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UWP Licensing

Our UWP licensing model has been changed. Since 2016 v2 release, each application that uses UWP Edition controls requires a unique license key (either evaluation one or fully licensed key) to be validated at runtime.

Generate Your licenses.licx File with the LicxGenerator

Finding and fixing errors in the licenses.licx file is one of our most frequent support requests, and with the attached sample, you can now generate your .licx file automatically.

Licensing ComponentOne controls in Visual C++

Licensing model of VC++ application is different from WinForms applications. Unlike C# and VB.NET, the VS.NET compiler for managed C++ applications does not automatically embed the keys for licensed controls. This blog explains how you can embed license for ComponentOne controls for Winforms.

How to Remove the Nag Screen from your Silverlight and Windows Store Projects

ComponentOne Studios for Silverlight and WinRT XAML are unique in that they use a different licensing mechanism than all other ComponentOne .NET Studios as described here. They’re different because there is no standard licenses.licx file if you’re building Silverlight or Windows Store applications.

Licensing Problems: The licenses.licx file and You

So you've downloaded WinForms Edition, installed and entered your license key, and you're ready to tackle some code.  Let’s say you want to start using C1Reports…

Troubleshooting ActiveX Licensing

Getting over the licensing problem is the main stay if we are distributing our application or using it on our end as well.

Licensing changes for FIPS compliance

Many of our customers face NAG screen issue while deploying their application even when licenses.licx file is being included in their .exe file. One of the reasons could be FIPS, i.e. the system must not be FIPS Compliant. This NAG screen issue exists in applications using builds before 2011-V3.

ComponentOne Licensing

The Licensing process of our ComponentOne controls is fairly simple. The application should have a licenses.licx file containing the licensing information and the license key should be activated on the machine.