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Restricting Max Zoom on C1Map

ComponentOne Maps for WPF provides lot of features including smooth zooming, panning, and mapping between screen and geographical coordinates.

What's New in XAML 2013 v2

There is so much to cover in the 2013 v2 release of Studio for WPF, Silverlight, WinRT XAML and Windows Phone. You can now download this update from the web site. If you're interested in more than one studio, I recommend installing Studio Enterprise. The web installer lets you select which studios you wish to download and install. In this post I highlight 12 of the coolest new features and controls.

Binding WPF C1DataGrid to XML File

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides developers with a vast amount of data binding functionality. However, one area where the data binding falls short is with the XmlDataProvider. XmlDataProvider Class enables declarative access to XML data for data binding. With an XmlDataProvider, the underlying data that can be accessed through data binding in your application can be any tree of XML nodes. In other words, an XmlDataProvider provides a convenient way to use any tree of XML nodes as a binding source.

Customizations in C1NumericBox for Silverlight

The C1NumericBox control is a numeric editor, provided with ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight suite, that allows you to display and edit numeric values in many formats. At times, we need to make a few modifications to the control to suit our needs. And I've provided a couple of such implementations here.

SparkLines in Spread for Silverlight/WPF

We all want to have some graphical representation of our data in SpreadSheet. We usually do it using Charts in our Sheets. Unfortunately Charts are currently not available with Spread for Silverlight/WPF. However Spread provides an alternative for this; we can use SparkLines. You can show Sparkline within a cell which makes this feature more interesting.There are three types of Sparklines you can show in a cell.

Undo Feature for Adding/Removing Rows in Spread for Silverlight

Spread for Silverlight provides the functionality where users can undo their last operation using Ctrl+Z. However, one of the Spread users suggested that spread should also offer the option to undo the operation of adding and removing rows. This prompted me to come up with this blog.

CommandBinding in Wpf C1DataGrid

While developing applications in Wpf, sometimes we follow the MVVM pattern and come across the requirement to bind commands. We'll discuss the same in this blog. And for demo purpose, I've implemented command binding in Wpf C1DataGrid. Our motive is to enable row selection using MVVM.

Load Images in C1DataGrid for Silverlight using WCF

More often than not, users have a requirement to display images in Silverlight applications. Here, we discuss the same using C1DataGrid for Silverlight.

Conditional Formatting with Spread WPF-Silverlight

Conditional Formatting in Spread is already supported in the Windows and Web versions. With Spread WPF-Silverlight, this feature has been enhanced to match the level of Excel 2013. You can now set icons, bars, background, foreground, color gradient, etc. within a cell for certain conditions which is really cool for data visualization. Spread WorkSheet's ConditionalFormats property allows you to set a conditional formatting rule for a particular CellRange. The example below sets an Icon Rule for a cell range:

Spread WPF-Silverlight Released!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread WPF-Silverlight!

Reverse Legend Items in C1Chart

ComponentOne Chart for Silverlight lets us transform our data and add professional-grade charts to Silverlight apps. Among its many key features we have Stacked Charts and Chart Legends. Stacking charts offer a simplified approach for representing complex data and C1ChartLegend may be used to connect to the chart through one property. This design provides maximum flexibility when styling and positioning the legend.

Convert a CellRange into a Table using Spread

Spread for Silverlight/WPF provides you a very handy feature where you can convert a cell range in a sheet into a table. By table I mean you can sort this cell range without needing to sort the whole column, you can filter it and you can also modify the appearance for this cell range or should I say table. Lets see how this table looks like in a sheet.

Announcing Spread Studio for .NET!

ComponentOne is proud to announce the release of the new Spread Studio for .NET, the ultimate cross-platform spreadsheet toolkit for application development. This new suite of tools includes all of the components in Spread 7 for Windows Forms, Spread 7 for ASP.NET, Spread for WPF-Silverlight, and Spread for Windows RT. Now that they are together in one package, you may extend your Spread applications' reach into the new frontier of Windows platforms, including the Windows 8 Store.

Multiple Row Selection in C1DataGrid Without Using Ctrl Key

Among the many features provided by Silverlight C1DataGrid, a very useful one is multiple row selection. This may be enabled by simply setting its 'SelectionMode' property to 'MultiRow'. This enables the user to select/unselect rows by keeping Ctrl/Shift keys pressed when rows are clicked via mouse.

Scrolling Multiple Spreads Simultaneously

We often come across a scenario where a large amount of data needs to be displayed in a grid and it is not completely visible in the browser's window; here the Scrolling functionality comes into play. We are allowed to scroll horizontally and vertically to view the data in a spreadsheet. So is the case with ComponentOne Spread. With Spread you can turn the scrolling feature off by using :

How To: Get the Filtered Out Row Collection in C1DataGrid

In series of How To articles, this blog provides a small utility code implementation to retrieve the rows which have been filtered out of C1DataGrid for Silverlight.

Attach Tooltips to Column Headers

Tooltips are a commonly used method to show informative descriptions for an object to the end users of an application. Silverlight continues to provide similar functionality in its applications, either in the XAML designer or at runtime through code.

How to Remove the Nag Screen from your Silverlight and Windows Store Projects

ComponentOne Studios for Silverlight and WinRT XAML are unique in that they use a different licensing mechanism than all other ComponentOne .NET Studios as described here. They’re different because there is no standard licenses.licx file if you’re building Silverlight or Windows Store applications.

Customize Key Behavior in Spread

Processing keyboard behavior is common in application developing, generally we use KeyDown event, and add code in the event processor. Sometime we have to process some keys which are handled by control inside, as we know MS provide a way to monitor handled event by AddHandler method on WPF/Silverlight/WinRT platforms. Code may like this:

What's New in XAML 2013 v1

This first release of 2013 introduces a lot of new controls in Studio for WinRT XAML since it is a newer and faster growing platform. But that's not to say the other platforms are left in the dark. There are plenty of new and exciting features all around. Here's my top 10: