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Hot off the build machine: Silverlight 4 controls!

Well, we actually made the controls available yesterday through prerelease. But today they are officially on the ComponentOne site!

Tweet! Tweet!

I am going to start posting quick little tips and tricks to twitter and hope you will follow me! I will also be happy to answer any questions and would love your feedback!

C1Editor Quickstart

This article contains a brief introduction to the C1Editor control added to the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise in the 2009 v3 release.

Silverlight 4 Introduces Watermark Issue

Like every version, Silverlight 4 adds new properties to existing types. One new property Microsoft added is TextBox.Watermark. ComponentOne already had a Watermark property defined for our C1TextBoxBase, which is a subclass of TextBox.

iPhone Spell-checker Fail

I just typed "iPad" on my iPhone and it corrected it to "upas"...

ComponentOne is heading to India for the Great Indian Developer Summit

We've met many great developers in India, but have we met you? Well, we hope to have the opportunity as we are traveling to the Great Indian Developer Summit. Be sure to visit our booth #3 April 20-20 at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India. http://www.developersummit.com/

Software Documentation and Agile

Developing documentation (both end-user and internal) in an Agile software development environment can present a few challenges, but overall presents many opportunities for technical communicators.

Creating custom columns in C1DataGrid for Silverlight

ComponentOne DataGrid for Silverlight supports creating specific behavior columns. For example you can create a Hyperlink column, a GIF column, a Rich Text column, and so on.

What’s New: Docking Controls for WPF

In 2009 v3, we here at ComponentOne released a set of docking controls for Silverlight. With docking controls you can create an MDI application where users can dock, undock, and float various windows within the application. This type of UI is common in many applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Visual Studio. Now in 2010 we have these exact same, fully compatible controls for WPF. DockControl for WPF includes several new controls for your WPF toolbox:

I have to admit, this idea all came from the awesome Chinook sample database on CodePlex. It has to be one of the coolest little sample databases I have seen. It has a decent data model, relationship mappings, and plenty of data. What else could a guy ask for, right (well, maybe some graphics)? The coolest thing about the DB is that it is generated from an actual iTunes library (XML file) and can be deployed on multiple database platforms like SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.