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Creating User Accounts

Here we will create three users who can log into the Report Portal and assign them to the roles we created.

Adding Group Page Breaks

To display each data group on a separate page, you need to sort the data and add page breaks for each group. Where you do this depends on the type of report you're using. Let's take a look at grouping in each report type.

Creating Roles

Once you've installed and configured ActiveReports Server, you can begin adding people to use it. Each person has a user account that belongs to a role. We'll start by setting up roles for our people.

SpreadJS V9 Service Pack 1 Fixed Bugs

In this article, you will find all of the SpreadJS bugs that were fixed in the first Service Pack release of Spread V9.

Spread Studio V9 Service Pack 1 Fixed Bugs

In this article, you will find all of the .NET bugs that were fixed in the first Service Pack release of Spread V9.

Three Ways to Use Summaries in Section Reports

In Section reports, the TextBox control has several Summary properties that, combined, let you render running summaries and grand totals in header or footer sections of your reports.

Creating Cells with the SpreadJS Designer

The SpreadJS Designer allows you to create basic cell types quickly and without code.

Combining Reports

With ActiveReports, you can combine multiple reports into one. How you do it depends on the type of report.

Printer and Page Settings (Section Reports)

In Section reports, you can set the printer paper size and report margins at run time in the Report Settings dialog. All of these settings are in the first page, Page Setup, and the second one, Printer Settings.

Webinar: Migrate your Angular 1 app to Angular 2

Learn how to make the jump to Angular 2 with Wijmo’s JavaScript UI controls!

Spread ASP.NET and Multiple-Column Combo Box Cells

You might want to display multiple columns of data in a cell and limit the user choices. Spread ASP.NET allows you to do this with a multiple-column combo box cell.

Verifying Your Server Configuration

Once we finish Installing ActiveReports Server, we want to verify that we have set it up correctly. Let's log into the Report Portal and look at a sample report. Use the administrator account that we created in the Server Configuration Wizard just after installation (user name: administrator, password: secret) to log in.

Firewall Settings for ActiveReports Server

We have finished setting up and installing ActiveReports Server. However, in its current state, you can only access the Report Portal and Administrator Dashboard from the PC on which it is installed.

Exploring Chart Data Series Options with FlexChart

Earlier we introduced our new chart control, FlexChart for WinForms, and showcased how easy it is to perform basic tasks with the chart. In this blog, we'll go a step further and explore an important chart element: Series and the flexibility it offers.

Is there a way to automatically resize fonts to fit text within a control?

The answer to this question is yes! And we've made it easy by providing a ShrinkToFit property on the TextBox control in Page and Section reports, and on the Label control in Section reports. Set the property to True and ActiveReports takes care of the rest.

Installing ActiveReports Server

Continuing from the previous post on Preparing Your System for an ActiveReports Server Installation, here are the steps to install ActiveReports Server.

SpreadJS and Angular Data Binding

AngularJS is a JavaScript library that is used for creating dynamic displays in web-applications. SpreadJS can work with Angular to make binding to data easier to understand by extending HTML. This blog is a part of the SpreadJS Data Binding series, which centers on binding the same data to SpreadJS using different JavaScript libraries.

Video: Build an Angular 2 Dashboard using Wijmo

Hello Everyone! In today's video we'll look at how to build an Angular 2 dashboard in under five minutes. If you haven't watched our Getting Started videos, I highly encourage you to do so as this will walk you through project setup.