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WinRT XAML (Part 4) Calendar

Script 4: Calendar in Studio for WinRT XAML

C1 RussCamTV Episode 88: TechEd Part 14

I chat with Eduardo Castro who is coming to TechEd from beautiful Costa Rica! Find out what he has in store for SQL Saturday #189! Then, I catch up with some of my old friends Chris Love, Chris Bowen and Patrick Hynds -- plus a cameo appearance by The Blizz!

C1 RussCamTV Episode 87: TechEd Part 13

Pam Shaw and Ed Buhain are back for Russ Cam interviews! Pam talks about the great community around SQL. Then it's a Microsoft reunion of sorts with Developer Evangelists Brian Hitney, Peter Laudati and Jim O'Neil! (with a great RussCam yell!)

C1 RussCamTV Episode 86: TechEd Part 12

There's more from TechEd 2012... this time a MVP twofer! First, Microsoft Windows Phone Developer MVP Nikita Polyakov talks about why he's excited about Windows Phone development and the tools available from ComponentOne a division of GrapeCity! Then, Microsoft Silverlight Architecture MVP Ward Bell tells us about his company and why he's thinking about trying Controls by ComponentOne to make his product even better!

C1 RussCamTV Episode 85: TechEd Part 11

RussCam has even more interviews from TechEd! First, Bayer White talks about his upcoming projects, including a new book! Plus, find out how .NET Gurus Can Cook saved his marriage! Then, Microsoft Developer Evangelist Rachel Appel talks to us about the excitement with Windows 8 apps!

ComponentOne to sponsor SQL Saturday 192 in Tampa

Yet another SQL Saturday that ComponentOne joins forces with this unbelievable worldwide event engine, powered by Karla Landrum and the SQL Pass Board. SQL Saturday focuses  on all disciplines of database activity and there are many software developers present as well. Pam Shaw heads up this event in Tampa on this coming Saturday, March 2. She has been doing a killer job on this event for years! I will be doing a session on building a Windows 8 app from scratch. Register here. Don’t forget to check out our Windows 8 and OLAP and BI controls from ComponentOne!

ComponentOne Kicks off MVP 2013 Summit: Recap

C1 sponsored both kick off parties at the MVP Summit last week on Feb 17. The “First Time MVP” party was hosted by INETA president and MVP, Joseph Guadagno. It was held at the Rock Bottom Brewery in Bellevue, WA with a great turn out. Joseph also took this opportunity to present me with the INETA Lifetime achievement Award. I was joined by three former INETA Lifetime Achievement award winners as well including Dave Noderer, David McCarter and Kevin Hazzard. They said to me “Welcome to the club!” …. and what a club it is, now with a total of 9 recipients. I interviewed both David McCarter and Kevin Hazzard on what the award meant to them.  So, stay tuned for those on an upcoming episode of RussCam. “It was unlike any other award”, says David.  I also interviewed David Noderer last week ,when we were at the South Florida code camp as well. I gave some advice to the First Time MVP’s… I said, “Winning the award was a lot of hard work, but I had fun doing it and that was how it all worked”. In other words, it‘s all about a work-life balance. Also, I said to them to enjoy the week, there is not any other conference like the MVP Summit. The PM’s are all on top of their game as the attendees are the cream of the crop and they know it. Several folks came over to the ComponentOne booth and inquired about our products. All MVPS get our controls for free. If you are an MVP, send an email request to get your ComponentOne tools. Thanks go out to MVP Kevin Wolf for taking my photos, as I received the award as well as everyone else who helped make this a very special night!

C1 RussCamTV Episode 84: IT Palooza – Part 3 w Guest Interviewer Karen Slosaski

Guest interviewer, Karen Slosaski is back to interview more attendees at ITPalooza in Ft. Lauderdale! First, the leader of West Palm Dev, Sam Abraham, talks about his session at ITPalooza and what's coming up. Then, we catch up with Server MVP, Adnan Cartwright. Nina Grantcharova tells us about IASA and how you can get involved in south Florida. Then, Quetsy Puckett tells us all about Conquest Technology Services.

