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New products just in time for the HTML5Devconf

Just in time for the HTML5Devconf, we at GrapeCity have released Wijmo 5, which is a new set of JavaScript controls.

Everything runs HTML5

To say that a programmer can utilize HTML5 on a variety of platforms is an understatement.

A True Set of JavaScript Controls Released with AngularJS Directives in GrapeCity's Wijmo 5 Product

PITTSBURGH, PA – October 8, 2014 – GrapeCity Developer Tools, leaders in developer-productivity solutions, has announced the release of Wijmo 5: a new generation of JavaScript controls. This new version of Wijmo expands GrapeCity's line of HTML5 and JavaScript products for Enterprise Application development.

Adding an image gallery to your website is a necessity today as it enhances the UI. ComponentOne Gallery™ for ASP.NET Wijmo displays images and their thumbnails with options for slide show, slick transition effects, paging, theming, and much more. The source of these images are usually dynamic url links or the static images in the project folder itself.

Introducing Wijmo 5

HTML5 may be the solution to many of tech industr​y's current woes

Understanding the future of tech may mean understanding HTML5. 

HTML5 rapidly becoming industry standard

Developing for HTML5 may have never been a more promising venture for organizations as many groups begin to support the new language.

A look at how some apps achieved success

By highlighting the stories of how some different apps found their success, we will seek to identify these different components of success.

Custom Filtering in Wijmo Grid

WijGrid provides built-in filtering features that does not require you to write a lot of code. You just need to set the showFilter option to true and the condition filters will be displayed for each column based on its datatype.

Join the Wijmo 5 Launch Event

Please join our live launch event for Wijmo 5, our brand new generation of JavaScript Controls! With the launch of Wijmo 5 we’ll introduce a new HTML5/JavaScript product that takes full advantage of all the latest and greatest web technologies without making compromises to support legacy browsers. This webcast will focus on the evolution of JavaScript controls, from jQueryUI-based widgets to Wijmo 5.

Product Dashboard using Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo & MVC

The Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo suite has a web-form product dashboard sample, this sample typically shows the details about order, revenue and the sales status of different products. It utilizes Charts and Gauges to visualize data for : 1.) Monthly sales per product, 2.) Order Status, 3.) Number of new customer's added, 4.) Product wise Sales ratio, 5. ) Total Revenue & Category-wise Revenue,6.) Units Sold. You can view the sample here.

The world continues to adopt HTML5

As more organizations adopt HTML5 as a default programming language due to its increasing popularity, companies have more reasons than ever to fully utilize the new way of coding for a variety of uses.

Some ways a mobile app can benefit a business

Here are some of the ways a well-deployed app can benefit your business.

Recent .NET patches are not to be ignored

Developers utilizing the .NET framework for languages would do well to update as quickly as possible.

App development doesn't have to be a lottery

By deploying a robust set of development strategies, you can take control of the success of your app and leave nothing to chance.

HTML5 and the future of shopping

HTML5 is taking over the mobile market.

Some ways to make mobile app development more efficient

Here are some tips to make your company app development a breeze.