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I have to admit, this idea all came from the awesome Chinook sample database on CodePlex. It has to be one of the coolest little sample databases I have seen. It has a decent data model, relationship mappings, and plenty of data. What else could a guy ask for, right (well, maybe some graphics)? The coolest thing about the DB is that it is generated from an actual iTunes library (XML file) and can be deployed on multiple database platforms like SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.

What's New: Gauges for WinForms

New in 2010, ComponentOne Gauges for WinForms provides the flexibility to create simple, practical gauges that get the job done while also supplying all of the advanced features to create the most eye-catching, sophisticated and professional looking gauges imaginable.

What's New: RDL Reporting Definition Support

In 2010 v1, ComponentOne added preliminary support for the Microsoft Reporting Services (RDL) to the C1PrintDocument component. Now it's so easy to display your RDL reports in your WinForms applications and get all of the extra features that come with ComponentOne Reports for WinForms, as well as other development platforms which support ComponentOne reports such as ASP.NET, WPF and soon Silverlight!

What’s New: Chart Aggregates

The ComponentOne Chart for WPF and Silverlight has a new Aggregate feature which performs instant aggregation on the plotted data. By simply setting one property we can change the chart's view to calculate and display an aggregation, such as total count, average, sum and standard deviation.

Announcing the A2 Framework

It is only fitting that I am at MIX in Vegas while writing this announcement. There have been some incredible announcements made here in Las Vegas. The next web is fast approaching as Microsoft is really reinventing their web development platform for the future. So now for ComponentOne's big MIX unveiling...

Visual Studio 2010 Compatibility

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is coming soon and developers are starting to adopt this new environment. There were many changes to Visual Studio 2010 that required changes to add-ons and components that you used in Visual Studio 2008. With the first Studio Enterprise 2010 release, ComponentOne has added support for most of the new features in Visual Studio. For Studio for WinForms controls, this includes the .NET 4.0 Framework as well as the new design surface; however, the new Client Profile is not supported (yet).

2010 v1 is here!


Migrating to Palomino: Navigation Controls


Doc-To-Help 2010 Released

Doc-To-Help 2010 marks our first subscription update of the young year. We have made valuable updates to our RoboHelp conversion, collaboration, and authoring technologies. This is just the beginning of what we have in store for 2010, so stay tuned for more updates! Check it out at www.doctohelp.com

New Case Study: Company Reduces Development Time by 84% Using Third Party Visual Studio Controls

Read how Tom Sullivan from LogixPower, a non-profit organization located in San Diego, California used ComponentOne Studio for ASP .NET to save 174 man hours and $15,000. http://www.componentone.com/SuperPages/CaseStudies/?caseID=20

Test Drive the C1 Web Parts

Visit the SharePoint demo site: http://tinyurl.com/yhfl8b8