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HTML5 widgets: Making the most of HTML5

HTML5 widgets can help alleviate the pain points of enterprise mobile development.

Wijmo with AngularJS and RequireJS

Wijmo provides support for many frameworks like

Open Silverlight Child Window in New Tab or New Window

While working with Silverlight applications, we often come across the requirement where we need to show another XAML page either in a new Tab in the same browser or pop up a new browser window. This is a generic requirement and various solutions can be found while you try to Google out the requirement.

Rolling Out A New Theme

My name is Tim and I'm the new guy around here. My first assignment at ComponentOne was to develop a new mobile theme to be shipped out with Wijmo - a kick-ass bundle of UI widgets that includes everything from menus and calendars to charts and data grids.

Integrate Spreadsheet into CaplinTrader by Using SpreadJS

CaplinTrader by Caplin, is a pure HTML5 technology product that provides sophisticated ready-to-run trading front ends for a range of asset classes. CaplinTrader comes complete with tools that make it easy to style, brand, modify and extend these.

ASP.NET MVC .NET reporting: Toward better client-side development

Better client-side development potential has led many companies to ASP.NET MVC .NET reporting.

Barcode Cell Type in Spread for ASP.NET

As you may know, Spread is extremely flexible when it comes to designing your own cell types and even though a barcode cell isn't native in Spread for ASP.NET, creating your own is a very facile task. There are a few ways to do this and the path I chose was to use the Aspose barcode generator .NET control (Any barcode generator will work.) You can also use an online generator, as long as you're able to pass a query string to the URL.

Designing HTML5 reporting tools: What's most important?

Many enterprises have started to reap the benefits of leveraging HTML5 reporting tools for both organizational and customer-facing applications.

Making decisions: Choosing the best ASP.NET MVC component suites

Choosing from the myriad ASP.NET MVC component suites available is key to building top-shelf enterprise applications.

Charts for Spread Silverlight

Charts have always been an important component which gives the flexibility to analyze and visualize data. On great demand of Spread customers, we have introduced Charts in Spread for Silverlight and WPF.

DurandalJS and Wijmo (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a 2 part series. If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

DurandalJS and Wijmo (Part 1)

We’ve noticed a lot more people using a single page application (SPA) framework called DurandalJS, and as a result we’ve also noted an uptick in inquiries on how to use Wijmo in a Durandal application. This blog post aims to demystify much of the process of getting this to work properly.

4 important things to know for HTML5 development

Here are four things that programmers considering HTML5 development for their app and program needs should know.

Programming 2013 year in review: Apps, developers and .NET components

As 2013 rolls over to 2014, there are a host of changes and minor revolutions to look back on for the year that was.