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Wijmo Grid : Localizing Filter Operators

Wijmo includes the globalize library, but not every individual language. When setting the culture option you must include the language file in your script references. The CDN hosts all of the individual files or you can download them from Github

WijGrid HowTo : Paste ClipBoard Data Using Ctrl + V

One of our customers asked us how to paste copied records from Excel in Wijmo Grid using Ctrl + v key. In this blog, we'll discuss a very simple approach to do the same.

WijGrid HowTo : Apply Filter on Enter KeyPress

The Wijmo Grid widget (wijgrid) is a tabular datagrid that allows users to interactively select, edit, sort, scroll through, filter, and group data. The grid is highly customizable and can be used to better understand and visualize data more effectively.

Silverlight Chart : Creating ContextMenu for PlotElements

PlotElement is a visual presentation of data such as bar on the bar chart or slice of pie on the pie chart. This blog implementation provides a Context Menu option to customize the individual PlotElements in C1Chart for Silverlight.

How to use AddNamedItem API in ActiveReports.

AddNamedItem method on the SectionReport class provides the ability to add an instance of a class or type to report script's global namespace.  Report's script becomes aware of this custom class within a project or one coming from an external class library.  Once a type or an object has  been added to the the report's scope , any method or properties contained within that type can then be called from the script.

Integrating 3rd party SQL query builder in ActiveReports.

UPDATE: Since this post was written, we've added our own visual query builder.

Microsoft Excel provides a Print Titles feature to print the row and column headings or labels on every page if a worksheet spans more than one page while printing. In simple words, Print Titles are the rows and columns repeated at the top and left of each page respectively, when a sheet is printed.

ActiveReports 7 Exports from the Viewer

With the release of ActiveReports 7, we have provided users of Data Dynamics Reports and ActiveReports with an upgrade that adds significant new features. When we were creating the new viewer control, one thing we didn't bring over from Data Dynamics Reports was a built-in export from the viewer.  This is largely because the number of toolbar buttons on the viewer is already staggering.

Spread WPF and Spread Silverlight Released!

Spread WPF and Spread Silverlight version is now released! Enhancements in this version include:

Wijmo 2.2.0 Released

This is a milestone release for Wijmo. It focuses on YOU, our customers. Wijmo 2.2.0 features some of the top requested items on http://wijmo.uservoice.com like better documentation and samples, OData integration and a preview of Virtual Scrolling in the Grid.

Dragging C1DataGrid Data to C1Chart Control Using Column Headers

In this blog article, I am going to showcase a small implementation which shows the interaction between C1Chart and C1DataGrid with the help of C1DragDropManager control from our Silverlight suite. Objective of the blog is to support dragging of Column headers to Chart control to display corresponding Column values as DataSeries.

Using C1HtmlHost in LightSwitch Application

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is designed to help business users and developers quickly create data-based applications with minimal code. However, we can reduce our efforts further by using ComponentOne controls in it.

Binding the Wijmo BarChart to a DataTable

Recently it was brought to my attention that there are no examples of how to use a DataTable as a datasource for the Wijmo BarChart.  So I began to dig and found a few very handy things about the DataBinding in the Wijmo BarChart that makes binding to a datatable a snap.  Let's not mince words, and get right to it.

Saving Occurrences of Recurring Appointments in Scheduler for LightSwitch

In C1Scheduler, an appointment (simple or recurring) is saved as a single record when stored in a database. Many times users want to store all the instances of recurring appointment in a separate table instead of saving it as a single record.

Serializing Lists to IsolatedStorage - Quick and Painless

Whether it's user settings or some quick data that I want to persist between runs of my application, I've often found a need for quickly saving and loading data from IsolatedStorage. Recently, I wrote an application that needed to store a list of users. On each run of the application the users are loaded, and on close of the application the users get saved. I wrote a simple pair of methods that serialized and deserialized my list of users from IsolatedStorage using the XmlSerializer class.

Custom ContextMenu in Spread for Silverlight

SilverLight 4.0 introduced lot of new features for its users including the support for Context Menu. By default, if you right click on any SilverLight control, it shows the installed SilverLight version on your machine.

Customizations in Wijmo Chart

Wijmo Chart provides a large range of options for customizing its appearance according to user requirements. In this blog, I have provided the code snippets for few common requirements as mentioned below.

Avoid Overlapping Cell/Row Presenter Background in C1DataGrid

C1DataGrid for SilverLight provides lot of options to customize the Cell or Row contents. One such Option is the availability of LoadedCellPresenter event and LoadedRowPresenter event. As the name suggests, these two events provides the flexibility to customize the Cell or Row respectively. With the help of the Presenter object, you can control the Visual properties like Background, Foreground, Cell contents and many other things conditionally.