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Visual Studio 2010 beta Compatibility

If you convert an existing project or solution to Visual Studio 2010 beta there should be no problem. But if you are creating new projects within VS2010 beta there are a couple things you need to know when using ComponentOne WinForms controls.

Reduce Data-entry Form Development Time by 60%

Creating data-entry forms can be very time consuming and tedious, and maintaining them can be a nightmare. However, with ComponentOne InputPanelT for WinForms creating and maintaining data-entry forms is no problem at all. The control removes all redundant tasks such as control alignment, spacing, data-binding, labeling, accelerator key generation, and tab ordering.

Enhanced Printing and Previewing with C1FlexGrid

Add new functionality to your C1FlexGrid applications with advanced print previewing. Read the article below to learn more.

Enhanced Printing and Previewing with C1FlexGrid

Traditional Printing with the C1FlexGrid Control

Charting in Reports for WinForms

Charting in Reports for WinForms

Developing iPhone Apps in .NET

Check out the review of ComponentOne Studio for iPhone: Nathan Clevenger, “Developing iPhone Apps in .NET: How does MonoTouch bring Microsoft’s .NET to Apple’s iPhone?” iPhone Life, Winter 2010, 86. http://www.zinio.com/reader.jsp?issue=416107467&o=ext

Win a Pass to the Microsoft Visual Studio Launch Conference and Expo

Looking to win an attendee pass to the Visual Studio 2010 launch event in Las Vegas next year? If so, find your ComponentOne Control Freak hat, beanie, toque or whatever you may call it and send us a picture of you wearing it.

Creating a Custom VisualStyle for C1Calendar

 Styling a control

The Holy Grail of ASP.NET Licensing

OK, it might not be quite that incredible, but it saves a ton of time when upgrading your bits. If you are like me, and use custom controls, then I am sure you have had a run-in or two with a license.licx file.

Styles – Why use them?


Dev Connections 2009

A Visual SQL Query Designer

A Visual SQL Query Designer

Get Your App on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Are you going to Microsoft PDC November 17-19 in Los Angeles? If so, we want to meet with you. We will be holding an open casting call for all ComponentOne clients who have built applications/solutions developed on Windows 7/WPF, Azure, or IE 8 using C1 controls. If this sounds like you please contact our talent agent or Company Communications Manager, Eve Turzillo at 412.681.4343 or evet@componentone.com so she may schedule a time to meet with you on-site. Those chosen may have the opportunity to be included on a special Microsoft event video. More details to follow, but contact Eve by Thursday, November 12 to nominate yourself.

Doc-To-Help 2009 v3 released

The 2009 v3 release of Doc-To-Help offers many new features including editor enhancements, Microsoft Windows 7 support, local formatting options, Google Chrome and Apple Safari optimization, plus more.