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Multiple Row Selection in C1DataGrid Without Using Ctrl Key

Among the many features provided by Silverlight C1DataGrid, a very useful one is multiple row selection. This may be enabled by simply setting its 'SelectionMode' property to 'MultiRow'. This enables the user to select/unselect rows by keeping Ctrl/Shift keys pressed when rows are clicked via mouse.

Scrolling Multiple Spreads Simultaneously

We often come across a scenario where a large amount of data needs to be displayed in a grid and it is not completely visible in the browser's window; here the Scrolling functionality comes into play. We are allowed to scroll horizontally and vertically to view the data in a spreadsheet. So is the case with ComponentOne Spread. With Spread you can turn the scrolling feature off by using :

Automatically Export a Section Report to Excel Using SpreadBuilder API

ActiveReports provides a lot of export options which include PDF, RTF, TIFF and XLS to name a few. Excel is one format which is very commonly used by programmers. ActiveReports does allow you to export to Excel; however there are some limitations and the output is not 100% WYSIWYG.

How To: Get the Filtered Out Row Collection in C1DataGrid

In series of How To articles, this blog provides a small utility code implementation to retrieve the rows which have been filtered out of C1DataGrid for Silverlight.

Loading Images from Database in Spread

Spread provides data binding feature which allows you to bind Spread to different types of data sources. Please refer to the following link that describes how you can bind Spread to a data source:

Wijmo 2013 v1 Releases Mobile Widgets and an HTML5 Spreadsheet Control

A Collection of UI Widgets for Both Mobile and Web Development now with BreezeJS Support

Consecutive Page Numbers For Merged Section Reports

When  creating professional reports, page numbers are considered to be an important element The section based reports of ActiveReports 7 does have a ReportInfo control available which can be used to automatically write page number on the reports. But there are scenarios when the ReportInfo cannot be used. For example if we are creating multiple reports and merging them together to create a single report, the ReportInfo control cannot be used to write continuous page numbers on the merged report since it works on individual report level. Similarly this holds true for reports which uses subreports within it.

Attach Tooltips to Column Headers

Tooltips are a commonly used method to show informative descriptions for an object to the end users of an application. Silverlight continues to provide similar functionality in its applications, either in the XAML designer or at runtime through code.

How To: Create a Dynamic Gantt Chart

One of the many chart types provided in ActiveReports is the Gantt Chart. The Gantt chart is a project management tool used to analyze the progress of individual project tasks. The chart shows a comparison of project task completion to the task schedule. In a Gantt chart the X and Y axes are reversed i.e the X axis is vertical and the Y axis is horizontal.

Exporting Wijmo GridView to PDF

Wijmo Gridview does not have any built-in methods for exporting its data to PDF or an Excel file. If you want to export to excel, then we already have a blog on this. This blog illustrates a simple approach by which you can save the content of Wijmo Gridview in a PDF file.

Archiving reports digitally with PDF/A

Document archiving is an essential requirement for organizations which are dependent on historical or sensitive data. In this electronic era, we are creating heaps of digital data and archiving them from time to time. It becomes important that these electronic documents are stored in a way that remains pertinent when referenced in future.

New Release of ComponentOne Excel Viewer

The ComponentOne Excel Viewer 5.0 release has arrived! We’ve created a new appearance and added some valuable features. Both will help you to view your Excel files easily and smoothly.

Maintaining Aspect Ratio In Wijgallery

When large images are displayed in the wijgallery widget, the images get stretched (auto sized) to fit the display area. However, users may want to see the images in the same Aspect Ratio as the original ones. In this article we'll discuss a simple approach on how to do just that.

How To: Optimize Performance of Section Report

Sometimes when a very large report is previewed or run, Report authors and developers may experience an "Out Of Memory" exception . Before we go further, let's understand that ActiveReports is designed to run reports as quickly as possible and each time a new page is rendered it is stored in memory. This means that there is a linear correlation between the number of pages in a report and the amount of memory required to hold that document in memory.

Upgrading old WPF ActiveReports Projects to ActiveReports 7 WPFViewer

ActiveReports has been in the business of providing reporting solutions to organizations and individuals alike. Throughout the years, ActiveReports has evolved and added support for various platforms like Windows Forms, Web, Silverlight, and Flash. However official support for WPF platform remained elusive until ActiveReports 7 Service Pack 1 release which now ships with a WPFViewer Control to cater the WPF developer community.

Wijmo v3 Beta 3 has Landed

I am happy to announce the 3rd preview release of Wijmo 3.0.0. This release includes a ton of polish to our Adaptive Widget Framework. More importantly, this release features Wijmo Data.

How to Remove the Nag Screen from your Silverlight and Windows Store Projects

ComponentOne Studios for Silverlight and WinRT XAML are unique in that they use a different licensing mechanism than all other ComponentOne .NET Studios as described here. They’re different because there is no standard licenses.licx file if you’re building Silverlight or Windows Store applications.

Customize Key Behavior in Spread

Processing keyboard behavior is common in application developing, generally we use KeyDown event, and add code in the event processor. Sometime we have to process some keys which are handled by control inside, as we know MS provide a way to monitor handled event by AddHandler method on WPF/Silverlight/WinRT platforms. Code may like this: