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Why developers should be using HTML5 form

Although there are some that still prefer native approaches, HTML5 form is quickly gaining traction as an up-and-coming component suite within the development industry, and for good reason.

Welcome to Wijmo 5

Repost from Product Manager Chris Bannon http://wijmo.com/welcome-to-wijmo-5/

User interest in mobile apps waning: How to create a program device owners will use

According to a new Deloitte study, today's mobile app users are becoming less interested in downloading new mobile applications, a finding that's sparking concerns in the application development community.

Why spreadsheets no longer cut it (And where to go from here)

Legacy applications such as spreadsheets can hold users back from developing their data-crunching abilities, restricting their productivity and curtailing the effectiveness of analytics initiatives.

Leveraging HTML5 form for mobile e-commerce applications

One of the main advantages of using HTML5 form for e-commerce apps is its inherent ability to easily change with the retailer's offerings.

Development nuances make HTML5 an asset

As mobile devices become a more important part of business operations, it will be important for decision-makers to explore what HTML5 can offer to their software needs.

Consider the cloud, or risk getting left behind

Companies that don't consider adopting the cloud will likely get left behind in the marketplace. 

Development opportunities grow alongside the Internet of Things

According to Gartner research, the IoT will sustain its outward expansion, growing to reach an estimated 26 billion units by 2020.

Getting started with C1ASP.NET Export Services

Export capabilities are a great feature for any grid or chart, and it is a common requirement to use the data or visualization from these controls in reports. ComponentOne ASP.NET Wijmo has an export service which caters to this requirement for ASP.NET Wijmo Controls and widgets.

Why do businesses need their own enterprise app store?

There are a number of reasons to leverage such an app store in a corporate setting, including the following. 

4 tips for more mobility in the workplace

There are several strategies and considerations decision-makers must make to ensure that their mobility plans will in fact bolster their staff members' abilities in and out of the office.

3 benefits to creating business applications internally

Here are a few of the biggest advantages when businesses make their own programs.

Find out why Jeffrey Palermo and the team of Clear Measure turned to ComponentOne when they needed quick and reliable controls.

This video case study showcases how Jeffrey Palermo and the team of Clear Measure used ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch and Wijmo when they created their client's application.

Getting Started with Trendlines for ComponentOne ASP.NET Wijmo Charts

Trendlines are an important tool to express trends in data visualization controls like charts. Showing trends for yearly sales or profit is a common business requirement. With 2014 v2 release ComponentOne ASP.NET Wijmo, Charts now support this important feature.

Mobile healthcare: Applications bringing back the house call

When a person falls ill, they must call their physician's office and arrange for an appointment, or face the dreaded waiting room at the nearby hospital. However, new healthcare apps look to change all this.