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HTML5 evolution proves its advantages over native applications

Developers are increasingly gravitating toward HTML5 widgets but the debate remains as to whether it is better than creating a native application.

Team Wijmo's Recap on Fluent Conference 2014

The Wijmo Team had a great time at the Fluent Conference this year.  This was our third year in a row and each year we attend it gets more amazing.   We wanted to take the time to thank the organizers for putting everything together and wanted to thank all of those that took some time to stop by out booth and chat with the team.

HowTo: Copy & Paste Multiline text within C1FlexGrid

Here in this blog, let's discuss how to copy and paste  multiline text within C1FlexGrid. In order to enable copying text with new line character and pasting it as it is in another cell you would need to handle the clipboard functionality manually.

Evolving capabilities mitigate HTML5 development fears

As a relatively young technology, HTML5 has a lot to prove to users and so far, developers are approaching the code with some hesitation.

Coding differences influence program capabilities

As the languages expand their uses, it will be necessary for decision makers to decide what their goal is and leverage the codes to achieve these aims.

HTML5 surges in mobile development as Silverlight fades

With the impending discontinuation of Microsoft Silverlight, HTML5 serves as a potential replacement for companies looking for a viable change.

How to succeed in enterprise mobility without really trying

The rise of enterprise mobile apps is revamping the approach needed for custom software development.

Chart Grouping and Aggregation

The C1Chart control supports built-in grouping and aggregation. This allows you to display summarized data in a chart without the extra work of grouping the data yourself. In this blog post I’ll show you two ways you can take advantage of the built-in grouping and aggregation features found in ComponentOne Chart for WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and WinRT XAML.

App complexity gives way to HTML5 development capabilities

The app building process is substantially more challenging and intensive than it may appear on the surface.

What's New in XAML 2014 v1

This first release of 2014 adds powerful new features to Chart, FlexGrid, Calendar, RadialMenu, and Maps, and we've added accessibility features across the whole studio. Let me take you through each major new item.

Introducing Our New MVC 5 Tools

We have been supporting MVC for about 3 years in our Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo. I am now proud to announce our new MVC 5 Tools. Our new tools include:

What's New in Studio For ASP.NET Wijmo in 2014v1

It's time for our 2014v1 release and we have some exciting stuff to share with you. With the current release we bring to you new controls and features with emphasis on ease of use.  Let's run through the new things that make 2014v1.

Wijmo 2014v1 has Landed

I am happy to announce that Wijmo 2014v1 has landed! This release includes a new Candlestick Chart and some major new features like jQuery Mobile 1.4 support, as well as new Mobile and UI themes and a long list of bug fixes.

Getting Started with Candlestick Chart For ASP.NET Wijmo

In the 2014 v1 release we introduced Candlestick Chart.This chart can be used for data visualization in various financial applications, a common case for a candlestick chart is to show price movements of a stock. Let's see how we can use the new candlestick chart to show stock prices.

HTML5 widgets become more common in mobile development

As HTML5 continues to mature, it's expected to become one of the dominant sources developers use to create software.

The rapid rise of HTML5

Organizations will need to ensure that they support HTML5 development by providing the appropriate tools and support users will need to use the system effectively to create successful applications.

C1RichTextBox : Header/Footer on Every Page

It is common to add headers and footers in your documents and continuing them on every page makes up for its efficient usage too.

3 strategies for using reporting tools effectively

Here are a few strategies to use reporting tools effectively and maximize potential benefits.

The best tool for the job: HTML5 or native?

HTML5 has spurred a lot of interest from the software development community due in part to functionality that promises to greatly enhance user experience while making the programmer's life a little easier.