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Spread.Views and the Gantt View

A Gantt view that displays the tasks and progress of a project can make it easier to plan and allocate resources.

Angular 2 RC5 Coming Soon

As you know, Wijmo has first-class Angular 2 support, and we've been working closely with Google to ensure our controls continue to work seamlessly. We'll keep you updated on any changes within our controls, but in the meantime, here's a look at RC5, Angular 2's latest release.

ActiveReports: Solving problems since 1998

I recently hosted a webcast titled "ActiveReports: Solving problems since 1998!" The idea behind this was to showcase some of the features that our current customers have found most useful. I can tell you all the great things about ActiveReports, but it's better to show you the features that our customers have said solve their problems on a daily basis. And that's exactly what we did! We had two amazing sessions with an awesome group in the audience. Throughout the presentation, my co-organizer, Bhupesh Malhotra, was typing away answering the many questions we were getting, which shows that the content was being well received. We had great participation, great questions, and great feedback. Utilizing live polls, we gathered that the audience members were mostly developers and the majority of them had been long-time users of ActiveReports. So we tailored the presentation to suit them. For those who were new to ActiveReports, or to GrapeCity as the producer of ActiveReports, we started off with a brief introduction to what ActiveReports is, what the main features are, and why our customers choose us over our competitors. One such example I mentioned in the webcast was a customer I had spoken with the previous week. His company was worried about the stability of the product and of GrapeCity. I mentioned that GrapeCity has been in business for over 30 years. ActiveReports has been around for the last 20 years. Over those many years, we have come to know and understand reporting and the industry very well. We have an amazing global team of support agents, developers, and managers that stand behind the product. We are dedicated to our customers and their reporting needs. You can't ask for a more stable company or a more stable product! After the introductory slides, we quickly jumped into the demos. From a long list of features , I chose to showcase a few of the more popular ones:

Building Great Web Forms with Wijmo

Most web applications use forms to get data from users. Whether the form is made of text boxes, toggles, buttons, checkboxes, or custom controls, web developers need to be purposeful about forms to make users happy and increase conversions.

Create Amazing Dynamic Charts using Wijmo

Good charts turn raw data into information that users can grasp easily. Great charts go beyond that. They tell engaging stories and invite exploration and discovery. This blog describes the process of implementing of one of the greatest charts I have ever seen using the Wijmo library.

Wijmo Build 5.20162.198 Available

We have just released Build 198 and it includes some nice new features, some new samples and of course bug fixes.

MVC Report Viewer: View .NET Reports in ASP.NET MVC

FlexViewer. our  flexible report viewer has now evolved into a first-class MVC control. This HTML5-based report viewer brings the power of FlexReports and C1Reports to the web. In addition to the Viewer, we've developed a Visual Studio Item Template that lets you quickly integrate FlexReport Web API and MVC FlexViewer in the same MVC5\ASP.NET Core(.NET Framework) project.

TagHelpers : Authoring Nested TagHelpers in ASP.NET Core MVC

As one of the best new features of ASP.NET Core, TagHelpers simplify the work required to design views that interact with the data model. You can write HTML that not only binds to the data model, but also offers the advantages of HTML and CSS. TagHelpers allow you to provide robust, maintainable, reusable code with information provided on the server.

Client API IntelliSense for MVC Controls

IntelliSense helps  developers to speed up the process of coding application via code completion and reducing typos and other common mistakes.  ComponentOneStudio MVC Edition provides Client API IntelliSense support for all MVC controls, so you get the choice of writing client side code in JavaScript or TypeScript.

Spread ASP CRUD Row Edit Template

While Spread for ASP.NET can be combined with CRUD operations, it might be useful to provide a better way for the user to enter data. In this blog, I will show how to combine a Row Edit Template with CRUD operations. This can be useful for cases where there are a lot of columns, and it would be tedious for the user to scroll through them all to edit the value that they want.

Create a Custom StepChart with FlexChart’s itemFormatter

Wijmo 5 FlexChart offers many advanced features and several Chart Types that are standard in visualization tools. You can also manipulate the FlexChart’s appearance to mimic a different Chart Type. In this example, we'll walk through how to create a Step Chart, which is a contiguous line chart that consists of horizontal and vertical lines like the image below.

TagHelper : Authoring TagHelpers in ASP.NET Core MVC

ASP.NET Core’s TagHelper feature provides a readable, HTML-like markup that enables developers and web designers to collaborate more closely and efficiently. In this series we’ll walk you through the basics of  creating TagHelpers, from concepts to custom development.

GrapeCity Signals to Full Interoperability with Wijmo for HTML5/JavaScript Development

PITTSBURGH, PA – July 20, 2016- Today GrapeCity Inc., leaders in developer-productivity solutions, announced the release of Wijmo 2016 v2, the company’s line of HTML5 and JavaScript products for enterprise application development. The latest version release of Wijmo demonstrates the product’s commitment to interop with the announcement of support for Angular 2, ReactJS, VueJS and Knockout, allowing developers to use UI components that work in the framework or library of their choice, without any added effort.

Creating a Spread.Views Calendar

A calendar that shows when employees are out can be useful to everyone at a company.

Introducing MultiRow Grid Functionality in Wijmo Enterprise

For some time, Wijmo’s Japanese market has asked for a MultiRow grid feature: one that displays cells in a stacked format, reducing the need to scroll right to view additional columns. While it’s not a familiar spreadsheet format in North America, it’s very popular in Japan, and makes a lot of sense once you understand how it works.

Scheduling Reports

In this exercise, we log in as an end user and use the shared schedule template that we created in the Administrator Dashboard to schedule a report in the Report Portal. We will also learn how to look at the report creation history.

How to Use Wijmo Controls in ReactJS Apps

Here's a quick introduction on how to use Wijmo controls in your ReactJS applications. As of Build 207, Wijmo officially supports ReactJS.

Spread ASP CRUD SpreadDataBinding

Using CRUD operations with Spread for ASP.NET provides useful database functionality along with an intuitive interface. Spread for ASP.NET has built-in functionality for connecting to a SQL Data Source that can be accomplished in the Design view of Visual Studio.