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Retaining Formulas during Copy Paste Actions

Spread for ASP.NET supports the copy paste operations using the keyboard shortcut keys or the CommandBar buttons. Sometimes, the cell contain formulas which are overriden when a paste operation is performed for the cell. This blog discusses how the formulas can be retained during the copy paste operations.

Drag and Drop Multiple Items in C1TreeView

ComponentOne TreeView supports drag-and-drop operations within the tree. We just need to set the 'AllowDragDrop' property to 'True' and the users will be able to reorder nodes within the tree by dragging them with the mouse.

WalkThrough: Deploying ActiveReports WPF Application

Following is a step by step guide to deploy an ActiveReports WPF application.

ActiveReports : Section Reports vs Page Reports

The advent of ActiveReports7 provided us two different reporting formats in just one ReportingTool. This not only provides more options of reporting but also a better value for money.

Flipping C1Tiles in Code

Now a days, Tiles have become one of the necessary feature of every application. Every one wants to have tiled display for providing quick navigation and better UI to their application. C1Tile helps you achieve the same and you can get several different tile controls that support sliding and flipping animations with live updates. By default, Tiles are flipped by user interaction or on a regular time interval.

What Was Added to SpreadJS in 2013

SpreadJS was introduced in early 2013. In that year, SpreadJS was updated three times and the version numbers coincided with the year and release: 2013 v1, v2, and v3. This list is arranged by release, starting with the most recent. V1 is left out  since it was the initial release.

Outlook-style Grouping

C1FlexGrid for WPF/Silverlight control now supports the creation of groups by dragging column headers into a grouping area, which is created by a separate component. What’s neat and ultra flexible about FlexGrid’s grouping panel is that you can customize the grouping behavior by using a simple value converter.

Cell Merging on Client-side in Spread

Recently one of our customers had a requirement of merging cells with same values i.e. contiguous rows in one column having the same value should be displayed as a single cell.

What's New in WPF and Silverlight 2013 v3

Studio Enterprise 2013 v3 is now available just one day after the release of Visual Studio 2013. Normally each release I post about what's new in all of the ComponentOne XAML studios in one post but this time i'm splitting out WinRT XAML from Silverlight and WPF because there's too much to mention for each studio. Studio for WinRT XAML continues to expand greatly (see my next post about that), while WPF and Silverlight have some exciting new stuff that's exclusive to these platforms such as themes and 3D charts. Let's run through what you'll find new inside Studio for WPF and Silverlight this release.

Using Bootstrap with Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo

Microsoft has shipped some nice to Project Templates in Visual Studio 2013. The new templates use a theming framework called Bootstrap. We are always looking to make life easier for our customers, so we decided to provide official support for Bootstrap in Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo. Take a look at how easy it is to integrate Bootstrap with our Controls.

Getting Started with ThemeRoller for Visual Studio

ThemeRoller for Visual Studio makes designing beautiful themes for ComponentOne ASP.NET Controls easy. Simply open a SmartTag on any C1 Control and click "Create Theme". ThemeRoller open up inside Visual Studio and allows you to customize a theme without any knowledge of CSS or the Controls. ThemeRoller for Visual Studio can be used to apply application-wide themes to Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo.

Wijmo 2013v3 has Landed

I am happy to announce that Wijmo 2013v3 has landed! This is another monumental release for us. This release includes some major new features like Bootstrap support, AMD support, Grid row editing and Grid Command Columns as well as major performance enhancements and a long list of bug fixes.

Using Wijmo with RequireJS

Wijmo has over 40 widgets included and you are probably only using a few of them in your applications. Make your Wijmo applications faster by using our new AMD support. We provide all of our widgets and their dependencies as Modules. We also provide samples and an AMD loader using RequireJS to make getting started easier. If you want to use the Wijmo Grid, you simply need one small JavaScript reference and can then call require([“wijmo.wijgrid”]). The AMD loader will then download the grid file and files of any dependencies it has. AMD makes it easy to use individual widgets without needing to manage dependencies yourself. Using AMD will also ensure that you are minimizing the file size being downloaded to your clients.

Studio for LightSwitch 2013 v3 Release Notes

We have just made Studio for LightSwitch 2013 v3 available (download it here). This release focuses on maintenance, usability, and compatibility with Visual Studio 2013. For your convenience, I am posting a list of compatibility notes and a list of fixes for each sub-Studio (Desktop and HTML).

Spreadsheet Viewer App

A new version of the ComponentOne Spreadsheet Viewer app has arrived! This app was originally named ComponentOne Excel Viewer, and we’ve changed the name to ComponentOne Spreadsheet Viewer.