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ActiveReports 9 Server for Efficient & Effective Business Reporting - II

In our last blog, we saw how ActiveReports9 Server was successful in impressing the Store Manager and the IT Personnel. Hence they decided to consider the product for their next level of POC and see if it meets met their higher level requirements.

HTML5 Viewer : Export using Custom Name

We already have had blogs discussing about how to use ActiveReports in HTML5 Viewer. Also does the documentation shows how you can customize, localize and deploy HTML5 viewer.

How Wijmo3 and jQuery Evolved into Wijmo5 and AngularJS

If you have used Wijmo 3, you are probably familiar and comfortable with jQuery. But you may not yet understand the high-level differences between jQuery and AngularJS, or the mind set behind using AngularJS and how it came into being. I will walk you through these differences and introduce you to the AngularJS mindset.

Data Mapping in Wijmo5 FlexGrid.

One of the added benefits of Wijmo 5’s FlexGrid control is data Mapping. This is a necessity when we are displaying data from our database but might want to change the actual value being displayed to the customer without messing with the underlying data structure. Data maps provide the grid with automatic look up capabilities. For example, you may want to display a customer name instead of his/her ID, or a color name instead of its RGB value. Let’s go ahead and create a FlexGrid and bind it to a simple data source.

C1DataGrid Row selection in case of Template Column using MVVM

With this blog we will discuss a user scenario wherein the row in the C1DataGrid gets selected when the TextBox contained inside the C1DataGridTemplateColumns is selected. The behavior would be handled in the case of SingleRow as well as MultipleRow Selection modes following the MVVM approach.

Handling merged cell in C1Excel

C1Excel lets you merge multiple cells, so as to display them as a single cell. Further it even lets you wrap the cell text in case the text is too long. This blog discusses how you can enhance a cell which is a combination of the above two features.

Intro to the Ionic Framework Video

Thanks to everyone who attended our Ionic webcast! Missed the webcast or want to share or watch it again? Below you'll find the recording and the slides used in the presentation.

Getting Started with FlexGrid using AngularJS

FlexGrid one of the most powerful control in Wijmo 5 suite. You can easily start using FlexGrid by following FlexGrid 101. However, there are three common questions faced by many users while implementing it with AngularJS:

Inter-Controls Drag Drop Operation

ComponentOne controls provide support for Drag-and-Drop operations within different controls using C1DragDropManager. With this blog we will discuss a user scenario where we will perform the Drag-and-Drop operation between two ComponentOne Controls C1TreeView and C1FlexGrid.

Wijmo 5 Migration Guide

This document is meant to help guide customers migrating from Wijmo 3 to Wijmo 5. You can follow along with the online sample. The source code is also available in the Wijmo 5 download.

Formatting Date Column based on day of week with ComponentOne Wijmo GridView

ComponentOne's Wijmo GridView is an advanced GridView control which works perfectly in bound mode. There are times when you may want to bind your Wijmo GridView to a data source which has Date columns as well. In this blog, we are going to learn how we can format this date column based on the day of the week.

Adventures in Angular: Replacing Silverlight with Wijmo and Angular with Chris Bannon and Bernardo Castilho

Earlier in the month two of my colleagues, Bernardo and Chris were guests on Adventures in Angular. Adventures in Angular is a weekly show dedicated to the AngularJS framework. The co-hosts for the episode titled, “Replacing Silverlight with Wijmo and Angular with Chris Bannon and Bernardo Castilho,” which aired on 1/08/2014, included Joe Eames, Charles Max Wood and John Papa.