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Break up Data Clusters in a Chart With a Logarithmic Scale

The FlexChart control allows you to create Excel-style data-bound charts. The control supports multiple chart types, rich styling, and has extensions for interactions, analytics, and more. The FlexChartIntro sample is a great introduction to FlexChart's basic features (along with the documentation, of course). You'll see how to create charts; customize legends, axes, and titles; add tooltips; style series; and use selection modes.

Webcast: Self-service reporting reinvented with ActiveReports Server

Call it self-service reporting or ad-hoc reporting, but the bottom line is that more and more business users are asking for access to corporate data so that they can build their own reports or modify existing operational reports. In a recent webcast, we reviewed the drivers for self-service reporting and how ActiveReports Server with its web-based report designer add-on can help.

Webcast: Adding Scalability and more with ActiveReports Server

Over the past few months, many customers have been asking "What's in it for me?" with regard to using ActiveReports Server along with their existing ActiveReports developer reports. So we went about sharing more details as part of a webinar in July. Our agenda for the webcast was to show how existing customers of ActiveReports could use ActiveReports Server to enhance their applications by adding features like scalability, load balancing, scheduling, and more.

Transform a FlexGrid Row into a Customizable DetailRow

In addition to the FinancialChart and FlexSheet, the Wijmo5 2015 release contains a new extension for the FlexGrid: DetailRow. The DetailRow extension provides the developer with a template for an expandable, and highly customizable, row, and provides your end users with another layer of information and interactivity. Using a directive or calling the classes directly in your JavaScript transforms any row in your FlexGrid into a DetailRow, complete with customizable expand/collapse buttons.

Add a RangeSelector to FlexChart for Cloud Business Apps

Add a RangeSelector and browse the chart types in the FlexChart for LightSwitch Cloud Business Apps control.

Creating Charts in a Windows Form Application

Spreadsheets have a lot of different features that make manipulating data very intuitive and easy. One of the main features that helps with visualization of that data is charts. Having the ability to give the power of data visualizations to users and customers can be an invaluable resource for developers. In this blog, I will show you how to create a simple spreadsheet with the ability to add different types of charts based on the data in the spreadsheet.

SpreadJS Cell Binding Template

You can use the SpreadJS designer to create a binding relation to the data with a template. This saves time by reducing the amount of coding.

SpreadJS Array Formulas

Array formulas allow you to do complex tasks with formulas. They allow you to calculate the values of multiple cells at once. You can replace multiple standard formulas with a single array formula.

Migrating from XAML to HTML5 with Wijmo

Many companies are starting to move their applications from Silverlight to HTML5 in order to target mobile users, and to remove dependencies on legacy technologies like Silverlight and browser plugins in general.

Working with FinancialChart: Simple Candlesticks, Legends, Markers, Trend Lines, and Annotations

In the previous blog we introduced the FinancialChart control. We outlined some of the important features and provided instructions on how to get the necessary files; introduced how to use the base class; outlined what each of the chart types do and what they accomplished; and looked at the different chart types. In this blog, let's work with a simple candlestick chart and add some additional functionality to it—customize some properties, add analytics, and provide some styling.

Welcome to FinancialChart: Introducing Advanced Stock Trending Visualizations

We're thrilled to announce our newest and greatest control, FinancialChart. If you're already familiar with Wijmo5, you know that we already offer FlexChart, FlexPie, and our Gauge controls. These three controls covered a large percentage of charting requirements on the web. But as websites mature, the demands for charting are becoming increasingly specific and more robust in the web space.

GrapeCity Launches Wijmo 2015 v2 and Introduces the Only All-In-One Financial Chart for HTML5

Cutting-Edge JavaScript Controls for Building Modern Web and Mobile Applications 

SpreadJS and Sorting

SpreadJS supports sorting data programmatically. Filters and tables have UI sorting options. Sorting data makes it easier to find information in a column or row.

Creating Wijmo Controls: The Multi-Select Box

Wijmo 5 was released almost a year ago, and we've been adding controls and features to it ever since.

Getting Started with TagHelpers in ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC Edition

We have released ASP.NET Core 1.0 compatible MVC Edition controls, with this our controls support the new TagHelpers feature available in MVC. We can either use the C1 Templates inside Visual Studio 2015 or the ASP.NET Core default template to get started using TagHelpers. In this blog post, I will show you how to use the TagHelpers with the default template.