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Expert tips: How to create the best enterprise mobile apps

Applications specifically geared for the office professional are a different breed of program, and thus require additional considerations. 

The science behind app crashes: Top causes

A mobile app can crash for a number of reasons, causing frustration on the part of users, and the need for a fix from developers.

Getting Started with ComponentOne Sparkline for Studio ASP.NET Wijmo

With the release of Studio ASP.NET Wijmo 2014 v2 we introduced the ComponentOne Sparkline control. Sparklines are a popular way of showing inline trends or trends inside data aware controls. A particular usage is to show sales or profit trends. In this blog post we will see how to work with the Sparkline control both when unbound and when embedded in a grid.

Decline of mobile Web browsing creates opportunity for application developers

Recent statistics show that users today are more often opting to utilize dedicated mobile applications over Web browsers. 

Critical elements to understand about wearable app development

Here are a few things to know about wearables.

Customer loyalty: Making apps work for your business

These days, customer loyalty initiatives have gone digital and can offer much more than a paper card ever could.

Studio for LightSwitch 2014 v2 Release Notes

Studio for LightSwitch 2014 v2 (download here) is available. This is primarily a maintenance release and the details are below. Remember, Studio for LightSwitch is made of two sub-Studios, Studio for LightSwitch HTML and Studio for LightSwitch Desktop.

ComponentOne Delivers New Data Visualization Controls and Adds New Features in Studio Enterprise

2014 v2 Release Helps Developers Better Connect to, Manage, and Display Data in Modern Interfaces

Why are app reviews so important?

In the current environment, what individuals think of an application and the information they share publicly with other potential users is more important than ever.

Make free apps pay off: Top monetizing strategies

There are several ways to create a win-win situation between a free app and its users, and HTML5 is often the key. 

What's New in Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo 2014 v2

The ComponentOne 2014 v2 release is here! With this release we have added lots of new stuff to Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo with an emphasis on modern data visualization. In this blog post, I will  introduce to you the new controls and key features.

Coding Chart Animations

Animation is an important emerging field of graphics. It can add visual impact to a dull business application. Animated charts have obvious advantages over static charts when explaining subject matter that changes over time.

What's New in XAML 2014 v2

The second update of 2014 adds a major new scheduling library to Studio for WinRT XAML, as well as several major improvements to other controls. With C1Maps you can now take your Windows Store maps offline. The Entity Framework folks will be pleased to know that C1DataSource now supports the latest EF 6.x. For WPF and Silverlight, you'll find improvements for touch input with C1PdfViewer and the new C1RadialMenu control. Highlighted details below.

Wijmo 2014v2 has Landed

I am happy to announce that Wijmo 2014v2 has landed! This release includes a new Sparkline and FlipCard Widgets, Trendline support in Charts and some major new features like jQuery 2 support, as well as a long list of bug fixes.

Uptick in mobile traffic: Why developers love HTML5 now more than ever

Recent research illustrates the growing utilization and importance handheld hardware now serves within users' lives and how this is impacting developers.