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Creating Simple Reports with AngularJS and Wijmo 5

Reporting is a common requirement for business applications. Many specialized tools—SSRS, FlexReport, Active Reports—are powerful and flexible, but have a learning curve associated with them.

SpreadJS Camera Shapes

Camera Shapes in Spread for WinForms allow the developer to take snapshots of content in a range of cells for use in other areas of the sheet, or different sheets entirely. This can help with organizing and presenting data in one cohesive view without having to worry about constraints on that view. In particular, camera shapes help make creating dashboards and complex reports simple and easy. In this blog post, I will show you how to create a custom CameraShape class for use in SpreadJS.

Binding multiple MVC controls to a shared datasource

Creating a shared DataSource or binding multiple controls to the same datasource is not a trivial task. It often involves getting data from service, storing it in a JavaScript array, then binding the controls to the array on the client side. When we use this method, though, we end up losing MVC model binding.

How to Add Custom Tooltips to Charts

Today we'll look into how to build custom tooltips for charts in WinForms, UWP, and WPF. Tooltips are an important, integral addition to charts: they provide additional information about the data without adding visual clutter. You'll find that tooltips in FlexChart and FlexPie are easily configurable, highly flexible chart elements.

SpreadJS Formulas and Cell Formatting

You can use cell formatting with formulas in SpreadJS to get the results you want. Some formulas may not return the number of decimal places you want or the types of values you want to see.

Using Class Inheritance to Create a Custom Component in Angular 2

As part of the Angular 2 custom component series, today we’re looking into how to create a custom component by inheriting a base class. Specifically, we’ll create an InheritedGrid by deriving it from the Wijmo’s WjFlexGrid component.

Creating Custom Components in Angular 2: Inheritance or Aggregation?

In this blog series, we’ll look at the two primary methods of creating a reusable custom component in Angular 2: class inheritance and aggregation. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each method and dive into their implementations.

Using Aggregation to Create a Custom Component in Angular 2

As part of the Angular 2 custom component series, today we’re looking into how to create a custom component using aggregation.

Wijmo Pre-release Builds

We work very closely with our customers to fix bugs quickly and to add new features in a timely manner. Our release process involves very thorough QA so we normally do not publish a build for 1-2 weeks after it drops.

Avoid Drudgery with Report Parts

The best innovations spring out of our desire to avoid boring, repetitive, drudge work. This is why we bring you (*ta da!*) report parts.

Creating Report Categories

We use the Reports list to set report permissions and categories. But before we can set categories, we need to create them.

Using the Spread.Sheets Custom Slicer to Create a Filter Panel

Slicers provide an easy and efficient way for users to filter table data quickly. SpreadJS slicers allow the developer to customize the types of filters they want to provide to the users and these slicers can be used with different types of UI and JavaScript libraries. A very common use of slicers are the filter panels you see on common product websites such as Amazon.com. When you narrow your list down by price and brand, for example, you are using a slicer.

Improve App Performance with Event Debouncing

When interactive applications use events to handle user actions, app performance can suffer. Debouncing resolves that problem by executing the event handler only once. Here's how it works.

Video: How to Migrate from Angular 1 to Angular 2

Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar! If you couldn’t attend the live broadcast, here's the video and slide deck.

Wijmo Build 5.20161.151 Available

We have just released Build 151 and it includes some nice new features, some new samples and of course bug fixes.

Viewing Reports

With ActiveReports Server, you can view end user reports created with the optional Designer Add-On. You can also upload reports created in the developer version of ActiveReports. All reports on the server appear in the Administrator Dashboard Reports list.

Overview of the Spread Product Family v9 Sp1 Release

In case you are new here, Spread is a product line that includes spreadsheet, grid, and data presentation components for .NET and JavasScript developers. Spread Studio v9 Sp1 and SpeadJS v9 Sp1 were just released and we have a lot of news. Here is an overview:

Important SpreadJS Notice: License Changes, Name Changes, and a New Product

We have just released Spread Studio v9 Sp1 and SpreadJS v9 Sp1 and a few announcements come with this release.