was called "Putting the V  in MVC". Here is the abstract taken from the schedule:

Live Chart in C1DataGrid the MVVM way

While developing user interfaces for applications it is often required to show data in either a tabular form or by using charts. And it is not unusual to show data in a combination of both chart and grid inside one container. An example is showing a progress value in a chart that is inside a datagrid cell. In this blog post I will show you how to create a chart inside a C1DataGrid using template columns. This can be done in both XAML and code behind.

Migrating Access to SQL Server/SQL Azure using SQL Server Migration Wizard for Access

A great deal of business information is stored in Microsoft Access.  When it comes time to share that information, being in Access can hinder the maintenance and sharing of the application.  One solution available is to migrate Access applications into the cloud, either completely or in part.  Fortunately, it's not difficult to migrate Access data to SQL Server.  In the past, we may have used the Upsizing Wizard in Access, but a more recent tool provides a great deal more functionality resiliency of the migration of schema and data.

C1ProjectUpdater Utility

The C1ProjectUpdater utility updates existing C# and VB projects by removing all specific version information for ComponentOne assemblies from the licenses.licx file and the .csproj and .vbproj files.  This allows the project to use any suitable version of ComponentOne assemblies for the updated project. The utility can update WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight projects.

February 2011 Speaking

After a relatively slow January, my travel and speaking calendar is picking up again, leading into a crazy March and April.  Here’s where I’ll be for the rest of the month:

Learn MVVM with Studio for WPF

If you missed today's webcast on MVVM and WPF then watch the video and download the presentation materials below. Thanks to everyone who attended - we had a great turnout!

Working With ObjectDataSource And C1Schedule

ASP.NET supplies a data control structure called ObjectDataSource which supplies the possibility to use the 3 tier design model and has the advantage that less code has to be written. It supports all sql commands from the middle tier. You only have to supply the underlying object and map the methods from the Business Layer to the different sql commands.