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Best practices for effectively leveraging spreadsheets

Spreadsheets have been around for a long time now, and the continued presence is a testament to their functionality.

Best practices for effectively leveraging spreadsheets

Spreadsheets have been around for a long time now, and the continued presence is a testament to their functionality.

Top advantages offered by HTML5

Developers are leveraging HTML5 due to the language's ability to improve accessibility, enhance user data tracking and advance the overall user experience. 

Candlestick Chart in C1Finance Sample Application

The C1Finance sample is a stock ticker application that uses a line chart to visualize stock history. We recently released a Candlestick chart which is unique to this type of application.

Building a better business application: Why you need one and where to start

As the BYOD trend continues to grow, it is important that companies also provide the necessary tools to foster the programs success, including business applications.

Rethinking app development strategies to create the perfect program

In order to produce a profitable application, programmers may need to rethink their strategy and use a mix of languages to make the perfect blend of tools.

HTML5 opens potential for true cross-platform interoperability

While native applications are still a popular option, HTML5 is driving substantial innovations and promoting overall usability.

HTML5 could boost Google's search abilities

HTML5 has made significant headway in the mobile market, and while it's evolving, developers should learn how to work with it to leverage competitive advantages.

Countdown: Top 3 user application complaints

In order to address user needs, developers must understand what individuals look for in an app, and perhaps more importantly, their biggest complaints.

App strategy hinges on overall user experience

Although it would make sense to go with HTML5 development to suit all mobile users, most app builders are choosing native coding for their products.

Organizations find new uses for Excel

Many organizations hold onto tried-and-true technological assets that they've used for years — nowhere is this more prevalent than the continued use of Excel software.

.NET, HTML5 development reign in mobile development approaches

While many organizations have taken to using Java and .NET approaches over the years, HTML5 development is emerging as a more powerful asset.

Error #2014 in ActiveReports 8 Server on Mac OS X

The current iteration of the Adobe Flash player plugin ( has a known conflict with ActiveReports 8 Server.  The error occurs in both Firefox and Safari with this version of Adobe Flash when opening a report in design mode and selecting a table or chart control from the report page.  Flash will then display an alert for error 2014 – Feature is not available at this time.

Web development improves, but native still reigns

As more mobile devices enter the workplace, it will be integral to consider what software building components will be most beneficial and will likely produce a successful program.

Benefits and risks with spreadsheets: Erroneous inputs

Although theoretically outmoded, spreadsheets continue to hold a significant role in the enterprise and must strive to incorporate emerging tools to simplify user applications.

Don't neglect iPhone development

Businesses can help improve the quality of iPhone app performance by investing in ASP.NET controls and other tools intended specifically for iPhone development.

HTML5 evolution proves its advantages over native applications

Developers are increasingly gravitating toward HTML5 widgets but the debate remains as to whether it is better than creating a native application.

Team Wijmo's Recap on Fluent Conference 2014

The Wijmo Team had a great time at the Fluent Conference this year.  This was our third year in a row and each year we attend it gets more amazing.   We wanted to take the time to thank the organizers for putting everything together and wanted to thank all of those that took some time to stop by out booth and chat with the team.

HowTo: Copy & Paste Multiline text within C1FlexGrid

Here in this blog, let's discuss how to copy and paste  multiline text within C1FlexGrid. In order to enable copying text with new line character and pasting it as it is in another cell you would need to handle the clipboard functionality manually.