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Video: Getting Started with our HTML5/TypeScript Input Control in Angular 2

Welcome to the Wijmo Input control,an HTML5 and TypeScript-based input control you can use in an Angular 2 application!

ASP.NET - What's New for C1Studio Web Forms and MVC Controls

We are pleased to announce that 2016 V1 adds new business controls and capabilities to various C1Studio ASP.NET  Editions. MVC Edition now has a new FlexSheet control that enables you to build spreadsheet  like apps for the web, and we're also launching FlexViewer as beta. FlexViewer lets users view .NET reports built with FlexReport on the web. Save time building MVC applications with scaffolding support for our MVC Edition controls,  FinancialChart gets powerful analytical tools. Web Forms Edition continues to add features to major controls based on feedback from the community.

Wijmo FlexChart Video: Getting Started with our Typescript/HTML5 Chart using Angular2

Welcome to the Wijmo FlexChart, a TypeScript and HTML5 chart you can build into an Angular 2 application.

SpreadJS and Saving To PDF Files

PDF files are popular because they can be viewed in many different operating systems. You can save to PDF with SpreadJS.

SpreadJS and Knockout Data Binding

Knockout is a JavaScript library that helps you create responsive displays, as well as user interfaces that have an underlying data model. SpreadJS can work with Knockout to make binding to data easier to understand. This blog is a part of the SpreadJS Data Binding series, which centers on binding the same data to SpreadJS using different JavaScript libraries.

Video: Getting Started with our TypeScript HTML5 Grid in Angular 2

Welcome to the Wijmo FlexGrid, an HTML5 grid control you can use in Angular 2 apps!

Changing Control Properties at Run Time

Depending on the type of report you are using, Section or Page/RDL, there are different ways to change control properties at run time. In this article, we will take a look at the procedure for each report type.

HTML5 Report Viewer : Viewing .NET Reports in ASP.NET MVC

We're pleased to launch FlexViewer for MVC, a new HTML5 report viewer supporting FlexReport and C1Reports. C1Studio's FlexReport has been a leap forward in our strong Reporting & Documentation offering, and the FlexViewer for MVC is a powerful addition to your .NET reporting capabilities.

Getting started with FlexSheet for MVC, a Web-based Spreadsheet Control

Provide users with a familiar, Excel-like web-based spreadsheet control with FlexSheet for ASP.NET MVC. FlexSheet for ASP.NET MVC offers a unique combination of server and client side features:

ActiveReports 10 Service Pack 1: Enabling Design-Time Collaboration

Last week, ActiveReports 10 Service Pack 1 was released with new features focusing on design-time collaboration. These features enable the report author working in the Visual Studio integrated report designer or the End User Report Designer to collaborate with other report authors. Many of these collaboration features are also available through the extensive API to provide more flexibility for run-time customization of report layouts.

Wijmo OLAP: Exporting a PivotGrid to Excel

The PivotGrid control extends the FlexGrid, so you can export its contents to XLSX files in the same way you would export regular FlexGrid controls.

How to Use ASP.NET MVC Scaffolding in MVC Edition

MVC Scaffolding allows developers to add code-free controls into their apps.

Wijmo Introduces Material Design Lite Support

Since Google released their Material Design specification for Android phones, a number of new CSS frameworks have been introduced to implement it, including Google's own Material Design Lite (MDL) CSS framework. Wijmo 5's library was designed to be CSS-agnostic, and we're happy to announce that Wijmo 5 now fully supports MDL. This support falls into three categories:

Wijmo OLAP: Filtering Data in a PivotGrid

Sometimes you may want focus on just a certain section of your data. Filters can be used to narrow down the data in your PivotGrid, allowing you to view only the information you need.

Wijmo OLAP: Customizing the UI and PivotGrid

The images in our Excel export post show a user interface that looks like Excel. They were built using two controls:

Wijmo OLAP: Answer Recurring Questions with Pre-Defined Views

As you can see from the previous post, it is really easy to build views by dragging fields within the PivotPanel control. If your users are familiar with Excel’s Pivot Tables, they will feel right at home with Wijmo OLAP.

Getting Started with Wijmo's HTML5 OLAP Module: Create Basic Pivot Tables

With the introduction of Wijmo OLAP module, you'll be able to implement high-speed HTML5 pivot charts and tables into your web-based applications. The built-in Excel-like UI and powerful data engine will allow you and your end users to analyze and aggregate raw data easily and meaningfully.