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What's New in ComponentOne Studio, 2015 v2

We're thrilled to announce the ship of our second major release of 2015! Below you'll find all the top features and enhancements, controls, and editions we're releasing.

Welcome to FlexSheet: An Introduction to Excel's Top Features in a Sample

It’s been less than a year since we took Wijmo5 out of beta and released it to the world. Wijmo5, a new generation of JavaScript controls, focuses on lightweight and flexible controls for developers targeting the latest web browsers. Thanks to customer feedback, our library has matured in recent months, and in this blog, I'll be talking about FlexSheet.

Financial Charts Explained: CandleVolume and Arms CandleVolume

Here's the final post in our Financials Charts Explained series, all of which will be available in Wijmo FinancialChart (due for release July 16). So far we've covered:

Financial Charts Explained: Line Break and Kagi Charts

Here's part three in our Financials Charts Explained series, all of which will be available in Wijmo FinancialChart (due for release July 16). So far we've covered:

MVC6 TagHelpers Coming Soon to MVC Edition

Along with other great new features across ComponentOne Studio Editions, we will be releasing MVC6 TagHelpers for MVC Edition controls.

Financial Charts Explained: EquiVolume and Column Volume Charts

Here's part two in our Financials Charts Explained series, all of which will be available in Wijmo FinancialChart (due for release July 16). Our previous blog covered Heikin-Ashi and Renko; in this one we'll be covering EquiVolume and Column Volume Charts.

Financial Charts, Explained: Heikin-Ashi and Renko

In a few weeks we'll be releasing one of our most exciting controls yet—Wijmo FinancialChart, an all-in-one control designed to provide every major financial chart available in a single customizable collection, a benefit unavailable in other controls on the market. While it's as lightweight as any Wijmo control, it's also virtually an application in itself. You're going to love its flexibility and power.

Export Anything, Anywhere: Introducing the New Web API

Introducing Web API for MVC Edition, a technical preview that's sure to add a flexible import and export tool to your MVC arsenal.

HTML and Wijmo Events: Capturing, Bubbling, and Listeners

HTML5 has an eventing mechanism that works for HTML elements. But it cannot be used to add events to arbitrary objects, such as controls and collections.

Easy Form Validation in AngularJS

HTML5 validation is fairly simple. It consists of three steps:

TDD for ASP.NET MVC Part 4: Unit Testing View Model Validation

How to unit test view model validation, focusing on the controller when the model is bound to a controller action. Welcome to part 4 in the TDD for ASP.NET MVC series. This time, I'll cover how to unit test view models in ASP.NETMVC. I'll focus primarily on how to unit test the model state validation that is performed by ASP.NET MVC in the controller when the model is bound to a controller action. To get started download and open up the solution for part 3.

Getting Started with Filtering in FlexGrid

I am here again with yet another addition to my 'Getting Started series for FlexGrid'. In my last blog, I talked about common problems faced by various users while implementing it with AngularJS. Today, I will be discussing about Filtering in FlexGrid.

Fix 90% of Licensing Issues with 3 Key Points

To use ActiveReports, you need to activate a license key on your machine. To make sure that your machine is licensed, go to the Start page and under GrapeCity, run the License Manager. You can also open it from File Explorer on a path like:

Trim Cell Text with Ellipsis in SpreadJS

If your text overflows the cell bounds then an ellipsis should be appended to the text and the rest is cut off. With this the user would be well aware of the fact that there is some amount of text that they can not see. Wouldn’t this be a nice feature for the SpreadJS cells as well?

Rotated Text in SpreadJS Cells

A frequently-asked question is how to rotate cell contents to vertical (or some other angle) in a SpreadSheet. The short answer is that you can't. However, SpreadJS provides simple workaround using CustomCellType in which we can rotate the text.

Fix FlexGrid Scroll Performance in IE with this One Weird Trick

It's not every day you get find a major bug in a browser rendering engine. I am honestly happy to have found this. Our team spent months investigating this issue before realizing it was not our Control that was the problem, but a single CSS property! OK, without further ado, here is the issue.

Adding Cell ToolTips in SpreadJS

Adding Tooltips to Spreadsheets is a common usage where you want to show additional information about cells. SpreadJS allows you to display the tooltip only for the HyperlinkCellType. However, you may want to show cell tooltips for any type of cell, say for instance to display the current cell location in a tooltip.