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Troubleshooting Errors in ActiveReports in MVC Applications

In my previous blog I had talked about how to use the ActiveReports HTML5 Viewer in an ASP.NET MVC application. The HTML5 Viewer is a really nice client side control to display reports stored on the server. However, there might be situations where you come across some issues while working with the HTML5 Viewer or the WebViewer control in an MVC application and haven't been able to solve the problem even after spending hours.

Spread Studio 8 Released!

I am very happy to announce the release of Spread Studio 8!  We've added a lot of new features and made an array of enhancements. With this release Spread for ASP.NET now fully supports Chrome, and Firefox, and also it also runs on iPad. Spread for WinForms provides a Table feature which includes built-in styles and also supports structured reference. Our MultiRow for WinForms control received some nice enhancements as well. Spread XAML (WPF/Silverlight/WinRT), now offers printing (Spread WPF provides print preview), and structured references. Moreover, for all platforms the Spread controls have nice new appearances.

Press Release: ComponentOne Spread Studio 8 Offers an Extensible Spreadsheet Component for All .NET Platforms

The New Spread Release Expands Browser Support, Adds Tables and Skins for Visual Studio Development

AutoComplete CellType in SpreadJS

SpreadJS supports the concept of CellTypes, which lets you create different types of cells in SpreadJS such as button, combo box, checkbox and hyperlink. You may refer to the following link which elaborates the different cell types.

Creating Custom Wijmo 5 Controls

As you may know, we have created our own architecture for creating Controls in JavaScript. So, now I'd like to show you how to write custom Controls that extend our wijmo.Control class. This sample is going to use TypeScript, as we do for all of our Controls. I will provide the runtime JavaScript, which you can also use as a basis for creating Wijmo 5 Controls. This source code for this sample is available in our download. I also published a working version of the custom Control in action.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise Release Delivers Controls for Flexible & Modern .NET Development

A Collection of Tools for Developing High Performance and Richly Designed Apps in Every Platform

Validation in WijGrid

WijGrid provides you with an option to edit and validate the grid data. The data can be validated either at the cell level or at the row level. This blog discusses both the these approaches of cell level validation and row level validation.

What's New in Studio ASP.NET Wijmo in 2014 V3

The third subscription of Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo for this year has been released with some very cool controls and features for modern web applications. The emphasis of this release was on advanced data visualization with existing and new controls. Let's see what's new in the studio.

Getting Started with C1BinaryImage for ASP.NET Wijmo

Displaying binary images from database is now easy. C1BinaryImage for ASP.NET Wijmo brings you the power to show binary image from database or stream in your application. You can use it in any data bound control (Repeater, DataList, GridView etc.) to display images which originate from binary image field in the data source.

Wijmo 2014v3 has Landed

Wijmo Enterprise 2014v3 has officially landed. We have made some major updates to our brand new Wijmo 5 product. We have also added major new widgets and features to our Wijmo 3 and SpreadJS products.

What's New in XAML 2014 v3

The third update of 2014 focuses on performance, data analysis and the latest platform for building Windows apps. This update marks the first official release of Universal Windows app support in Studio for WinRT XAML. You'll also enjoy performance enhancements in FlexGrid for WinRT, as well as some useful enhancements for our mapping controls. If you use SQL Server Reporting Services to host your reports then you'll want to try our Beta SSRS Viewer control in WinRT. But perhaps the greatest addition in this release is the highly anticipated OLAP for WPF. For years we've provided a suite of WinForms and Silverlight controls for creating OLAP applications and now the controls arrive for the WPF platform. For more details on everything new continue reading.

ComponentOne Spread with jQuery Calendar

ComponentOne Spread for ASP.Net provides several ways to show data for Date format. You may either use the built in DateTimeCellType which allows editing the date or you may use the Ajax Calendar Control inside ComponentOne Spread's cell. Recently a customer came up with an interesting question about using a jQuery control inside a cell replacing the Ajax calendar control. In this blog I am going to talk about replacing the Ajax calendar control with the jQuery date picker step by step:

HowTo: Single Click Row Selection in C1DataGrid

ComponentOne DataGrid for Silverlight offers great deal of flexibility in the way its rows/ cells are selected. Please refer to the documentation for a list of the SelectionModes offered by C1DataGrid.

And The Wait Is Over : ActiveReports 9 is Here!

Adding yet another feather in the crown of the ActiveReports family, we have for you ActiveReports 9  with more features, better functionality and an all new user experience.

Wijmo 5 : Power of itemFormatter

Wijmo 5 are the true set of Javascript controls and are specifically designed with the motive of "Touch First, Mobile First". Most of Wijmo 5 controls have a very powerful property called 'itemFormatter' which gets or sets a formatter function used to customize the UI of the control.

FlexChart in SpreadJS

Wijmo5  offers a collection of client-side controls including FlexChart, FlexGrid and several other Input controls. The FlexChart control provides a powerful and flexible way to visualize data.You can use the FlexChart control to create charts that display data in several formats, including bar, line, symbol, bubble, and others.