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Fix FlexGrid Scroll Performance in IE with this One Weird Trick

It's not every day you get find a major bug in a browser rendering engine. I am honestly happy to have found this. Our team spent months investigating this issue before realizing it was not our Control that was the problem, but a single CSS property! OK, without further ado, here is the issue.

Adding Cell ToolTips in SpreadJS

Adding Tooltips to Spreadsheets is a common usage where you want to show additional information about cells. SpreadJS allows you to display the tooltip only for the HyperlinkCellType. However, you may want to show cell tooltips for any type of cell, say for instance to display the current cell location in a tooltip.

ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET MVC Edition Update Released

We recently released an update to our ASP.NET MVC Edition controls. This release includes new enhancements to FlexGrid, FlexChart and ListBox controls as well as performance tuning for FlexGrid. Let's go through the various enhancements one by one.

Fluent 2015 - Focused on Performance

Fluent Conf has really grown into a massive event that rivals some of the big Microsoft events I have attended. As a JavaScript developer, I am really happy to see that.

Setting Table Styles in SpreadJS

You can set styles for many areas of a table with the current version of SpreadJS. You can use a built-in style for the entire table or you can set styles for specific areas.

Why ComponentOne Ultimate?

You may not be a software firm, but we are. By allowing us to solve the everyday problems of software development—from data validation to graph and chart design—you’ll free up your team’s creative headspace so they can create brilliant, efficient business solutions for you.

Custom Editors in FlexGrid

Let's assume that you are displaying data for all the orders delivered in a month. It means you have an OrderDate column of Date type and also, an Amount column which contains the order amount. Now, if you display this data in FlexGrid or or for that matter, in any grid then the end user will have to type the date/amount manually since the default editor is a input tag of type 'text'. As a result, you have to check for format and apply required validations on the entered date/amount values.​

Why Animation Matters in Mobile Apps

Why does animation matter in a mobile device? Because I expect my phone to behave like objects in the real world.

Microsoft BUILD Recap

This time last week the expo hall had recently opened and the remaining attendees were heading to the session, "Developing for Windows 10." This is the third BUILD event I've been to and while most everyone was bummed they didn't get a free HoloLens, the sessions didn't disappoint at all.

ComponentOne at GIDS conference

The ComponentOne team was at the GIDS conference recently, where I gave a talk and demo about features of upcoming ASPNET5 and MVC6. It was a great opportunity to interact with  developer community and hear their ideas and views about technology trends. In general, there was excitement about the path Microsoft has taken by making the ASPNET5 project open source and the improvements that it has done to the platform.

Xamarin and PhoneGap Comparison

Cross-Platform Development

NgModel on Wijmo InputNumber Control

In this blog post, I will show you how you can create a Wijmo 5 InputNumber control using AngularJS which will bind this InputNumber control to an ngModel validator ( even only ) directive that will alert the user if an odd number is to be submitted on our form. After we have done this, I will show you how to add debounce functionality to the same control.

Build vs. Buy: 3 Reasons to Build a Control, and 3 Reasons to Buy

To build or buy a control. How much are you willing to pay to make your life easier? What’s an hour of your time worth? Explore 3 thoughts on when to build and when to buy a control for your next project

Take a survey and win a chance for a $25 gift card!

Tell us who you are, who your clients are, and how you evaluate third-party software. Please take a moment to fill out our ten-question survey and win a chance for a $25 gift card to Starbucks!

Webcast: ActiveReports - An Introduction

Recently I hosted a webinar for an audience who were new to ActiveReports. We called it ActiveReports - An Introduction. After a great response during registration, I was looking forward to interacting with the audience during the sessions. The audience did not let me down. We had a great turnout for both sessions.

What's New in Spread 8

In this article, you will find new features and enhancements added to Spread v8 categorized by platform.