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Getting Started with Silverlight 4 LOB

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk at the Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta earlier today. As promised, here are the slides and sample from the talk on getting started with Silverlight 4 for business application development. This talk covered app setup, XAML basics, child windows, page navigation, query strings, WCF data services, datagrid, binding and styles.

Using C1Chart in MVVM Part II

In one of my earlier blog posts I dealt with  using C1Chart in MVVM. I was asked if we could dynamically add and remove data series from C1Chart. My answer to that is, yes there is way and I decided to post this as another blog post since this would be a common scenario for many.

Using C1Barcode in Crystal Reports

Users often times prefer to use C1Barcode in a column in Crystal Report. This bloggives a Step-By-Step to create a Crystal Report, which features barcoding capabilities by using C1Barcode and using them as a data source for the report a Typed DataSet.

My Current Talks

A major part of my job is to visit the community and share what I know.  Here is a list of my current talks—if you’re interested in having me present one of these talks, please email me at richd@componentone.com.  I look forward to seeing you soon!

Visual Studio Magazine Product Review in March 1 issue

Product Review by Peter Vogel

Custom ToolStrips in C1Editor

The C1Editor is a WinForms rich text editor. It is shipped with four specialized ToolStrip controls that allow you to build complete user interfaces without writing any code. Add the toolstrip to the form, connect it to a C1Editor by setting the toolstrip's Editor property, and you have a professional quality XHTML editor.

Creating Custom Styles for FlexGrid

This post was reposted on October 23, 2015.

OLAP Chart Scaling Tip

When working with ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms, it's very typical to have a view that has too many dimensions to plot nicely on the chart. Unless you define all views for the end-users, there's nothing stopping someone from creating a view which looks like this:

Group Selection in DataGrid

A common requirement is to Group data based on particular column or cell data. Silverlight DataGrid control has an edge over the other grid controls by means of setting a property to do the same.