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Avoid Overlapping Cell/Row Presenter Background in C1DataGrid

C1DataGrid for SilverLight provides lot of options to customize the Cell or Row contents. One such Option is the availability of LoadedCellPresenter event and LoadedRowPresenter event. As the name suggests, these two events provides the flexibility to customize the Cell or Row respectively. With the help of the Presenter object, you can control the Visual properties like Background, Foreground, Cell contents and many other things conditionally.

Creating Viewports in Spread for Silverlight

Spread for SilverLight allows end users to create and use Viewports. People who are already familiar to different versions with Spread must be aware of what a Viewport is. For those who are not aware of this term; “In context with SpreadSheet, a Viewport is a rectangular independent scrollable area which has some specific row and column count ".

Sliding Animation in C1Menu

Animation is one of the advanced feature provided by SilverLight/WPF. Lets see how we can use it to animate C1Menu for Silverlight.

Sorting Non-Empty Cells in Silverlight FlexGrid

Sorting is one of the important features of any grid control and C1FlexGrid for Silverlight also supports this feature. You can easily sort C1FlexGrid in the ascending or descending order by clicking on the column headers just by setting the AllowSorting property to true.

Modify CheckBox Column Appearance in C1DataGrid

In C1Datagrid for Silverlight, if you include a DataGridCheckBoxColumn, you would notice that CheckBoxes inside the Column cells are grayed out in non-editable state. They appear as if the cells have been disabled.

Loading RowDetails On Demand in Silverlight DataGrid

C1DataGrid has an amazing feature to show details of a row just below it. You can put in your own content using RowDetailsTemplate. In this article, I'll explain how to load the RowDetails on demand i.e load the RowDetails only when the user clicks on the Expand/Collapse button.

Display PopUp for Collapsed State Content in C1OutlookBar

When MS OutlookBar is in collapsed state, it shows the content of the selected item in a popup window. However, C1OutlookBar for Silverlight does not mimic this feature; perhaps it will be added in some future version.

Avoid Overlapping Appointments in C1Schedule for Silverlight

C1Schedule for Silverlight comes with loads of features and UI customization options for its users. However, at times customers may have such requirements which are very user specific and even the best of the controls (C1Schedule) does not support that.

Cell Text with Strikethrough in C1Flexgrid for Silverlight

With the Silverlight versions evolving day by day, expectations of application designers to enhance the UI is increasing. It won't be wrong to say that Silverlight has been successful to keep pace with their expectations.

Silverlight FlexGrid Binding to MultiLevel List Collection

Data Binding is an important feature for any control specifically for Grid controls. With the advancement of technologies and evolution of Silverlight, DataBinding technologies have provided greater flexibility to present the data to the users in a more processed and systematic way.

Binding TimeSpan Property in DataGrid (WPF & SL)

If you have a TimeSpan property exposed on your class and if you bind C1DataGrid to the collection of that class objects, the auto-generated TimeSpan column won't be editable. Using a DataGridDateTimeColumn will not fix the issue because the type of objects that DataGridDateTimeColumn expects(DateTime)  is a bit different from TimeSpan.

Excel Like Filtering in Silverlight FlexGrid

You can easily filter columns in C1FlexGrid for Silverlight by using the C1FlexGridFilterService. This blog explains how you can implement Excel-like filtering in C1FlexGrid i.e show only those values in the Filter which are currently visible.

SL Flexgrid : Modified Clipboard Operations for Hidden Columns

C1Flexgrid for Silverlight provides clipboard support and handles copy/paste operations on its own. However, if a CellRange is selected that includes hidden row/column, then the data from that hidden row/column gets copied and, consequently, pasted to the grid itself or in the external editors.

Selecting Interval with ContextMenu in Silverlight Scheduler

This is a simple blog on how you can show a custom ContextMenu in C1Scheduler and also select the interval that gets right clicked.

FullTextSearch In C1DataGrid Bound To DataTable

C1DataGrid provides a very useful feature - FullTextSearch, which allows user to search all the columns at the same time. This functionality can be enabled by setting the attached 'FullTextSearchBehavior' property. Now this feature works fine when binding to a native collection because the functionality creates a custom collection view on the bound collection for enabling custom filters.

Skipping ReadOnly Columns When Editing C1FlexGrid

In C1FlexGrid for Silverlight, you can easily edit data in cells and commit the changes by pressing enter or Tab key to move to the next cell. However, there are scenarios when you don't want your users to be able to edit some specific columns (for eg. Id). When you edit a cell and press enter to commit the changes, the focus moves to the next cell irrespective of the fact that the next cell is read only or not.

ComponentOne Studio Installation on VS2010 Express

Many customers face problems while running our ComponentOne Studio installers on VS2010 Express. When the installer is launched, a message is shown that you need to Install Visual Studio 2010 and the .Net 4.0 framework.

Save State with C1FlexGrid for Silverlight

We can easily save the current state of the C1DataGrid and Greg's post here discusses the implementation in detail.

Display Watermarks in Bound C1ComboBox for Silverlight

Watermark is a popular feature for displaying customized strings when input values are missing in editable controls. If we start looking at the available properties for C1ComboBox we will find a 'Watermark' property is already available and functioning. Simply setting this property to a string will display the watermark when no value is selected in the ComboBox.

ColumnPicker in C1DataGrid

The ColumnPicker functionality is helpful in toggling the visibility of columns at runtime. This blog gives a very simple code to add this in C1DataGrid.