C1 RussCamTV Episode 83: IT Palooza – Part 2 w Guest Interviewer Karen Slosaski

No holds barred here at IT Palooza… Alex Funkhouser, organizer for this event, hired a film crew including a guest co-host for RussCam at IT Palooza! It’s another RussCam first, as I introduce my guest interviewer, Karen Slosaski. Karen turns the tables and does an interview on me! Then, Karen interviews a return Russ Cam interviewee, MVP and INETA Lifetime Achievement award winner, Dave Noderer, about the upcoming South Florida .NET Code Camp!

ComponentOne platinum sponsor at South Florida Code Camp 2013: Recap

It was version 9 of this code camp and is still my favorite. South Florida code camp is the largest Microsoft centric code camp in the world, with over 1110 registered and over 800 in attendance. It attracts the best presenters from all over (who wouldn’t want to go to Ft. Lauderdale in February?), yet provides opportunities for first time presenters, as do all of the Florida code camps. I can’t tell you how many MVP’s who got their start at these events. Take note other code camp and developer event organizers, rocks stars are great for getting registration numbers up, but new blood is always needed to make our developer community grow, and this is a great venue for this, it’s all volunteer! It was non stop action from the speaker dinner on Friday thru the closing ceremonies and attendee party to wrap things up on Saturday. The speaker dinner and post event celebration were tops for networking, and any code camp run now a days should have all of these. After all, this is an all volunteer event and the speakers really appreciate the peer networking opportunities as do the attendees.

ComponentOne platinum sponsor for SMUG Dev 2013: Recap

When does Smug <> SMUG? The answer is when SMUG = Southern Most User Group, which meets in the southern most location of USA, Key West! It was the second annual SMUG event at Key West, conveniently scheduled right before the South Florida Code Camp. Hats off to Kevin Wolf, for organizing this event. It was a small crowd of about 25, but most were either MVPs, Microsoft Employees, User Group Leaders, corporate executives or industry influentials. So, the networking was second to none. I also loved the format of several 30 minute, rapid fire Microsoft Centric sessions. It kept it lively by changing up the presenters and having condensed information. Other conference organizers should take note on that format, because all loved it.  It really maximized the time I felt. The presentations were awesome as well. Zack Williamson, the IT Guy, turned Windows 8 App developer, proves that anyone can build apps even if they are not a programmer. Well, guess what Zack, you are now a coder!

Recap of HTML5TX conference sponsored by ComponentOne

Austin, Texas is incredibly rich in technology, as verified by 300 attendees at the HTML5TX conference this past weekend. Conference organizer Brandon Satrom did an awesome job and took time out to be interviewed by RussCamTV, so stay tuned for that. I also ran into old friend, Jeffery Palermo,  who will be once again hosting Party with Palermo at the MVP Summit on Feb 17, another event sponsored by ComponentOne. I demonstrated Wijmo to Jeffery and he loved it and will be checking it out soon. In fact, I chatted with several folks about Wijmo, as it was a good fit for this conference and I handed out coupons for a show offer of 20 percent off to attendees. If you were at the conference and missed getting a card with 20 percent of Wijmo, please send me a tweet at www.twitter.com/russcamtv .  HTML5 client development is a real world business need. The messaging here is simple. If your app does not work properly on different size devices in the mobility space,  then you will lose business, and lots of it, period. I think Brandon is onto something here with a conference focusing on HTML5. Perhaps I should try and organize a HTML5 conference in Florida, what do you think? All I know is that every conference I attend, the rooms are packed for HTML 5 and jQuery. The attendees at the HTML5TX conference were all buzzing over the great content and presenters. I sat in on Garran Means session on …. Model-View-Websockets and she did a great job, despite being under the weather a bit. Hope you feel better Garann! I have been there as a presenter and the show must go on! The after event party was interesting, having it at the Capital Factory office with a great view from the 16th floor of the Omni hotel overlooking Austin. Capital Factory is a very cool incubation business . The food was delicious. Also, it is just a block away was the famous 6th Street, which totally blew my mind with an incredible lineup of restaurant, bars and people watching. I particularly liked Friends with some incredible music talent on both Friday and Saturday nights. It was a great way to celebrate receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from INETA!

ComponentOne Sponsors Party with Palermo and First Time MVP parties at 2013 MVP Summit!

ComponentOne is proud to be a major sponsor at two events to kickoff the 2013 MVP summit on Feb 17, 2013. If you are an MVP attending the event, make sure you visit our booth for lots of goodies!