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The iPhone 6, the smartwatch and new potential for enterprise apps

Two new Apple devices hold significant possibilities for enterprise app creation. 

HTML5 the strongest option for developers who need flexibility

A strong choice for organizations that are building their next digital project is HTML5.

Some major enterprise app success stories

By harnessing tools like HTML5 Form, companies can launch mobile platforms that rival Starbucks and Chase in terms of ease of use and customer appeal.

How To : Access PageReports' ReportItems Using Code

UI is one of the most important parts of Report-Designing. Not only does one need to ensure the report's flawless readability with easy comprehension, but that is has a suitable and attractive UI too.

HTML5 with two-factor authentication is a strong website component

Computer security is difficult because of the amount of variables involved.

Ionic Expense Tracker Sample: Creating the Project

In this two part tutorial series, we'll learn how to create a mobile Expense Tracker app using Wijmo 5 and the Ionic Framework. In part 1, we'll start off slow by learning what Ionic is, how to create a mobile project with Ionic, and how to incorporate Wijmo 5 in the project. In part 2, we'll learn how to create some of the most important parts of the existing Expense Tracker app (soon to be) included with the Wijmo 5 download.

Creating a self-sustaining business app

Here are some tips to creating an app that will last.

New hires should look to tech for jobs

As the labor market for the top tech jobs continues to tighten, specialization and diversification in skills for many new workers is becoming more important.

Show Progress Dialog While Loading Data

When you're designing your application you need to consider how you handle data loading in order to ensure the application always remains responsive to the user. Generally this is done by carrying out any data loading on a background thread, allowing the user to continue to interact with the application while the data is being loaded. However, this often leads the user to query whether anything is happening; which leads to the use of a progress bar to indicate that some activity is being executed in the background. Once the data has been loaded the progress bar should be hidden and the relevant controls to display the data should be shown.

ActiveReports HTML5 Viewer in ASP.NET MVC

ActiveReports has been the greatest reporting tool for quite some time. Guess what, it's even better now. ActiveReports(v8) now has an HTML5 Viewer that can be used to view reports in a native HTML5 application. With the new HTML5 Viewer you can build more advanced, fast and robust applications for multiple platforms(Desktop and Mobile); thanks to its various UI types - Desktop, Mobile and Custom. The HTML5 Viewer also provides the feature to print the displayed reports and even export them to various formats (PDF, Excel, Word, etc).

PageReports : Changing SubReport's DataSource at Run Time

Someone has rightly said: The world is dynamic, we have to change all the time.

Wijmo 5 Control Architecture

Wijmo 5 is a set of JavaScript Controls, not to be confused with Widgets. Previously, we were able to utilize Widget frameworks like jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile. This saved us time in building a foundation and gave us what we needed at the time.

ASP.NET MVC Reporting with ComponentOne Reports

Reporting is an integral part of any business application and the ability to integrate reporting into your latest and greatest ASP.NET MVC application is very likely a growing need. ComponentOne provides a very mature reporting control and web viewer in the Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo suite. These reporting tools can be used in an MVC application in association with the report service to display reports.

How companies are attracting - and retaining - top talent

There are a few strategies organizations can leverage to not only ensure they are appealing to job candidates, but are retaining the employees they currently have.

Tracking Data in Wijmo Charts

In one of the previous blogs, I discussed about how you can get the XY coordinates and Data coordinates of the DataPoints in Wijmo Charts. But, recently, one of our customer had a requirement wherein he wanted to display the coordinates of the point on which mouse is being hovered by the end user. We cannot use Hint in this scenario because it displays the value of nearest datapoint irrespective of the data value which is being hovered.

App development must support all operating systems

There are more considerations than ever involved with app development, including the programming language being used.