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AngularJS Components (Preview)

Warning: This preview has breaking changes from our released version. Make sure to use our new Angular JS Integration API.

Wijmo 2.2.0 Released

This is a milestone release for Wijmo. It focuses on YOU, our customers. Wijmo 2.2.0 features some of the top requested items on http://wijmo.uservoice.com like better documentation and samples, OData integration and a preview of Virtual Scrolling in the Grid.

Wijmo 2.0.8 Released

Wijmo 2.0.8 has officially released. We have been doing plenty of bug fixes and feature enhancements since 2.0.0.

Wijmo 2.0.0 Released

Wijmo matures as Version 2.0.0 has officially landed. This marks the second major release of the most complete UI kit for HTML5 & jQuery development.

Wijmo 1.5.0 Released

Wijmo 1.5 has dropped! We have some enhancements and a major change in globalization.

Wijmo 1.4.1 Released

We might not have big sexy new features, but we did fix quite a few bugs. We also sync'd up with jQuery UI 1.8.16.

Wijmo 1.4.0 Released

That's right 1.4.0 is here already. Hint, we are well on our way to a 2.0!

Wijmo 1.3.0 Released

We have been hard at work getting Wijmo releases out the door. It's hard to believe we are already at 1.3.0! This release has an awesome new widget, a bunch of cool new features and a few breaking changes.

Wijmo 1.0 has Landed

Wijmo Version 1.0.0 landed in the wee hours of the morning. The team hunkered down for the night inside Wijmo HQ while blizzard-like conditions brewed outside. Nothing was going to stop Wijmo from launching, not snow, nor ice, nor temps below zero.

Wijmo 0.9.0 Released

We are hard at working getting ready for Version 1 of Wijmo that is coming in December! In the meantime, we have released a build that is very close to what Version 1 will look like.

Wijmo 0.8.2 Released

We have officially released Wijmo 0.8.2 Beta and are moving quickly towards the next version!

Wijmo 0.8.1 Released

We have officially released Wijmo 0.8.1 Beta and are moving quickly towards the next version!