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Custom Visual Styles for C1FlexGrid

What is a Control Renderer?

Does ComponentOne Report Viewer Work on Windows Azure?

The short answer is both yes and no.  We can use SQL Azure as the data source, hosting the viewer in ASP.NET, Win Forms or WPF applications with very little issue.  However, the ASP.NET Ajax viewer does not work on Azure at this time.  We are scheduling the work to provide complete support for Azure, and I'll update this post when there is progress.

Display and Edit HTML Content in FlexGrid

This blog article details how you can use ComponentOne Studio for WinForms to display and edit HTML content inside a bound datagrid. To achieve this functionality we will use 3 controls: C1FlexGrid, C1Editor and C1SuperLabel. The C1FlexGridcontrol is a flexible datagrid which will allow us to easily embed custom editors inside any cell, as well as provide custom drawing of cells. The C1Editor will be used as the Xhtml cell editor, and C1SuperLabelwill be used to simply display our Xhtml content and paint to graphics.

RIA Services Deployment Error: NotFound for query 'GetUser'

So, today for the first time i've tried to deploy a WCF Ria Services application (Silverlight Business Application) to an online server. Of course, the whole app worked great on my dev machine. Not so much the case once I tried to deploy it....

FlexGrid Update Available (Build 46)

This prerelease version adds several new methods and properties:

FlexGrid Migration to WPF and Silverlight

FlexGrid is a lightweight and flexible datagrid control with an easy-to-use object model. It offers unique features like true unbound mode, cell merging, flexible styling, multi-cell row and column headers as well as quick and simple printing. What really makes the FlexGrid unique is the power and simplicity of its object model and great performance.

Adding More Interaction to C1Chart (Drag Points)

The ComponentOne Chart control (WPF/Silverlight) provides four useful methods that help with custom user interaction. They allow you to determine which data point is nearest the mouse, as well as quickly convert plot coordinates to control coordinates and vice versa. Use any combination of these methods to unlock virtually any form of user-to-plot interaction imaginable.

Advanced Print Preview for FlexGrid

Print your datagrids quickly and effortlessly with the famous ComponentOne FlexGrid. Just call the PrintGrid method from your code. This method includes parameters for optionally displaying a print preview dialog using the standard humdrum PrintPreviewControl.