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How To: Setting RTF Style for Cell Text

Setting styles for text with Spread for ASP.Net is really simple by using HTML tags with in a cell. However, there is no EncodeValue property for Spread for Silverlight to recognize these HTML tags with in a cell .

Bind Section Based Report to Nested IList Collection

ActiveReports supports different types of data sources. And, it is quite common to use an IList or a collection of objects as the data source for a report. A sample is included with ActiveReports 7 installer which demonstrates this. Default location for the sample is "My Documents\ComponentOne Samples\ActiveReports Developer 7\Section Reports\C#\IListBindingSample ". However, in this article I would like to talk more about a complex/nested IList.

C1 RussCam Episode 80 TechEd Part 10

It's another interview from TechEd 2012! Russ talks with Scott Klein who recently joined Microsoft as a SQL Azure expert Technical Evangelist. We chat about Hadoop which is used for large amounts of data and more! Scott also runs the South Florida Geek Golf Tournament. See cameo with Joe Healy and discussion of Roast Beef on Weck in .NET Gurus Can Cook!. Plus, it's another C1 television winner! Check out the outtakes at the end. Download your free trial of Wijmo

HowTo: Retrive X-Y & Data Co-ordinates of Clicked point in Wijmo Charts

One of customer wanted to retrieve the XY and Data coordinates of the point clicked by the end user on Wijmo Chart. As such, there is no direct method like GetXYCoordinates etc. to find the same but still, we can easily achieve the same with the help rich object model of Wijmo Charts.

How To: Deleting Temp Files For C1Upload

C1Upload control for ASP.Net is an advanced control which lets you upload files on the server.  Multiple files can be uploaded at a time. While file uploading is in progress, users can also cancel the uploading of the files. User can either can cancel uploading all of the files using the CancelAll button or  may choose to cancel any particular file using the Cancel button corresponding it. When the progress is cancelled file is not uploaded to the server.

C1 Russ Cam - Episode 78 TechEd Part 9

Russ brings you more great interviews from TechEd! First, Russ runs into a dear friend, Susan Wisowaty, who is a marketing specialist for Microsoft. Then guess who walks up...BENKO! Mike Benkovich chats with Russ and Susan about his website www.BenkoTIPS.com . Then, Silverlight MVP Bill Reiss shares some exciting news about his Popper 2 game. And it's another C1 TV winner!

Retain Selection on Sorting, Grouping and Filtering in C1DataGrid

We're often in a situation where we've selected a row and then as soon as we apply sorting or filtering on the grid, a row with different data gets selected. This is because selection works on the basis of row index in most of the Grid controls and it applies for C1DataGrid for Silverlight as well. So if we select the first row and apply sorting, grouping or filtering, we will observe that the first row remains selected. Now, suppose if we fetch the data of the selected row, we would get different data. This behavior will occur every time we apply any data operation on the grid. What do we do then!!

Drag Drop Rows Between Two C1FlexGrids

Drag-drop operations between two sources are very common. Silverlight suite from ComponentOne provides a pretty useful class C1DragDropManager which makes the drag/drop pretty easy to handle. You can easily configure the class and instantly add the drag/drop feature to you application.

Editing Modes in Wijmo Grid

Wijmo jQuery widgets are often used in public-facing financial web applications to create a smooth and engaging user experience. The WijGrid widget is useful in situations where tabular data needs to be displayed, sorted, grouped, edited, etc. In the cases where edit capability is a requirement, there are a number of scenarios by which WijGrid becomes very useful..

Wijgrid : Custom Filtering

This article is specific to the Wijmo wijgrid. You can learn more about Wijmo here.

Displaying Custom Labels on C1Chart3D Axes

This brief post details a solution to display custom string labels on a C1Chart3D axis as the title suggests. For a getting started tutorial on the C1Chart3D control, read my other blog post here.

Display Images Using DataSet Provider in Page Based Reports

The addition of Page Based Reports has not only increased the functionality offered by ActiveReports but has also provided the developers an option to chose from different ways of creating reports. Even though the base of the Page Based Reports is derived from Data Dynamics Reports tool, it is relatively new for the customers who are upgrading from previous versions of ActiveReports.

Chart Data Point Selection (MVVM)

Another new feature in the 2012 v3 version of the ComponentOne XAML chart controls is selection support. We’ve always been able to detect which plot element is clicked on using either the PlotElementLoaded event or DataIndexFromPoint method, but this new selection feature makes it especially easier when working in MVVM scenarios because there's no code-behind required. Charts are not typically used as a means for selection, such as a ListBox or DataGrid, but in some scenarios they work quite nicely. For example, column, bar and pie charts lend themselves very well to selection.