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HowTo : Add Dataseries and Markers at runtime in WijLineChart

Its always easy to add dataseries, markers etc. at design time and you can refer this demo implementing the same. But, there are many scenario's wherein you need to add a dataseries based on a condition or add a new marker in the existing dataseries. 

To avoid wasting time and resources creating a program that individuals may simply delete from their devices, it is worth taking a look at the qualities that make an app useful and in demand.

Chart in C1GridView Template Column

The C1GridView template column allows you to host various controls inside the grid. Imagine a sales report with a grid where textual data is not that explanatory compared to visual representation. It would be so nice to see a chart showing sales trend inside a grid or gauge depicting total sales. You can achieve this simply by using template column of gridview and hosting controls within. Let me walk you through  a simple application showing how to create one like below.

Merge Multiple PageReports

In one of my last blog, I discussed how multiple SectionReports can be merged to preview them as one document.

Loading Runtime Templates for LightSwitch Control

LightSwitch extensions from ComponentOne are almost customizable at design time. However, at times developers require some of the customizations to be done at runtime.

Software development issues: Common program bugs and how to avoid them

By identifying these common bugs, program creators can improve their efforts to avoid them and release software that can become an asset to users.

Sophisticated mobile plans influence app development

As mobile value becomes more clear to managers, it will be important to create a solid strategy for deploying a mobile effort.

If developers can set the trends themselves, they should leverage the features and strategies currently gaining popularity in the software industry. 

HowTo: Display Information on Column Headers

Many a times there occurs a need to display some kind of information on a Grid's Column Headers itself.

3 developer tips for establishing secure software

Developers must work to prevent attacks and intrusions by using best practices to bolster software security. 

Customized ValueLabels in Wijmo C1BarChart

C1BarChart is one of the most extensively used tool available in the Wijmo controls. In addition to its feature rich interface, it also provides flexibility to developers to work with client side code to get the desired results. Typically when a series is added to C1BarChart, the X and Y axis automatically picks up the labels and display them. However there might be situations when we wish to display some custom text as the chart labels rather than the default text.

Export Your UI to PDF

With a comprehensive PDF library like C1Pdf you can do many things. You can use the .NET version on a server to generate a custom report for any client. You can use it to print data from any UI control, say a datagrid or scheduler, as PDF. You can even save your entire UI as a PDF. In this blog post I will show you the necessary code to export your UI to PDF in any XAML-based platform.

Creating the optimal coding approach for business needs

Decision makers have to review their requirements along with what each development approach entails and determine what will be best for their situation.

Top 4 considerations to make before building an application

Decision makers must work with creators to come to an agreement about several critical aspects to ensure application success, including the goals of the project, the features the app will include and what coding language will be utilized. 

Employee Dashboard using C1GridView

Employee Dashboard is used by the managers to have a quick overview of the employees work routine and details. This demonstration describes how C1GridView can be used here to automate the process further. Let's discuss how a manager can monitor the employees contribution towards the monthly events in a company by using a Dashboard created using C1GridView.

How to make the case for a mobile business application

In order to make the case for a mobile business application, staff can explain to C-level officers the functionality and goals that such a program would help the company achieve. 

Silent Parameters in SilverlightViewer (II)

Users of ActiveReports would surely agree to the fact that ActiveReports has been a revolution in terms of customizable Reporting component. ActiveReports in conjunction with default .NET libraries has been developer's delight irrespective of the domain whether it is Windows development, ASP.NET, WPF or be it Silverlight.

ComponentOne 2014 Roadmap

As we enter into the new fiscal year here at ComponentOne, it is once again time to summarize what’s new and what’s coming in our products. This is the perfect opportunity for you to check out what we have planned and to make suggestions. Your input will help direct our future efforts. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Optimizing app development processes creates additional benefits

By optimizing application development, businesses will be able to streamline their efforts and reap additional benefits.