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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 now available worldwide

Earlier this week, Microsoft made generally available worldwide its Dynamics CRM 2016 release. To be more precise -- and using the official product names -- Microsoft rolled out Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update, Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update and Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update. In addition, FieldOne, the field-service company Microsoft bought in July 2015, is also available for purchase and can be installed directly within Office 365.

How to Install and Get Started with Ionic Cordova

Cordova and Ionic offer some really useful features that allows web developer to write native applications for each platform using web languages. These apps aren't mobile websites, but apps that sit in the app store.

SpreadJS and Viewports

A viewport in SpreadJS is the visible area of the sheet (excluding headers, the tab strip, and the scroll bar). You may want to know the visible area of the widget if you plan to display a floating object based on which rows are visible or want to save or load data based on the visible area. This information may also be useful if the user scrolls and changes the visible area.

ActiveReports 10 - What's the Big Deal?

Last week we rolled out ActiveReports 10. This is a major version release which brings a lot of new features for our developer audience as well as our end users. The developer version of ActiveReports gets a new Tablix data region to enable complex cross-tab visualizations, a new DOCX rendering extension to export reports using the Open Office Document format, Stylesheets and other features and enhancements to make the life of a developer easier. Apart from the new look, the Server gets more control and data governance features for use with reports that developers design. They can now use Server Data Sources and Server Data Sets while hosting reports and executing them from the server.

What's New in Spread 9

In this article, you will find new features and enhancements added to Spread v9 categorized by platform.

What Was Added to SpreadJS in v8

SpreadJS was introduced in Spread Studio in April 2015 as SpreadJS v8. The prevrious version was part of the Wijmo product family. Below are the features that were added to SpreadJS in v8.

What's New in ASP.NET in 2015 V3

At GrapeCity, your suggestions are an integral part of the product design and roadmap. The 2015 V3 release is an example of how much your feedback is important to us , the majority of features in the ASP.NET stack is a result of valuable inputs from you.  We have added new controls and features to all flavours of ASP.NET. In Web Forms we have added annotations in charts, ASP.NET MVC Edition has a new FinancialChart control and lot of features added to existing controls, the official release of Web API Edition has new excel and barcode REST API's.

Using Charts in SpreadJS V9

Using Custom Floating Objects in SpreadJS can be useful to display large graphs inside of the widget. However, large amounts of data can be hard to display in the widget with the graph. In this blog, I will describe the steps for creating a D3-based chart using data from a SpreadJS widget used a fixed-position div element.

Getting the Most Out of Your Spread Experience

If you own a Spread license, you probably already know a lot about the product, but did you know everything that comes with it? Use this article as a guide to getting the most out of your partnership with us.

What's New in ComponentOne Studio, 2015 v3

A comprehensive new of all the new features in ComponentOne Studio 2015 v3, featuring FlexReport for WinForms, FinancialChart for MVC, and FlexPivot for WinForms.

Wijmo Webcast: Visualizing Large Data Sets with Wijmo Enterprise

Here's a recent webcast on how to utilize some of the new features in Wijmo Enterprise for visualizing large datasets in a manner that is consistent with Wijmo Enterprise’s vision. Our vision is to build highly performant, touch-first, lightweight, true JavaScript controls without making comprises for older technologies.

Financial Charts Explained: CandleVolume and Arms CandleVolume Charts

The second in a series explaining the different types of charts available in ComponentOne Studio FinancialChart for MVC. This post covers CandleVolume and Arms CandleVolume charts.

Financial Charts Explained: Line Break and Kagi Charts

The second in a series explaining the different types of charts available in ComponentOne Studio FinancialChart for MVC. This post covers Line Break and Kagi charts.

Spread ASP.NET and Custom Cell Types

Spread ASP.NET allows you to create your own custom cell types. This can be useful if a default cell type does not have the feature you need.

Financial Charts Explained: EquiVolume and Column Volume

The second in a series explaining the different types of charts available in ComponentOne Studio FinancialChart for MVC. This post covers EquiVolume and Column Volume Charts.