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Getting Started with Wijmo's HTML5 OLAP Module: Create Basic Pivot Tables

With the introduction of Wijmo OLAP module, you'll be able to implement high-speed HTML5 pivot charts and tables into your web-based applications. The built-in Excel-like UI and powerful data engine will allow you and your end users to analyze and aggregate raw data easily and meaningfully.

SpreadJS Data Binding

Data binding is a useful feature that enables the user to work with data without needing complex code. In SpreadJS, the workbook can be bound to data and then displayed on a web page to give the user access to that data.

Apply Conditional Formatting to a DataGrid with ValidationStyleDecorator

Providing users with visual cues about data validation is an important part of any interface design. The ValidationStyleDecorator in DataGrid allows you to highlight, color, add alerts, and otherwise perform both validation and conditional formatting simultaneously.

Video: Migrating from Angular 1 to Angular 2

Update May 11, 2016: This talk was given at the DFW Coders conference in March 2016, using Angular 2 alpha concepts. For a more updated talk on migration, using Angular 2 beta concepts, please see the webinar.

Microsoft Dynamics Uses Wijmo 5 by GrapeCity to Deliver Mobile User Interface Options

PITTSBURGH, PA – March 8, 2016- At the O’Reilly Fluent Conference today, GrapeCity Inc., leaders in developer-productivity solutions, announced the company’s recent collaboration with Microsoft and the incorporation of Wijmo’s line of HTML5 and JavaScript products into the 2016 update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

SpreadJS and Sparklines

Sparklines are small charts that you can use to provide visual representation of your data. Sparklines use data from a range of cells. SpreadJS supports sparklines in cells.

Quick Tip to Improve Performance: Use FlexSheet's deferUpdate Method

Many operations in FlexSheet—such as adding a new sheet, setting cell data, etc.—will refresh the FlexSheet. Multiple operations lead to multiple refreshes, which will eventually lead to a slower performance. FlexSheet's deferUpdate method ensures that FlexSheet will not refresh until all its included operations have been applied. As the FlexSheet will be refreshed only once, the performance of the FlexSheet will be improved.

Notes from the ASP.NET Community Standup – March 1, 2016

This is the next in a series of blog posts that will cover the topics discussed in the ASP.NET Community Standup. The community standup is a short video-based discussion with some of the leaders of the ASP.NET development teams covering the accomplishments of the team on the new ASP.NET 5 framework over the previous week.

Angular 2 Status Update

First of all, we are overwhelmed with how much interested you have in Angular 2 and Wijmo. Thanks to everyone who has been involved in testing our preview so far.

FlexSheet: Create custom functions for your JavaScript spreadsheet control

The FlexSheet control has a built-in calculation engine that supports over 80 of the functions supported by Excel. (See complete list.) Although the functions provided should cover the vast majority of use scenarios, in some cases users may need additional functions. FlexSheet provides two methods that allow developers to add their own custom functions: addCustomFunction and unknownFunction.

Using Bootstrap Images with Wijmo

Wijmo includes several glyphs (images) defined as pure CSS, but if you're using Bootstrap, you might want to use their images instead. Adding a few CSS rules to your application will enable you to customize the glyphs used in Wijmo controls.

Microsoft Dynamics Adds Mobile Controls Powered by Wijmo 5

Our company has a long history of working with Microsoft. We've been writing UI Controls for Microsoft platforms since the early days of VB; in the 1990s, our famous FlexGrid control shipped in the box with Visual Studio. Most recently, we've been working with Microsoft to integrate Wijmo into Microsoft Dynamics. They'd planned to expand mobile support in their 2016 release, and one of the key features was new mobile UI controls. Microsoft chose Wijmo 5 for mobile input and gauges.

You can quickly access information on a web page with a hyperlink. SpreadJS supports hyperlink cells. This allows you to click on a cell and go to a web site, use an email link, or load a basic web page.

Survey: How do you use open source solutions?

In our ongoing quest to serve you better, we've put together a survey entitled "How do you use open source?" We're planning to publish our results sometime this spring, and we'd love to hear from you.

Survey: How do you use open source?

In our ongoing quest to serve you better, we've put together a survey entitled "How do you use open source?" We're planning to publish our results sometime this spring, and we'd love to hear from you.

Web API: Export FlexChart to an Image

When you want your MVC FlexChart available outside your application, for example in a report, Web API lets you export your chart as just about any image type you might want.

How to Migrate MVVM to HTML5: Slide Share and Webinar

In case you missed Chris Bannon's webinar on migrating MVVM and XAML apps to HTML5, here's a full video and slide share.