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Custom columns in Wijmo Grid for LightSwitch HTML

ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch HTML is a set of jQuery Mobile controls, screen templates, and design-time extensions for use with the LightSwitch HTML Client and is based on the popular Wijmo widgets for jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile.

ActiveReports : Reorder Groups Programmatically

Groups are created in any report to organize and summarize the data in a particular order. Grouping allows you to visually separate groups of records and hence enhance the readability of the report.

HowTo: Filter via code in Wijmo Grid for LightSwitch HTML

Generally, ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch HTML is used to automate the generation of JavaScript code for custom controls and integrate them seamlessly with the LightSwitch design-time environment to provide both ready-made screens and control-level extensibility. But, sometimes, you need to perform operations like filtering, sorting in code.

TroubleShooting ActiveReports Errors in MVC

When working with ActiveReport in a MVC application, you may occasionally receive either of the errors.

HowTo: Customize GroupHeaderRow in Spread for ASP.NET

Spread for ASP.Net provides built-in functionality to perform Grouping in Spread that allows users to group the data rows by a specific column. Use the AllowGroup property of the sheet to turn on grouping. The group header row by default displays the column index and the unique value in the column on the basis of which the specific group is created.

DrillDown Wijmo BubbleChart

WijBubbleChart is a Scatter chart in which the data points are replaced with bubbles. This type of chart can be used instead of a Scatter chart if your data has three independent values.

HowTo Identify Section OverFlow in ActiveReports

Recently one of our customer had a requirement in ActiveReports where he wanted to check when the detail section overflows to a new page and when not. The first thing which will come to our mind as an approach to solve this issue is that we may calculate the height of all the sections on the page and then accordingly find out a solution. However, practically this is not a simple thing to do and will require a lot of things to keep in mind while making this calculation.

Highlight Search String in Silverlight Flexgrid

Many of our users often requested on how to highlight searched text with changed Foreground in Silverlight Flexgrid. This blog explains a simple approach to do this.

jQuery is undefined in Visual Studio 2013 Preview

If you are trying to use ComponentOne's (or other) Custom Controls in Visual Studio 2013 Preview, you will see this JavaScript error: jQuery is undefined.

Preserving a Docked Layout with C1DockControl

A common requirement for desktop applications with multiple tabs is to allow the user to save their workspace so they can quickly get back to being productive. With the ComponentOne docking controls for WPF (C1DockControl), you can deliver a multi-tabbed user interface that supports docking and floating windows. The user can rearrange their workspace quite easily by dragging tabs and docking them to any other location. So what if you need to save the workspace for future runs of the application?

Wijmo Grid TriState CheckBox Selection

Wijgrid provides the feature to select rows by clicking on them and not just one row; you may select multiple rows by dragging the mouse over the rows or by Ctrl+click combination.

Using ActiveReports with LightSwitch Application

Recently we had few developers looking to use ActiveReports with LightSwitch Application. Based on their request and looking at the probability of increasing use of ActiveReports with LightSwitch Application, I am writing this blog to show how ActiveReports can be intergrated easily with LightSwitch.

Copy Data from Excel to ComponentOne Grids for Wpf

Provision to copy data from MS-Excel to any grid component is quite a common requirement. Here, we discuss the same implementation using C1DataGrid and C1FlexGrid for WPF.

Spread COM 8.0.20 Released!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread COM 8.0.20! This update fixes a number of reported issues and adds support for Windows 8.

How To: Conditional Combo Cell Editor

C1Datagrid for Silverlight being a Data bound control is used heavily with the applications demanding user input. This interactivity is incorporated in form of various types of editors like textbox, numeric updown control or it could be a ComboBox which comes with either DataGridTextColumn, DataGridNumericColumn or DataGridComboBoxColumn. For specific requirements, DataGridTemplateColumn can be implemented which allows other controls like RichTextBox or other usercontrols to be used as editors.

Localize Wijmo EventsCalendar using AngularJS

There are lots of demo samples available if we talk about the EventsCalendar widget.  However if we talk about using EventsCalendar with AngularJS, there is still lot of information yet to be updated in the documentation. To help the users understand how the EventsCalendar widget can be used in conjunction with AngularJS, is the sole purpose of this blog.  In addition to this, I will also explain how we can use the localization option within the widget. Let us first take a look on how the final result would look like:

Select Entire Week in Wijmo Calendar

Calendar is one of the most commonly used controls if we talk about the web world. The Componentone Wijmo suite offer a large set of useful widgets and the WijCalendar is one of them. Since these widgets are HTML 5 and jQuery based, they offer some really good performance and flexibility. Recently one of our customers wanted to select an entire week when a date is clicked, rather than simply selecting a single date.  Here is the final output that we'll achieve through this blog.

ActiveReports: Customizing Columnar Reports

Section Based Reports in ActiveReports support newspaper column layouts in both the detail and group sections called Columnar Reports. The documentation provides a step by step walkthrough for creating these.

Restricting Max Zoom on C1Map

ComponentOne Maps for WPF provides lot of features including smooth zooming, panning, and mapping between screen and geographical coordinates.

Custom columns in Wijmo Grid for LightSwitch HTML

ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch HTML is a set of jQuery Mobile controls, screen templates, and design-time extensions for use with the LightSwitch HTML Client and is based on the popular Wijmo widgets for jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile.