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Solving the Everyday Reporting Issues

With any line-of-business application at some point reports are likely to present developers with a problem. Good friend and longtime ComponentOne user, Dom Sinclair, told me about how he solves the common reporting issues developers face. Read below to discover his solution.

I’m Speaking at codepaLOUsa

And I’m thrilled to be going back to my hometown!

Adding ASP.NET Authentication to SQL Azure

[update 2011-01-27]

Getting Started with Chart3D

3D is the hot new thing these days (at least in the movie industry). The 2010 v3 release of Studio Enterprise introduces the first real 3D chart control for Silverlight and WPF. A real 3D chart is one that graphs X, Y and Z coordinates, as opposed to 3D representations of 2D charts (which are nice to look at but can be hard to read).

jQuery and MVC–Part 3

In the last article I talked about MVC and doing some nifty Ajax functionalities with jQuery. In this article I will go over jQuery plugins, what they are and how to create them. jQuery Plugins jQuery has a plugin architecture which allows you to package up commonly used functions into a plugin. Chances are if you have a complex JavaScript function, someone has more than likely written a plugin to handle that particular functionality. The jQuery.com site has an extensive plugin library and it can sometimes be fun to browse through it to see what people have come up with. Plugins are fairly easy to write, once you have gotten the basics of jQuery down. Here is a tooltip plugin that I wrote in just a few minutes. 1: (function ($) {

What's New in Studio for WinForms 2010 v3

This release of Studio for WinForms introduces a key new component, the C1RdlReport. This component, similar to C1Report, provides support for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to the ComponentOne Reports for WinForms suite. Back in 2010 v1 we actually introduced this functionality as a feature of C1PrintDocument; however, it had very limited support. We decided to break this feature out into its own control and provide even more functionality than would make sense to cram into the C1PrintDocument component. For instance, C1RdlReport exposes the full RDL object model allowing you to modify existing SSRS reports and even create new ones in code. This is something you cannot do alone with Microsoft's tools. C1RdlReport also has no dependency on SSRS so it can be bound to any data source! Yes, you can create a RDL report which can run off an Access database in addition to SQL Server.

Creating Multi-User Schedules with Grouping

Microsoft Outlook enables you to view multiple calendars (or schedules) side by side. This popular feature has inspired the new grouping functionality added to ComponentOne Scheduler for Silverlight/WPF in the 2010 v3 release.