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Doc-To-Help 2009 - Everything you need you can find here.

Have you been waiting to see what is new with Doc-To-Help 2009?  Then be sure to check out what's inside the Doc-To-Help Tech Connection

ComponentOne Tech Connection-Check it out!

 Interested in what is going on at ComponentOne? Well, here it is! Check out the latest copies of the Studio Tech Connection. Questions, email sales@componentone.com

ComponentOne Developer Webcasts

ComponentOne provides the broadest, most comprehensive line of development tools for all major Microsoft development platforms; .NET, ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF. If you'd like to explore development on a platform that is new to you, register for one of the "Get Started" webcasts. Want to investigate a new technology, tool or technique? Register for an upcoming webcast that takes an even deeper dive. Take a look at these upcoming webcasts: Getting Started with Silverlight 2.0: This webcast will take you through the entire process for developing Silverlight applications; From setting up your development environment, through deploying your application. Getting Started with ASP.NET/Ajax: Learn how to incorporate Ajax into ASP.NET applications to develop the rich Internet applications users are coming to expect from modern web applications. Getting Started with WPF: This webcast explores the entire development process for programming in the latest generation of the Windows development platform. To register, follow the link below. We're looking forward to having you join us!

Out with the Old, In with the New: Studio for ASP.NET

Pack your bags, WebMenus and WebBars! ComponentOne has a new set of ASP.NET controls that will knock your buttons off.  The new web controls, codenamed Palomino, have been developed from the ground up to take advantage of CSS, XHTML, and the ASP.NET AJAX framework.  The first wave contains mostly menu and navigation controls which will replace the old ComponentOne WebMenus and WebBars.  The new generation offers the following improvements: rich client-side object models, highly customizable themes, more animations, drag-and-drop abilities, faster load times, and not to mention, several entirely new controls.  All of these controls have been tightly integrated with the AJAX framework so you can finally add the smooth and innovative web navigation to your site that you have always wanted.

ComponentOne at DevConnections Las Vegas

ComponentOne is sponsoring the Visual Studio and .NET Connections conference being held November 10, 2008 through November 13, 2008 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. You are invited to join ComponentOne’s technology evangelists for demos of Studio for Silverlight and the just announced Studio for iPhone. Visit ComponentOne at booth #413 to learn how to enter to win your very own Xbox 360, and learn about ComponentOne's current cutting-edge technologies in addition to what's on the horizon.

Time-Saving Features in Doc-To-Help 2009

Much attention surrounding the 2009 release has been focused on the new built-in XML-based editor and the ability to convert existing content for authoring and editing directly in Doc-To-Help's interface, and rightly so. However, there were two other very valuable features added to the software in the new release and we wanted to make sure that you knew how to use them effectively. Hopefully by doing so you'll save some time and improve the consistency of your projects.

ComponentOne PDC Badge Contest

The ComponentOne team has created a custom badge for PDC attendees October 27-30 in Los Angeles and Microsoft has added it to the official series. Here is how it works:

Enter to win an Xbox 360 at Microsoft PDC -Stop by the ComponentOne booth #911 to learn how.

When you get to the conference go straight to booth #911 and ask for Eve or Leanne. Tell them you want to enter the contest and pick up your free gift, just for stopping by. Be sure you stick around for one of their demos.


Coinciding with Microsoft’s release of Silverlight 2, ComponentOne announces that developers and designers alike can create compelling Web-based solutions today with ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight.  ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight is the most complete set of enterprise-quality components in the Silverlight market with over 30 innovative Silverlight controls, including grids, charts, gauges, maps, menus, treeviews, richtextboxes, layout panels, uploaders, and more. ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight will advance your Web development with animation, vector graphics, custom layouts, and enhanced performance. “Being named by Microsoft as a Visual Studio Industry Partner, whose products further enhance developer capabilities when creating Silverlight applications using Visual Studio, is a testament that ComponentOne provides developers the tools they need to be able to create fully functional Silverlight applications from day one,” stated Gustavo Eydelsteyn, managing director at ComponentOne. 

Meet up with Chris and Jeff from ComponentOne at VSLive! Las Vegas next week

ComponentOne is sponsoring the VSLive! Visual Studio Developer Conference being held October 13, 2008 through October 17, 2008 at the The Mirage in Las Vegas, NV. You are invited to join them for the ComponentOne Product Showcase titled Automated Data-Entry Form Creation with ComponentOne InputPanel being held October 14, 2008 at 1:15 pm PST.This session will demonstrate how to create a complete data-entry form in minutes with a single .NET control using ComponentOne InputPanel for WinForms (C1InputPanel). This demo shows how to connect C1InputPanel to a data source and watch as it automatically aligns the controls, establishes tab order, adds proper label captions and accelerator keys, and binds each individual editor to the data. Then manage the design, layout, appearance, and behavior of multiple input components without writing a single line of code. Visit ComponentOne at booth #207/306 October 14-15 to learn how to enter to win your very own Xbox 360, and learn about ComponentOne's current cutting-edge technologies in addition to what's on the horizon.

ComponentOne - Bridging the Gap between Developers and Help Authors with ComponentOne DynamicHelp

Interested in how this is done? Click the link below to read the feature article in the lastest ComponentOne Studio Tech Connection.