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Managed Agents and Scalability

ActiveReports 8 Server Core introduces enterprise grade scalability features in a server platform which you can integrate into your application architecture to host ActiveReports 8 Developer reports as well as ad-hoc reports designed by the ActiveReports 8 Server Report Designer.

3 reasons to use HTML5 for your reporting tools

It has become increasingly important that reporting tools offer dynamic functionality baked in.

Optimizing reporting tools development in healthcare

In the past few years, healthcare organizations have targeted data reporting and analysis tools aggressively as they seek to drive comprehensive enhancement of IT-based medical treatment.

Like many software development trends, the value of creating single-page applications is sometimes diluted by myths regarding how and why they should be used.

ASP.NET MVC, .NET reporting and mobile app development

When it comes to .NET reporting for mobile apps, the development process can be sown with confusion.

Using business intelligence reporting tools for predictive metrics

Gartner Research stated that group that leverage business performance metrics gained through interactive reporting could see their productivity levels rise by as much as 20 percent by 2017.

WinForms spreadsheets and designing for data

One of the most valuable uses of WinForms spreadsheets is developing programs that work with the data at hand.

Using CheckBox in ComponentOne TreeView Control

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight includes a very useful control, C1TreeView, which can be used to create a hierarchical structure for data in nodes format.

Calculating Page Count of a PageReport

Page Based Reports have been a favorite of many developers due to the incredible control they offer over report layouts. This blog discusses how different scenarios demand for different kind of reports - Page based and Section based.

HTML5 widgets: Making the most of HTML5

HTML5 widgets can help alleviate the pain points of enterprise mobile development.

Managing the risk of erroneous spreadsheet practices

Management must understand model risk management to reduce potential inconsistencies and ensure that businesses have actionable information.

Empowering ad hoc reporting with component suites

Component suites are essential for the sort of efficient, highly intuitive software development necessary for today's analytics objectives.

Wijmo with AngularJS and RequireJS

Wijmo provides support for many frameworks like

Open Silverlight Child Window in New Tab or New Window

While working with Silverlight applications, we often come across the requirement where we need to show another XAML page either in a new Tab in the same browser or pop up a new browser window. This is a generic requirement and various solutions can be found while you try to Google out the requirement.

Rolling Out A New Theme

My name is Tim and I'm the new guy around here. My first assignment at ComponentOne was to develop a new mobile theme to be shipped out with Wijmo - a kick-ass bundle of UI widgets that includes everything from menus and calendars to charts and data grids.