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Using SpreadJS with Knockout

SpreadJS supports Knockout (KO), you can easily use Knockout with SpreadJS by following a few simple steps:

Setting Column Header Style for Active Cell

Spread for Silverlight allows you to implement lot of customization. In this blog I will explain how we can set the style for Spread cells in header. Setting style for headers is not a big task as there is already a DefaultStyle property for ColumnHeader class which you can use to set style for ColumnHeader cells. Here is an an example on how to do that:

Localize ActiveReports Without Visual Studio.

ActiveReports user interface can be localized to meet the needs of all the international users. The reporting engine for ActiveReports can use locale-specific text and format data in the way users are used to seeing it in their locales without creating multiple reports.

Populate Wijtree from External Data Source using Knockout

Since the introduction of Knockout as the official MVVM library, creating dynamic webpages has become a lot more easier. As you all must be aware that wijmo has adopted knockout as its official MVVM library, so you can build lightweight dynamic webpages using wijmo widgets with ease.

CodeMash 2013 Recap : Sponsored by ComponentOne

It was a great conference last week in Sandusky Ohio on Jan 10-11! We had a star studded cast visiting the ComponentOne Booth including Carl Franklin, Joe Kunk, William Steele, Mike Benkovich, David Giard, Tim Corbett, Kevin Griffin, Jay Harris, Lucas Hardbarger and lead organizer Jim Holmes to name a few. I did many Russ Cam interviews, so look forward to that when it comes out of the editing room. I attended Mike Benkovich’s sesison Data on the Microsoft Stack., He gave me a some new ideas on how to wire up the data in my .NET Gurus Can Cook Windows 8 app I am working on. It’s always great to see Leon Gersing, who ran a “Speaker Workshop.” This session was targeted at techies about speaking skills. Maybe I should run something like that, huh? Bill Steele of Max Technical Training, was showing off his own designed 3D printer at their booth across from ours. The conference was held at the Kalahari Resorts with over 1500 developers in attendance. When I asked Jim Holmes how fast the 500 general tickets sold out in, his reply was “30 seconds and this was after the 800 alumni tickets sold out the day before”. Wow! An incredible job to all, at a killer conference. I did a session on Wijmo and it was well received. Pre-compiler sessions were also held this year on Jan 8-9 which provided a more in-depth look at various technologies. The Bacon Bar? I was the most incredible thing I have ever seen (and tasted).

Spread WinRT for Windows Store Apps Released!!!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread WinRT, the fastest and easiest way to deploy powerful spreadsheets in your Windows Store apps! If you have Windows 8, you can download the control explorer demo application from the Windows Store now.  Here is a snapshot of Spread WinRT in action:

How To: Grouping Report on Date Field

The extensive ActiveReports 7 API allows developers to completely control the report processing engine to fit their needs. Along with the simplicity of the design that allows the data to pass through quickly from processing to rendering, it provides the ability to present the report data in grouped format. Whether you need a simple listing or need a grouped view, ActiveReports is the solution. Basically, grouping refers to the segregation of data on the basis of a particular field of your data source.

SpreadJS Alpha has landed

The Alpha release of SpreadJS is coming!

Merging Cells in DatagridHyperLinkColumn

Merging of cells within C1DataGrid for Silverlight is something that every user does. And MergingHelper class available with C1DataGrid help merge cells in all types of columns. However, it fails when it comes to merge cells in DatagridHyperLinkColumn.

How To: Setting RTF Style for Cell Text

Setting styles for text with Spread for ASP.Net is really simple by using HTML tags with in a cell. However, there is no EncodeValue property for Spread for Silverlight to recognize these HTML tags with in a cell .

Bind Section Based Report to Nested IList Collection

ActiveReports supports different types of data sources. And, it is quite common to use an IList or a collection of objects as the data source for a report. A sample is included with ActiveReports 7 installer which demonstrates this. Default location for the sample is "My Documents\ComponentOne Samples\ActiveReports Developer 7\Section Reports\C#\IListBindingSample ". However, in this article I would like to talk more about a complex/nested IList.

C1 RussCam Episode 80 TechEd Part 10

It's another interview from TechEd 2012! Russ talks with Scott Klein who recently joined Microsoft as a SQL Azure expert Technical Evangelist. We chat about Hadoop which is used for large amounts of data and more! Scott also runs the South Florida Geek Golf Tournament. See cameo with Joe Healy and discussion of Roast Beef on Weck in .NET Gurus Can Cook!. Plus, it's another C1 television winner! Check out the outtakes at the end. Download your free trial of Wijmo

HowTo: Retrive X-Y & Data Co-ordinates of Clicked point in Wijmo Charts

One of customer wanted to retrieve the XY and Data coordinates of the point clicked by the end user on Wijmo Chart. As such, there is no direct method like GetXYCoordinates etc. to find the same but still, we can easily achieve the same with the help rich object model of Wijmo Charts.

How To: Deleting Temp Files For C1Upload

C1Upload control for ASP.Net is an advanced control which lets you upload files on the server.  Multiple files can be uploaded at a time. While file uploading is in progress, users can also cancel the uploading of the files. User can either can cancel uploading all of the files using the CancelAll button or  may choose to cancel any particular file using the Cancel button corresponding it. When the progress is cancelled file is not uploaded to the server.